Meet Our Muse: Chari Cuthbert

Meet Our Muse: Chari Cuthbert

Meet our muse Chari Cuthbert @BYCHARI! Self-taught Jewelry Designer, Founder and Creative Director of BYCHARI — we’re so inspired by her work and aesthetic that we designed a limited-edition necklace together. Read more about Chari + all the reasons we adore her! 

Tell us more about your path to becoming a jewelry designer and how you started BY CHARI. Did you always want to start a jewelry line?

All good things take time. I can’t believe that it has already been 10 years since I started BYCHARI! I never intended on starting a jewelry line. Designing and creating small pieces started as hobby and slowly turned into a passion project. Our goal was to build quality pieces, and with that being our focus, we were able to build a loyal customer base that continues to grow every single day. 

What drives you to create?

When I started BYCHARI, there was a gap in the market for quality jewelry at an approachable price point. What drives me to continue designing is the excitement of adding to a collection of pieces that stand the test of time and grow with our clients.


So many celebrities and influencers wear BY CHARI (Michelle Obama, Shay Mitchell, Jessica Alba and Miranda Kerr, to name a few!)  What about your brand do you think they, and others, are drawn to?

There is a lifetime of sentimental value in each of our custom Spaced Letter Necklaces. Every word chosen by these incredible women hold power, memories, and love. Our brand does more than sell jewelry, we create special pieces for women to hold onto for life.

Since launching BY CHARI, have you had any pinch-me moments, or a time when you felt you’ve ‘made it’ as a jewelry designer?

Sitting in my office and watching Michelle Obama wear my necklace during the DNC was by far my biggest pinch-me moment. I am so grateful to have experienced so many of these special moments over the last 10 years, but that memory stood out the most. Nevertheless, with every pinch me moment has an immense amount of work behind it, making the final result all the more special.

Who are some of your favorite muses? Who inspires you the most and why?

I don’t think I ever had just one muse. The women in my life that influence me every day are those I design for, and I am so honored that they wear my creations every day.


How would you define your style? How has your concept of fashion impacted your designs?

I’ve always enjoyed a simple, clean aesthetic with a neutral palette. I love a basic yet chic canvas to be able to build off of. My style and aesthetic translate into my work as well, and I make sure that every woman can shine through her jewelry as an extension of herself.

What is one piece of jewelry you can’t live without?

I have a set that are my everyday pieces. Sade hoops, my M diamond initial necklace, tennis necklace, a 3 stack of bold Zoes I wear on my pinkie, and a diamond pinkie ring.  I love a high-low stack of bracelets.  

What is the greatest lesson you have learned as an entrepreneur?

You cannot do it all on your own. Your team is truly your most important asset.
Also, get a good CPA.

What excites you most about our collaboration?

I can’t wait to put such special words into gold. One of our essential word necklaces in this collab, “Namaste,” holds a special meaning for Spiritual Gangster and me. It symbolizes love, intention, and warmth, and making this necklace with SG has been such an incredible and heart-warming experience.

What in your mind aligns our two brands?  

Both BYCHARI and Spiritual Gangster strive to inspire women in a multitude of ways through style and lifestyle. We are all for high vibes, spreading love, and empowering women across the world.

Do you have a mantra you live by? Any new mantras of the moment?

I have a couple that I live by and as simple as they may seem, these are things I try to live by daily: Invest in yourself and your people. Do what you love and love what you do.

How do you practice self-love and self-acceptance?

I am always trying to be more patient with myself. As an entrepreneur, there is a lot of pressure for both immediacy and perfection when neither of those are realistic objectives. This year I promised myself that I would focus more on building my personal life and I am proud that I have stood by that.

What is your favorite piece from Spiritual Gangster (and why)?

I am obsessed with Spiritual Gangster’s Effortless Sweatshirt. It’s a classic that goes with any fit and fits perfectly into the “Chari aesthetic.”