Sagittarius season is here! Find out what's in store for you in November and see which style best matches with your sign, carefully curated by our editors.


Since Mars is the lord of your horoscope, you are particularly influenced by the movements and aspects of Mars. There are two unusual things happening with Mars this month. First, he is out of bounds, outside his usual orbit. Second, he is retrograde. So, you are adventuring outside of your usual sphere and also, probably because of this, you seem more cautious and lacking direction. This would be understandable. You are in unknown territory and therefore not as sure of yourself as usual. Since Mars is in your third house, this would show that your taste in reading and your intellectual pursuits are outside your normal sphere. Venus, which rules both your finances and your love life is also out of bounds from the second to the 24th, almost all month. So, in financial affairs and in your love life you are venturing outside your normal sphere. Health is good especially until the 22nd. After that, you need to rest and relax more. Enhance the health with thigh massage and massage of the liver reflex until the 24th, and with back and knee massage from the 24th onwards. The planets are mostly moving forward now and with your ninth house very powerful until the 22nd, this is a good time to take that foreign trip that you may have been planning. It is also good for the study of religion, theology, and philosophy. Important breakthroughs will happen if you focus here. On the 22nd, the Sun moves into your 10th house of career, and you begin a yearly career peak. Good to focus on your outer objectives and let home and family issues go for a while. Outer success will put you in emotional harmony. Success in the outer world is the best way to serve your family. The love life seems stronger until the 10th than afterwards. After the 10th you seem more cautious. After the 10th, love will find you as you focus on your career and outer objectives. Until the 10th, you seem to enjoy risk taking in finance. There is a tendency to overspend as well. But after the 10th financial judgment seems more sound, more down to earth.


Saturn is still in your tenth house of career where he has been all year. But now he is moving forward. So, success is happening, but you are earning every bit of it. It comes from sheer merit and being the best at what you do. Since Venus is the Lord of your horoscope, you are particularly sensitive to Venus’s movements and aspects. Venus is out of bounds almost all month, from the second through the 24th. This would show that you are outside your normal sphere, outside your normal orbit. This is so in your search for personal happiness and fulfillment and also in health issues. There are no answers for you in your normal orbit and you must go outside for answers. It is possible that your job also takes you outside your normal orbit. Your financial planet Mercury is in Sagittarius until the seventh, though this increases your earnings, it also shows a tendency to overspend. Financial judgment becomes more down to earth from the seventh onwards. The only problem is that Mercury will go retrograde on the 24th. So, try to wrap up important purchases or investments before the 24th. Although you are not in a cycle for marriage right now, the love life seems much happier than it has been in many months. Pluto, your love planet, is moving forward. And he starts to receive positive aspects from the 22nd onwards. So, there is more dating and more romantic opportunity. Jupiter moves back into your 11th house on the 21st and he will be there for many more months. So, the social life in general expands and you’re meeting new and significant friends. Many of you will be buying new computers and high-tech equipment and many of you will be having your horoscopes done. Your interest in science and Astrology is much expanded now. Health is good this month.


The love life is the main headline this month. It seems active and happy. Singles have many romantic opportunities and perhaps the problem is too much of a good thing. Jupiter, your love planet will be in your tenth house of career until the 21st and then makes a major move into your 11th house after the 21st. So, singles are attracted to high status, successful people. They are attracted to people who can help them career wise. But after the 21st, this changes. Singles prefer a relationship of peers, equals. They need to be friends with the beloved as much as lovers. You’re very much a love at first sight kind of person this month. The tendency is to jump into relationships very quickly. The problem with this is staying power. Can the feeling be maintained over time? Career has been successful all year and is still very successful this month. But after the 21st when career goals, especially the short-term ones, have been attained, your focus shifts to the social life. Career is important this month, but finances seem more or less status quo. The full Moon of the eighth, the new Moon of the 23rd and the ninth, 10th, and 11th are strong financial days. Health is much improved after the 22nd. Until then it is good to rest and relax more and enhance the health with back and knee massage. Make sure to get enough calcium for the bones.


