Meet Our Mama Muse: Catt Sadler

Meet Our Mama Muse: Catt Sadler

To celebrate Mother's Day all month long, we met with our Mama Muses and discussed the beauty of motherhood, how they stay grounded and got a peek at what is on their wishlist this year.

Journalist. TV + Podcast Host. Entrepreneur. Boy mom. You might know her from your TV screen, covering red carpets for years, but the reason we love Catt is because championing women has always been her passion, she moves with intention, and keeps it real... or as we like to say, gangster. Read more about Catt + learn why she is our Mama Muse.

Do you have any Mother’s Day traditions that are dear to you?

As my boys have gotten older and busier with their own lives, so much about Mother’s Day has been about quality time! The last two years I’ve convinced them to take a private hot yoga class with me and it was extraordinary! We sweat, moved our bodes together, focused on some general gratitude for life and our family. It was really special. 


What keeps you grounded as a mom? 

Simply being a mother is grounding. I feel lucky I had my two boys before my career in Hollywood ever took off. My attention to my children inherently kept me balanced and focused on what is real and has the most meaning. That, and them refusing to take pictures with me. That’s humbling! Ha!


This month is Mental Health Awareness Month and while this is always an important pillar to us, we hope to bring more awareness to the importance of prioritizing mental health and want to know how you support yours on your motherhood journey?

I look back when my kids were younger and realize how much pressure I put on myself to do it all seamlessly. We can be so hard on ourselves. The demands are very real! I think over time as I grew older and wiser I began to understand the value of giving myself grace. It’s okay to prioritize our own health and wellness, to carve out much needed ME time. And that goes beyond a hot bath. I mean truly listening to your inner voice and pursuing your passions even while tending to your kiddos. I’m proud they’ve watched me pursue my career and personal relationships apart from them. We have such a healthy bond! I am eternally grateful!


Your podcast It Sure Is A Beautiful Day motivates listeners to reach their highest potential, while exploring personal growth in all aspects of life. How has motherhood led you to practice positivity + personal growth?

It’s really important for me to keep seeking as a woman and as a mother. How can I expand? Shed old versions of myself? Step into the best most optimal life? While we explore these topics on my weekly show, I’m often reminded of how this affects my children and their own futures. How I continue to evolve and learn is leading by example in many ways. We talk about it around the dinner table. I’m constantly sending them inspirational reels in their DM’s. I’m endlessly pepping them up to think bigger and have a growth mindset. It’s not really something you can measure right away but I know and believe it’s making an impact! My hope is that they’ll take some of that learning and apply it to their own relationships and families as they move through life.

Check out It Sure Is A Beautiful Day podcast here.


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