Capricorn season is here! Find out what's in store for you in January and see which style best matches with your sign, carefully curated by our editors.


Though overall health and energy could be better the month ahead is basically successful and happy. Health will improve from the 20th onwards. In the meantime, make sure to rest when you feel tired and enhance the health with back and knee massage. You’re still in the midst of a yearly career peak until the 20th. So, much career progress is being made and the focus needs to be on the career. The new Moon of the 11th will occur in your tenth house of career, further energizing the career. Jupiter is now firmly in your first house for the next 5 to 6 months. A happy time. Most likely there will be foreign travel and it looks happy. You’re living on a higher standard these days. Weight will need more watching. Fertility is much stronger than usual for women of childbearing age. Venus will travel with Pluto on the first and second. These are erotic kinds of days. But also good to use spare cash to pay down debt. Also a good period to attract outside investors if you have good ideas. On the third, Venus will move into your 11th house. This enhances the social life in general. Singles will find romantic opportunities online, or as they get involved with groups, group activities and organizations. Your social contacts are important financially this period. On the 27th, Venus moves into Pisces, her strongest position. This bodes well both financially and in love. Your good intuition will bring both love and money to you. While Venus is in Pisces it is good to go deeper into the spiritual dimensions of wealth. Your understanding will increase.


Retrograde activity is gradually diminishing this month. By the end of the month, all the planets will be moving forward. The month ahead looks happy. Until the 20th, your ninth house, a benefic house is very powerful. So there is optimism, philosophical and theological types of breakthroughs, and success for college level students. Jupiter is now in your 12th house of spirituality for the next 4 to 5 months. Thus, you are in a strong spiritual kind of period. This will get even stronger in coming months. Watch the dream life as it will be revelatory. Finances are much improved this month. Mars in your money house all month starts moving forward on the 12th.Thus, the financial intuition is more reliable now. Mercury, your financial planet will go forward on the 19th. So the financial judgment is much improved and there is more confidence right now. Mercury will spend a month in the benefic ninth house which shows expansion of earnings. It shows the enlargement of the financial horizons. Along with this, Mercury will be in Capricorn all month. This is an excellent month to set up long-term savings and /or investment plans. Health is good this month but after the 20th needs more watching. So, as always make sure to get enough rest. Enhance the health with ankle and calf massage from the third to the 27th, and with foot massage and spiritual techniques from the 27th onwards. The month ahead is successful as well. On the 20th, the Sun moves into your 10th house and you begin a yearly career peak. Much success is happening.


Mars has been in your first house for many months now and will be there for the month ahead as well. While this enhances your energy, gives courage and the can-do spirit, it can also make you rash and impulsive. Watch the temper. Mars rules your 11th house of friends. Thus, friends seem very devoted to you. Friendship opportunities seek you out rather than vice versa. Jupiter now in your 11th house for months to come is also bringing a good fortune with friends. You are meeting new and important people. Being involved with friends, groups, and organizations is not only fun in its own right but can lead to romance for singles. Perhaps friends like to play Cupid. Perhaps a friend wants to be more than that. The online world is also a good venue for romance. Health looks excellent this month. There is only one long-term planet and stressful aspect to you, almost all the other planets are making harmonious aspects. Finance doesn’t seem a big issue for you this month as your money house is basically empty. Only the Moon will move through there on the 23rd and 24th. This shows a basic contentment with earnings as they are. There is no special need to make dramatic changes. The new Moon of the 11th and the full Moon of the 25th will be strong financial days. In general, the 11th to the 25th is stronger financially then from the 25th onwards.