Your work ethic is very strong this month.You’re enjoying your job. Job seeker shave many wonderful job opportunities if they want it. There are also many opportunities for side jobs and overtime work. Money comes from work and your good work ethic shows a prosperous month ahead. Jupiter will make a major move into your 10th house on the 21st, there it will stay for many more months. This shows career success. It shows that your good work ethic is noticed by superiors and helps the career. On the 22ndas the Sun enters your seventh house, you begin a yearly love and social peak. Singles will date more and have more romantic opportunity. But all of you will be socializing more, attending more parties and gatherings. Health will need more watching from the 22nd onwards so, as always, don’t allow yourself to get over tired. Enhance the health with foot massage until the 21st and with scalp and face massage afterwards. Good muscle tone seems important after the 21stso vigorous physical exercise, each according to their age and stage in life would be good. After the 22nd, your financial planet moves into your seventh house. This shows the importance of social connections in finance. A lot of your socializing seems to be business related. The financial planet in Capricorn gives sound and conservative financial judgment. This will be a good time to set up long-term savings or investment plans. Mars is still in your 12thhouse as he has been forsome months now. Thus, there is a need to express your spiritual ideals in physical actions. It’s not just about meditation and contemplation. There is a need to act on your beliefs and your knowledge.


It’s a fun kind of month ahead. A party month. Yet, this is only a prelude to the year ahead. On the 21st, Jupiter moves into your ninth house and will be there for many more months. This is a very happy transit. It is especially good for college level students or for those applying to college. It shows good fortune in all these areas. If you are involved in legal issues, this transit shows good fortune in those things as well. Earlier in the month it’s all about fun, entertainment, and personal creativity. But come the 22nd as the Sun moves into Capricorn, you get more serious about life. You want to work and be involved in productive service. Until the seventh money is earned freely and spent freely. The tendency would be to overspend. But after the seventh, the financial judgment improves as your financial planet will be in stable, conservative Capricorn. The only hitch financially is Mercury’s retrograde on the 29th. Try to wrap up important purchases, investments, or major financial decisions before then. Health is basically good this month especially until the 22nd. The main danger is too much partying. Partying is of course fun, but if overdone there is a price to be paid. Mars, the lord of your ninth house is both retrograde and out of bounds all month. So, your taste in travel is outside the usual orbit. The same is true in your studies of religion and philosophy. You are exploring things outside your orbit. Though marriage is not in the stars right now the love life improves from the 22nd onwards. Your love planet starts to receive very positive aspects.


The love life is still very happy this month. By the 21st, love and social goals should have been attained and the focus shifts to 8 house matters as Jupiter leaves your house of love and moves into the eighth house. He will be there for many more months. The spouse partner or current love will prosper greatly in coming months. Money can come to you through inheritance, tax refunds or insurance payments. You can profit from estates. Hopefully no one must die, but you can be named in someone’s will or be appointed to some administrative position in an estate. Health needs more watching until the 22nd. As always make sure to get enough rest. This is just temporary stress caused by the short-term planets. The month ahead is about home and family. It is a good month for making psychological progress and for integrating the lessons of the past. Your financial planet Venus is in Sagittarius until the 10th. This shows increased earnings and a happy go lucky attitude to money. You earn freely and spend freely, and probably overspend. There is good family support. Family and family connections are unusually important in finance. On the 10th, as your financial planet moves into Capricorn, the financial judgment is improved. You are still happy go lucky but in a more conservative way. It is a time to enjoy the wealth that you have, to spend on things that give you joy.


