Meet Our Mama Muse: Drea Wheeler

Meet Our Mama Muse: Drea Wheeler

To celebrate Mother's Day all month long, we met with our Mama Muses and discussed the beauty of motherhood, how they stay grounded and got a peek at what is on their wishlist this year.

Celebrity fitness trainer, Survivor contestant, founder of @DWapproved, philanthropist, wife and new mama, Drea is as dynamic (and kind!) as they come. Read more about Drea + learn why she is our Mama Muse.

Did you have any Mother’s Day traditions growing up that are dear to you? Do you want to start any new traditions now being a mama yourself? 

Growing up my siblings and I always ‘attempted’ to cook my Mama a gourmet breakfast with a side of crafty handmade cards telling her how much we loved her. The amount of pride we would get from that morning of work was priceless. 

I am leaving the first Mother’s Day traditions to be set by my husband but I am pretty sure there will be a hike and brunch with a good size mimosa involved lol.


What keeps you grounded as a mom? 

In my household my husband grounds me. There are times when I am consumed with mommy life and find myself struggling to keep up with my outside commitments. Then with a look at my husband and his simple reassurance and encouragement that I can do it keeps me going.


This month is Mental Health Awareness Month and while this is always an important pillar to us, we hope to bring more awareness to the importance of prioritizing mental health and want to know how you support yours on your motherhood journey?

This is an important one. I support my Mental Health through exercise and movement. Everyday it is a priority of mine to get out of the house for a walk with baby and if I am lucky I can get a 20-30 minute Bodylicious workout in at home as well during her nap sessions. I encourage everyone to at least get outdoors once a day from some fresh and time to reset.


How do you balance being a mom and running a business? Do you have any advice for fellow mamas out there?

Nap time has become my work time during the day. However, there are some days when I simply don’t open the emails or answer to texts. My baby is only going to be a baby once and as much as I love my work….. it can wait a day or two while I devour my girls in kisses and hugs. My advice to other Mamas out there is to make your own path and rules, no one mama has the solution for us. Only I have the solution for me and my baby and that is exactly how I like it. Happy Mamas Day to all the amazing superhuman Mamas out there! Xx


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