SG's Guide to Moon Phases + Rituals

SG's Guide to Moon Phases + Rituals

Join us for our Monthly Moon Series by Sophie Jaffe, @sophie.jaffe

Yogi, mama, wellness entrepreneur, and longtime Spiritual Gangster Sophie Jaffe guides us through our current lunar cycle, sharing the cosmic changes to come and ways in which we can set meaningful intentions around each passing phase. 

Gemini Full Moon (12/7) — RELEASE AND FIRE

It’s the last full moon of the year. Every full moon is a time of release and manifestation, but this one especially carries extra energy of shedding, release and fire to it. It’s a time to release any energy you don’t want to bring into the next year and create space to receive what you do.

This full moon rests in Gemini, the home of our communication and natural curiosity. Gemini encourages us to open up to the constant flow of creativity and information that surrounds us. It’s a beautiful moon to allow yourself to receive inspiration and information. Rewrite your story. Feel into your future self emerging as we cross into the new year. What are you ready to create in 2023?

All of the energy stirred up over the year is now coming to a head as we wrap up the end of the year, and we may be feeling a sense of renewal or rebirth creeping in. As we all move forward with not just our moon cycles but also our personal transformation & challenges, there will be an emphasis on how to do so without being overwhelmed under the Gemini Full Moon.

Full Moon Affirmations:

I am full of compassion & understanding.

I communicate concisely and powerfully.

Journal Prompts:

Set the timer on your phone for 10 minutes and FREE WRITE. If you go longer than that, bravo.

  1. How did you feel during the winter season shadow? Did you feel affected? What popped up for you? What lessons are you taking into this next season and into the New Year? Write in as much detail as possible.
  2. What are 5 things (behaviors, habits, relationships, anything) that you would like to release as we move into this Full Moon? I encourage you to burn these 5 things tomorrow under the Full Moon or do it tonight if that feels easier. 
  3. The next few months are about celebration and light. How can you bring your attention to the things to celebrate - even being in the PROCESS of the work? The real work is in accepting and loving the ride/journey and not just the destination.

Our soul’s path begins now as we plant the seeds for the next cycle to begin. We are all seeking a deeper connection to form our truth of why we are here. Let us take this quiet time to get clarity on our soul's destiny.  This is me giving you permission to experience the darkness and the journey.