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In the Roman and Greek traditions, May was named after the Goddess of Fertility, Maia. It's true that the earth around us is full with the life giving nature of Spring, with flowers in full bloom, and the sun spreading it's warmth. This month, align yourself with the powerful movement of life, and make your own garden explode with color and energy.

Things are hectic this month Aries, you’re busy and there are many surprises, yet in spite of all the excitement many nice things are happening. Prosperity is strong and you are lucky in speculations. Your personal creativity seems marketable this month, which is a nice bonus for the fiery and creative Aries. Both love and financial opportunity come to you from the 3rd onwards. Nothing special that you need to do, just continue being you. If you are in a relationship the beloved is devoted to you and you to

him or her. There is good cooperation and you’re both eager to please each other. If you are unattached, love is pursuing you. A sudden, unexpected, romantic or social meeting happens on the 14th or 15th. Health is good but make sure to de-stress the neck until the 7th. After that give more attention to the arms and shoulders. Mercury is out of bounds from the 12th to the 31st thus your intellectual interests are off the

beaten track. If you are a job seeker, go outside your usual sphere, push the limits of your comfort zone, and see what new doors are opened for you. On the 29th Venus enters your money house, so the social dimensions is important in finance. Who you know is more important than how much you have. Friends are financially supportive and so is the beloved. Be more patient in career matters now. Time and time alone will resolve most problems, Aries.




You have the blessing of good health this month Taurus! With good energy any challenge can be overcome. You look good and the opposite sex takes notice, but love is still problematic. If you are single, it is probably not advisable to marry just yet. Don’t try and force it, for love is far too unstable for that at the moment. Money is perhaps the most important thing to a Taurus and things are excellent on that front, and this is a prosperous month. Your Financial Planet is in your own sign until the 7th. This shows, like last month, that money and financial opportunity seeks you out.

As your Financial Planet enters the money house on the 7th and on the 21st the Sun enters, your earning power becomes strong - perhaps the strongest in your year. The Financial Planet is out of bounds from the 12th to the 31st so financial prosperity lies outside the beaten path at this time. Family support is good from the 21st onwards. Use your social graces, marketing, PR, and advertising to help elevate your financial position. Career has been turbulent the past few months, yet there is a beautiful opportunity (and success) on the 14th and 15th. Things are quieter than last month, but much there is still much change happening for your Taurus. 




Though there is still much excitement and change in your future this month Gemini, but things are more peaceful than April. Foreign travel - especially if its elective - is not advisable right now, and should be re-scheduled for another time. College students have to work harder at their studies and are dealing with a lot of administrative instability. There’s also a lot of turmoil and drama in your place of worship.

Considering all that is going on - a grand square in the heavens - you’re having a good month. You’re in a period of personal independence and can and should have things your way, Gemini! 

You are in a cycle of service to the self this month; this does not mean are selfish, instead, it is important to honor this cycle. Service to self is not evil, and service to others is not necessarily good, it just all depends on the cycle that you’re in.Take responsibility for your own happiness Gemini. You have the power to

create it now. With the Sun moving into your sign on the 21st you have self confidence and self esteem, with good health, a shining personal appearance, and your usually good communication skills are even stronger than usual. This has been a good career year for you, and after the 29th it gets even better. Finances are good and will also get even better next month. The love trends are the same as they have been all year - be about your financial goals and love will find you.





Take a deep breath in, now release! If you got through last month with your health and sanity in tact, which I assume you did if your reading this Cancer, then you did very well.  Don’t fear, for the month ahead is much easier. But the demands of the family are still strong and so are the demands of the career. You’re working to balance both, now leaning more one way, no the other. But keep being aware of this transition, and you will find the balance you are looking for.  Health is improved from last month,

but still needs close attention. The good news Cancer, is that you’re on the case and paying attention. Make sure to eat right and get enough rest. The love life will improve after the 21st. Keep in mind that your Love Planet is retrograde all month, so important love decisions - one way or another - shouldn’t be made during May. Singles should

go slow in love -There’s no rush for a relationship. Let things develop naturally. Those in existing relationships should review things and see where improvements can be made. Regardless of the turmoil in your life, there is also prosperity. It doesn’t seem affected by any of this, for you’re living the high life, at a higher standard than usual. Financial opportunity comes through friends and through involvement with

groups and organizations. After the 21 it comes through intuition. You’re generous through out this year, but after the 21st even more so. The spiritual life becomes important after the 21st. Those involved in spirituality will see

results from their practice. You’re getting close to your birthday so good to review the past year, Cancer. Correct mistakes and set goals for the new year ahead. 