The love and social life is the main headline this month. It seems active and happy. You are in a yearly love and social peak until the 20th, but romantic opportunities will also happen afterwards. Saturn, your love planet is moving forward and your seventh house is very strong. So singles have abundant romantic opportunities. Many planets in your seventh house show that you get along and perhaps socialize with all kinds of different people. You get along with intellectuals, teachers, writers, bloggers, and artists. Your love planet is in your eighth house all month. This shows the importance of the sexual magnetism. But in the sign of Aquarius, it shows that brains are equally important. Health needs some more watching until the 20th. There is nothing serious afoot only short-term stress caused by the short-term planets. You will see dramatic improvement from the 20th onwards, in the meantime make sure to get enough rest as always and enhance the health with scalp and face massage and vigorous exercise. Good muscle tone is important for many more months. Your career planet Mars has been in your spiritual 12th house for many months now and will be there in the month ahead. So, there is a need for a spiritual type of career. Just being successful and making money doesn’t seem to be enough for you right now. It might be good to get involved with spiritual organizations or nonprofits. This will bring satisfaction, important contacts, and in general will enhance the status. Finances seem good this month but better before the 20th than afterwards. Your financial planet in the sign of Capricorn gives good, sound, financial judgment. On the 20th, the Sun moves into your eighth house and this will be a good time to use spare cash to pay down debt. Career is very successful now and for the next few months.


Jupiter, now in Aries for many more months signals a happy year ahead. You will be earning more, traveling more, and college level students will have success in their studies. Health is improved over last year. Health is good this month but after the 20th needs more watching. With your financial planet going direct on the 19th, finances are improving. You are more clearheaded about money matters. Your financial planet, Mercury will spend the month in the 6th house. So, money is earned the old-fashioned way through work and constructive service. The financial judgment is sound, and conservative. By nature, you are a speculator, but this month less so. And, even if you indulge in speculations, they seem more thought out and well hedged. Job seekers have many job opportunities this month. You are in the mood for work, especially until the 20th. And prospective employers feel this. The new Moon of the 11th occurs in your sixth house, this is an especially good day for job interviews and the like. Also, if there have been health issues, all the information you need to make a good decisions will come to you naturally as the days progress, until the next new Moon, next month. On the 20th, the Sun moves into your seventh house of love and you begin a yearly love and social peak. The Sun is far away from his home. Actually, he is the most distant from his home. Perhaps you feel like a stranger in a strange land. Like a tourist. But in a way this is very good socially. You go out of your way for others and put their needs ahead of your own. This makes for greater popularity. Though this is not a month for marriage as Saturn is still in your 7th house of love, but the love life is picking up. Uranus Starts to move forward on the 22nd so there is more clear-headedness about love. The full Moon of the 25th occurs in your own sign and is a particularly happy day. Self-esteem and self-confidence increase, personal appearance is better than usual, and spiritual breakthroughs happen.


Health and energy are good this month Jupiter has moved out of its stressful aspect with you, and health is better than in the past few months of 2022. Uranus, your health planet starts moving forward on the 22nd. Mercury will move forward on the 19th, so if you need medical tests or procedures, this is a good time to do it — they will tend to be more accurate and go smoother. Your financial planet, Venus, will move through three signs and houses of your horoscope this month. She is moving swiftly these days. So financial confidence is strong and you cover a lot of territory. Until the third, Venus is in Capricorn, your fifth house, which brings good financial judgment and conservatism in finance. From the third to the 27th, Venus will be in Aquarius, your sixth house. This would show spending more on the health matters and also an ability to earn from the health field. Basically, earnings come from work and productive service. On the 27th Venus moves into Pisces, your seventh house of love. She is very powerful in this sign as this is her sign of exaltation. Thus, earning power is much stronger than usual. It shows the importance of social connections and finances. Who you know is probably more important than how much you have. It also shows a very sound financial intuition which, as most of the readers know is the shortcut to wealth. From the 20th onwards you are in Virgo haven. The focus is on work. Those of you unemployed, a rare thing for a Virgo, have wonderful job opportunities. But even if you are already employed there are opportunities for side jobs and overtime. Jupiter now in your eighth house for many more months shows the prosperity of the spouse, Partner, or current love. It shows good spousal support. Often this shows inheritance, but hopefully no one has to die, you can be named in someone’s will or be appointed to some administrative position in a will. If you have good ideas this is a good time now and for the next 5 to 6 Months to attract outside investors to your projects. Perhaps family members are undergoing surgeries.


