SG's Guide to Moon Phases + Rituals

SG's Guide to Moon Phases + Rituals

Join us for our Monthly Moon Series by Sophie Jaffe, @sophie.jaffe

Yogi, mama, wellness entrepreneur, and longtime Spiritual Gangster Sophie Jaffe guides us through our current lunar cycle, sharing the cosmic changes to come and ways in which we can set meaningful intentions around each passing phase. 

Capricorn New Moon (12/23) — REFLECTION & VISION MAPPING

Have you been staying stuck, small or stagnant out of fear? It’s time to EXPAND into a new way of living.

It’s the LAST new moon of 2022 on Friday, 12/23 shortly after the solstice and start of Capricorn season. New Moons have a way of bringing up what you’re ready to let go, release and transform what is keeping you small. It’s time to set your powerful intentions for the year ahead and put your visions in motion! Take a careful look at what you really want to put your space and energy toward.

Capricorn is the sign of structure, so use this new moon to set out a clear plan and add an ample amount of creativity and excitement. This moon reminds us that anything we want is possible as long as we are ready and willing to do the work to get there. In order to achieve the life of your dreams, it’s all about the small steps in your daily lifestyle to get you there and this moon is a great reminder to start small.

This is the time to decide what is really worth your time, energy and effort this year and lay out the visions and dreams of what your life will look like in 2023. It’s amazing what happens when you really and truly step into your life, face your fears, process it ALL and show up 100%. A new moon is a wonderful time to turn inward and with this new moon in the heart of winter, this will be a time to be with ourselves and seek answers within rather than look from them in the outside world.

Capricorn New Moon 2022 Ritual: Vision Board

Vision boards are the best way to put your manifestations down on paper and help you clarify your intention and clearly visualize what you want. Set out poster paper, magazines, and craft supplies to dig in and get creative.

Journal Prompts:

Set the timer on your phone for 10 minutes and FREE WRITE. If you go longer than that, bravo.

  1. Can you let go of the expectations being asked from those around you and answer your own needs?
  2. What is your relationship with your heart? How are you connecting to your heart daily, in the moment of being triggered? How can you use your body, breath, sight and senses to ground yourself?
  3. Imagine what your dream life would look like. What is the first step to reaching this reality?
  4. What is your vision for the world? How can you keep this vision front and center in your day to day life? What is your role in moving toward this vision?