You generally have a sparkling kind of social life. Libra is an expert at this. But now from the 21st onwards it gets even more sparkling. Singles are having serious romantic opportunity. This could even lead to marriage or a relationship that is like a marriage. Health is good but needs more watching after the 22nd. Don’t allow yourself to get overtired. Enhance the health, as always with foot massage and spiritual healing techniques. Finances will improve after the 22nd. They are OK even before then, but nothing special. Mars, your love planet, is both retrograde and out of bounds. He is outside his normal orbit. This shows your taste in love. You like people who are outside the norm. You are attracted to people outside your normal sphere. You like people who are different and exciting. But Mars is retrograde so don’t rush to the altar just yet. Your third house of communication and intellectual interest is very powerful until the 22nd. This is good for students and intellectual workers. The mental and communication faculties are very much enhanced. This interest in the mind also reflects in your love life. Your love planet is in the sign of a Gemini all month. So, you gravitate to intellectual type people. You like people who have the gift of gab. you like people who have interesting ideas to share. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why you look for love outside your normal sphere. But another reason could be that Venus, the Lord of your horoscope spends most of the month out of bounds. So, you too are operating outside your normal sphere. On the 22nd, the Sun moves into your fourth house and home and family issues become dominant. You can let career issues go for a while and focus on things at home. Keep in mind, a happy domestic life and emotional wellness are pre-requisites for a successful and solid career.



Finances are excellent this month as you are still in the midst of a yearly financial peak. Your financial planet is moving forward and all systems are go. You seem lucky in speculations this month especially until the 21st. However, never speculate blindly but only under intuition. If intuition counsels something, it is not really speculation, but a done deal. But, we need a true intuition. On the 21st, your financial planet moves back into Aries and will be there for many more months. So be careful of too much risk taking in financial matters. Be careful of the lure of the quick buck. Though marriage is still not advisable, love still seems happy. Until the 10th, romantic opportunities happen as you pursue your financial goals and perhaps with people involved in your finances. Wealth is a major romantic turn on. A lot of your social life seems business related. Venus will be out of bounds almost all month, from the second to the 24th. Thus, you are attracted to people who are outside your normal sphere and orbit. Perhaps you are bored with same old same old and look for something different and unique. Health is good this month and will get even better after the 21st. If there have been pre-existing conditions, there is improvement happening. Happy job opportunities are coming to you but with your work planet retrograde all month, do more due diligence on these offers. Things are not what they seem. With Mars retrograde this is not such a good time for medical tests or procedures. If you need these things, reschedule for another time. Mars your health Planet is retrograde all month and Mercury will be retrograde from the 29th onwards.


Jupiter, the Lord of your horoscope has spent the past year in the fourth and fifth houses. Thus, women of childbearing age have been much more fertile than usual. And this trend will continue in coming months as Jupiter moves into your fifth house on the 21st. This move into your fifth house is a very happy transit for you. It shows more fun and pleasure in life, enhanced creativity, and improved health. The month ahead is both happy and prosperous. Three benefit planets are in your sign. So, you are in the midst of a yearly personal pleasure peak. You are enjoying all the pleasures of the body and the five senses. Probably you are living on a higher standard than usual. The personal appearance shines. You have star quality and are even more jovial than usual. Foreign travel is likely this month and seems advisable and fun. Venus in your sign until the 10th brings glamor and grace to the image. You have a natural sense of style. Mercury, your love planet, is in your sign until the seventh. This spells happiness in love. Love pursues you rather than vice versa. The only problem in love is Mars in your seventh house. You need to avoid power struggles in love. Also, it would show that romantic opportunities are more about fun and entertainment rather than anything serious. On the 22nd, the Sun will enter your money house and you begin a yearly financial peak. Thus, the month ahead is prosperous. With your financial planet, Saturn, now moving forward, financial judgment is good. Health is also good, there is only one planet, Mars, in stressful alignment with you. So, you have plenty of energy to attain whatever you set your mind to. With more energy at your disposal, things that seemed impossible a while back or now eminently possible. Enjoy the month.


