The Trevor Project

While our Pride Tees feature exclusive rainbow foil details, are made locally in Los Angeles and are unisex, ranging from sizes x-small to x-large, our true excitement lies in our partnership with The Trevor Project. We’re excited to announce, 100% of all proceeds benefit this non-profit organization.

Pride Digital Wallpapers

In honor of Pride, we've taken our love and rainbow inspired graphics and turned them into digital wallpapers you can vibe to all month long. Simply touch and hold an image to save, then switch it in Settings. Spread the love!

Solstice Vibes with Sunday Forever

Solstice Vibes with Sunday Forever  The longest day of the year is here, which means it's time for a season of lazy beach days, BBQs and catching up on some long overdue  summer reading. Setting intentions and checking in with yourself are always great ways to kick off the new......

June 2019 Horoscopes

Find out what your June monthly horoscope has in store for you.

Summer Solstice: Honoring the Light Within

The Summer solstice is almost upon us, reminding us to celebrate the nourishing light of the Sun and the light within each of us. Here are some ways to align with this day and harness its power to build the light within you.

May 2019 Horoscopes

Welcome Taurus season! Find out what your May monthly horoscope has in store for you.

Your Ultimate Palm Springs Guide

We've got the ultimate high vibe guide to Palm Springs.

The Meaning Behind Our Gold Hamsa

Learn more about the meaning behind the little gold Hamsa you've seen on our clothing

April 2019 Horoscopes

See what the universe has in store for you this month

Practicing Presence with Andy Kovszun

Andy Kovszun explores the power of trusting in the universe. You are where you are supposed to be in this given moment. Get ready to attract gratitude, happiness and trust in your life.

Your Guide to Energetic Spring Cleaning by @Spiritdaughter

This year our Spring Equinox is paired with the Libra Full Moon, making it a wonderful time for...spring cleaning! And not just any spring cleaning, but energetic cleaning that will help bring about internal harmony and peace. Libra is the sign of balance. She reminds us that balance in our......

Embracing Kindness with Leon Logothetis

Learn what kindness means to adventurer and philanthropist, Leon Logothetis of The Kindness Diaries.

Tips for Aligning with the Spring Equinox from @SpiritDaughter

Here are a few tips that will help you align with the Spring Equinox with a Full Moon in Libra. Prepare for the coming months of spring and learn what the cosmic energy has in store for you.

Instant Vibes

Refresh your screens with our new phone wallpapers. Simply touch and hold an image to save, then switch it in Settings.

International Women's Day Wallpapers

Empower and celebrate your girl gang with our favorite downloadable graphics for International Women's Day

March 2019 Horoscopes

The cosmos have aligned. Find out what your March horoscope has in store for you.

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