Our Story

"It started as a t-shirt and became a movement." Created in 2008 by world renowned yoga instructors, Vanessa Lee and Ian Lopatin, Spiritual Gangster has grown from a yoga studio house brand into a global phenomenon. We are a lifestyle brand made for and inspired by those with an unwavering commitment to the practice of high vibration living. We join ancient wisdom with contemporary culture to create elevated products for the modern wellness enthusiast and fashion lover alike. Our collections are created with intention and purpose through thoughtful design and inspiring messaging. Our goal is to create a high vibration community fueled by wellness, love, positivity, and joy.

Who is Spiritual Gangster?

A Spiritual Gangster is part of a community of like-minded people — engaged, rebellious, free-spirited, and alive. Hungry for knowledge and thirsty for new experience, we give before taking and plant seeds of abundance wherever life’s journeys takes us. With gratitude and creativity, the Spiritual Gangster is an agent of radical inspiration, consistently working to build a community that motivates meaningful change, inspires love, and lives in unity with the world around them.

Our Purpose

When we raise our vibration we're more powerful, beautiful, and aligned with our life’s purpose. Some achieve this through yoga or exercise, others through music and art, and others by helping. Spiritual Gangster unites all these, empowering people to raise their own vibration. We are guided by principles of integrity and karma. As a business practice, we regularly partner with charities and nonprofits to bring wellness, love, and abundance to as many lives as possible. This is how we raise our vibration. Join us and raise your vibration.

Giving Back

Here at Spiritual Gangster, we believe our purpose is to inspire a deeply gracious and connected community. For each item sold on our website, Spiritual Gangster partners with Feeding America to donate proceeds and provide meals to underserved communities across the United States. With over 15 million meals donated to date, we are collectively working towards the eradication of hunger in our communities.

We are connected. We are one. We are the same.