SG's Guide to Moon Phases + Rituals

SG's Guide to Moon Phases + Rituals

Join us for our Monthly Moon Series by Sophie Jaffe, @sophie.jaffe

Yogi, mama, wellness entrepreneur, and longtime Spiritual Gangster Sophie Jaffe guides us through our current lunar cycle, sharing the cosmic changes to come and ways in which we can set meaningful intentions around each passing phase. 

Scorpio New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse (10/25) — TRANSFORMATION
This is a fiery full moon that has the power to bring up all that has been stirring under the surface. Things may be charged up with extra energy and emotion, but it comes with an opportunity to release, let go, and heal. 

Are you ready for eclipse season? Our second eclipse of 2022 takes place during Scorpio season with the Scorpio New Moon. This is one of the most magical moons of the year. This is not a new moon eclipse of release, but of transformation. Scorpio is the light and dark combined. It’s a unique mix of the highs and lows of our being, which also means it can get pretty intense. When tapping into the full potential of Scorpio, the energy allows you to tap into your whole truth, highest integrity, and full emotional strength. It’s powerful. This is a moon all about connecting with your inner warrior and accessing the full power of your being.

It's a time to stay open, receptive, and embrace the shadows. That pull can lead us to some truly potent magic. Take in the magic of this new moon eclipse to set new intentions, plans of action, and show up for yourself and your home.

This is a new moon eclipse all about letting the universe know you’re open to receiving its guidance and magic. It’s time to fully acknowledge the strength of your intuition. As you open yourself up to this energy, you may confront a multitude of emotions. Hold yourself steady. Allow these emotions to wash in you and through you. Confronting the emotional spectrum will allow yourself to receive the higher emotional vibrations like love and bliss.

Aligning with this moon, you can begin to let go of things that no longer serve you and transform them into abundance. The upcoming cycle is a time for gratitude. It’ll be a time to align with your inner power and become in control of your life and your energy.


Light some Palo Santo or Sage and repeat the following mantras —

I am fearless and therefore powerful.

I bravely create my own reality.

Treat yourself gently this new moon. With Scorpio’s power fueling this new moon, you may feel drawn to the tender parts of your heart. It’s all about embracing your true, authentic self and pursuing something in this life that really lights you up. Soak in a calming bath full of essential oils. Drink lavender tea. If you feel a creative energy, then by all means paint, draw, write, create —whatever pulls you. Journal and meditate. Allow yourself to hold onto yourself and bring forth any intentions that rest deep in the belly of your being.


  • What emotions are holding you back? What can you shift them into?
  • Where do you find yourself stuck?
  • What are you afraid of pursuing?
  • What would you do if there was nothing stopping you from achieving success?
  • What emotional vibrations do you want to bring into your life?
  • What can you do to attract them?
  • What are you stepping into?