Like last month, continue to focus on the home and family. Your fourth house of home and family is very powerful this month, while your 10th house of career is basically empty. Only the Moon will visit there on the 23rd and 24th.So, shore up the home base and your emotional harmony. This will be the basis for future career success later on. Health still needs watching until the 20th. As always, make sure to get enough rest. Enhance the health with foot massage and Spiritual healing techniques. If you feel under the weather, a spiritual type healer can help you. Health will improve from the 20th onwards. Finances are good this month. Pluto, your financial planet, is moving forward and receiving very good aspects. The first and the second and the 17th to the 19th are especially good financial days. The new Moon of the 11th will also be a good financial day, especially a little bit later on in the day. With Pluto moving forward there is financial clarity now. Also, a healthy conservative, down to earth attitude about money. Financial judgment is good. On the 20th, the Sun moves into your fifth house and you begin a yearly personal pleasure peak. Time to have some fun. Time to explore the rapture side of life. Libras tend to be creative kinds of people and with the fifth house very strong, creativity is stronger than usual. Also keep in mind, being in a creative flow is very euphoric and another way to have fun. Jupiter now in your seventh house of love is signaling serious romance over the next few months. Your love planet Mars will move forward on the 12th adding more power to the love life. Social judgment is now much improved. Your love planet in the ninth house shows that romantic opportunities can happen at college or university functions or at religious type functions. Romantic meetings can also happen in foreign lands or with foreigners. 


Jupiter now in your sixth house for the next 4 to 5 months is excellent for job seekers. your employment prospects are bright indeed. If there have been health issues, this position shows that you will get the best case scenarios. You should hear good news about these issues. Your health planet, Mars, starts to move forward on the 12th. Mercury starts to move forward on the 19th. So, if there is a need for medical tests or procedures this is a good time for them. Health will need more watching from the 20th onwards. Don’t allow yourself to get overtired. Enhance the health with arm and shoulder massage and massage of the thighs. You are probably spending more on health issues this month, but you can also earn from the health field. Like last month, money will be earned from work and productive service. You are more speculative and risk-taking when it comes to finance these days. When intuition is on, these things go well. If intuition is off, there can be losses. But win or lose, as long as you overcome your financial fears, you are successful. This is the spiritual agenda of your money planet in the sign of Aries. It’s about learning financial fearlessness. Love continues to be unstable, as it has been for many years now. By now, you are learning to enjoy this instability. For, it also brings much freedom. Your love planet Venus moves speedily this month, through three signs and houses of your horoscope. This shows someone with social confidence and whose needs in love change rapidly. Venus in Capricorn until the third shows romantic opportunities in the neighborhood and in educational type venues. From the third to the 27th Venus will be in your fourth house. This shows more socializing from home and with the family. Romantic opportunities can come from family or family connections. From the 27th onwards Venus will be in your fifth house. This shows romance is another form of entertainment. Fun and games. Nothing serious.


A happy and prosperous month ahead. You are still in a yearly financial peak until the 20th. Earnings should be strong and financial judgment is good. Health is also good this month. Most of the planets are either in harmonious aspect with you or leaving you alone. You have been experimental in health matters for many, many years, and the trend continues. With most of the planets moving forward, it is now safe to take those medical tests or procedures that you need to take. You can enhance the health even further with back and knee massage until the third, with ankle and calf massage from the third to the 27th, and with foot massage from the 27th onwards. Jupiter is now in your fifth house for many more months. So, you are in a fun time of life. You are normally a happy go lucky kind of person but now even more so. Personal creativity is at a multiyear peak. For some of you it is a lifetime peak, much depends on your age. Marriage doesn’t seem to be in the stars right now, however, there are plenty of opportunities for love affairs. You are more in a love affair kind of year than a marriage year. For those more interested in serious romance, there are opportunities as you pursue your financial goals and perhaps with people involved in your finance. But these relationships will take time to develop. The new Moon of the 11th occurs in your money house and is an excellent financial day. More importantly, it will clarify confusing financial issues as the days progress and until the next new Moon next month.


A happy month ahead. You’re still in the midst of a yearly personal pleasure peak. Good to enjoy all the pleasures of the body and the five senses. Good to pamper yourself a bit. Also, good to get the body and image in the shape that you want. On the 20th, the Sun will move into your money house and you begin a yearly financial peak. Earnings will be strong. Saturn in your money house for over a year now shows your personal interest and focus on finance. This is 90% of success. Focus is much more important than just easy aspects. Around this time, on the 22nd, Uranus, your financial planet will start to move forward after many months of retrograde motion this is another positive for finance. There is clarity on these issu