A happy month ahead Capricorn. Enjoy. You begin the month in a very strong spiritual period. Your 12th house of spirituality is easily the strongest in the horoscope. So great spiritual progress is happening. Also, your spiritual Planet will move into Aries on the 21st. This signals a shift in your spiritual life. Until the 21st you seem content with meditation, contemplation, and purely abstract forms of spirituality. But as your spiritual planet moves into Aries, where he will be for many more months, there is a need to express your understanding and ideals in action. Doing things. Jupiter in your fourth house from the 21st onwards shows the fortunate purchase or sale of a home, a happy renovation of the existing home, and perhaps the acquisition of an additional home. Women of childbearing age are more fertile than usual. The family circle will expand. Generally, this happens through birth or marriage. But not always. Sometimes you meet people who are like family to you. It is a time for linking up with your spiritual family. On the 22nd, as the Sun enters your sign, you begin a yearly personal pleasure peak, a time to enjoy all the pleasures of the body and the five senses. Venus will move into your sign on the 10th. This brings happy career opportunities to you and shows the devotion of bosses, parents, or parent figures. Mercury in your sign from the seventh onwards brings job opportunities to you. Also, he will bring travel opportunities as well. But with Mercury going retrograde on the 29th, these need to be studied more carefully. A healthy skepticism would be useful. Your financial planet is still retrograde, but earnings should be stronger than usual especially from the 22nd onwards. Perhaps there are delays involved but the earnings will happen. Health is excellent. You are in a period of maximum personal independence this month. Saturn is moving forward making the changes needed for your personal happiness. Let the world adapt to you instead of vice versa.


The past year has been very prosperous, and the month ahead is likewise as prosperous. By the 21st, financial goals, the short-term ones at least, are more or less attained and your interest will shift to communication and intellectual interests. Jupiter will move into your third house. Students should be successful in their studies. The mental faculties are greatly enhanced. Intellectual workers will also be more successful for the same reason. This is a happy month for you. The power in your 11th house until the 22nd shows the cosmos and impels you to do the things that you most love to do and are the best at — networking, being involved with friends, groups and organizations, being involved with science and high technology. Love also seems happy. Although Saturn is still in your sign, you seem warmer towards others. A part of you is a love at first sight person, another part of you is cautious, cautious, cautious. One part of you says go, go, go, the other part says stop, stop, stop. On the 22nd as your love planet moves into your 12th house and the sign of Capricorn, caution seems to win the battle. Love needs testing to be sure that it’s real. Love and social opportunities happen in spiritual type venues, the yoga studio, the meditation, or spiritual seminar. Spiritual compatibility is very important in love from the 22nd onwards. As has been the case all year, the love and social life can be vastly improved by projecting love and warmth to others. Perhaps you are unconsciously too cold or aloof, and you must counteract this artificially, with conscious effort. Though Saturn is still on you, and you need to watch your energy, health looks good this month.


The career has been successful all year and this month becomes even more successful as you are in the midst of a yearly career peak until the 22nd. Your career planet is retrograde all month and financial judgment could be a lot better. Jupiter’s move into your money house is showing long-term prosperity and financial expansion. It is time to translate your rise in status and prestige into financial terms. In other words, to monetize your success. Health needs more watching until the 22nd. As always, make sure to get enough rest. Enhance the health with thigh massage and massage of the liver reflex until the 22nd and with back and knee massage afterwards. Health will improve greatly from the 22nd onwards. Love is a mixed picture this month. Until the seventh, your love planet is in the 10th house of career. This shows that a lot of your socializing is career related. Romantic opportunities happen as you pursue your career goals and perhaps with people involved in your career. On the 7th, your love planet moves into your 11th house. Thus, romantic and social opportunities happen as you are involved with friends’ groups, group activities, and organizations. The online world is also a venue for romantic opportunity. On the 29th, Mercury will go retrograde. So, the love and social life start to slow down. This is a time for gaining clarity on these issues or on a current relationship.

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