You’re in one of the best career periods of your year. Much success is happening. Your professional achievements are recognized. Don’t let intense career demands deplete you of energy, make time to revitalize and pamper yourself. Enhance the health by giving more attention to the heart (always important to you) and to the spine, knees, teeth, colon, bladder and sexual organs. Safe sex is important for most of the year ahead. Finances are good this month too. You have the financial favor of the authority figures in your life. Your good professional reputation is like money in the bank. 

Raises at work could happen. If you have issues with the government it is good to deal with them this month -you have their favor and should get best case outcomes. After the 7th money comes from your technological expertise. Don’t be afraid to invest in up to date equipment and software. Friends are more supportive than usual.

Involvement with groups and organizations boost the all aspects of your life this month. Love is still a soap opera, but Leo enjoys that. There is a happy romantic opportunity on the 14th and 15th and its with someone of high prestige. It can help the career. The question is the stability of this. Love is still in educational and religious settings - this is a very long term trend.





It’s all about movement for you this month Virgo. You’re moving quickly and speedily, covering lots of territory and venturing outside your boarders. This shows courage and self confidence, Perhaps you’re traveling to far away, exotic places - off the beaten path. You’re spending money while traveling, but can also earn through your travels. Mars has been in your money house for the past year. This shows that debt and taxes are a concern. Your Financial Planet is in your 8th House most of the month - from the 3rd to the 29th. So this is a month to make or pay down debt - according to your need. You have an uncanny ability to see value where otherssee only death and decay.This can be a path to profits.

You can walk into a junk shop and see something valuable, or have an opportunity to invest in a troubled property or company. There is good financial cooperation between you and the current love, spouse or partner. You might not be in financial agreement, but you support each other. Students do well in their studies. Religious and philosophical breakthroughs are there for those who want them. There is much career success this month too - beginning on the 7th.

Give the focus to the career this month and you’ll see the results. Being involved in charitable activities will boost the career. Your public image is boosted as much by your altruistic activities as by your professional achievements. Make sure to get enough rest after the 21st, for it’s a busy month for your Virgo!







You’ve worked hard this year and endured many changes, ups and downs. Very soon now, you’ll see the rewards. The spouse, partner or current love seems stressed out and difficult to deal with, yet he or she is still very devoted to and trying hard. This could save an unstable kind of relationship. Finances have been volatile all year, but there is improvement in the month ahead. They’re still not what they could

be or should be, but there’s more stability this month. Family and friends seems more supportive. Your Financial Planet is still retrograde all month. This doesn’t stop earnings,  but things happen slower than usual. Financial decisions need more homework before jumping into them. Your 8th House is powerful all month, thus you’re

interested in the deeper things of life - sex, occult studies, personal transformation, life after death, reincarnation and the like. There is much progress in these areas, so keep your curiosity peeked. Health is much improved over last month, but still needs watching. If you got through last month you’ll get through the month ahead. Spiritual healing is still powerful for you - and this will be the case for many years into the future. There

are many things that need resurrection and this is the time to do it. Keep in mind that once cleansing is done, resurrection is pretty much automatic.





This month, Scorpio, imagine yourself as a butterfly- You need to re-invent yourself a little. Though there is a temporary love upheaval on the 14th and 15th, the love life is basically good this month Scorpio. This is one of the best love periods in your year. You can make it even better by consciously projecting love and warmth to others. You’re looking at life very seriously now, thinking of the future and even old age. This can actually help the love life as it attracts other serious people into your life.

There are good opportunities with people of power and prestige. People who admire some seriousness. You’re not just some flighty lightweight. An office romance is still likely this month. You are allured to people of power - people who can help you career-wise. Finances are better than last month. The only problem is

lack of interest. You might not be paying enough attention. Health and energy will improve after the 21st. Until then, face and scalp massage is helpful. Make sure to get enough exercise and rest. Keep your head up, for your career is going to be very successful this year. Right now you’re in preparation, so keep it up, Scorpio. You can further the career though social means until the 21st. Good to attend (or perhaps host) the right gatherings and parties. Afterwards, more personal transformation will help the career. 






This is a busy month for you Sagittarius. Your Financial Planet is still retrograde this month, so do more homework before making important financial decisions. Earnings are still happening and prosperity is good - but there are delays involved. Don’t make matters worse through carelessness, so make sure your financial transactions are perfect. Love is happy this month. You have a lot of confidence and cover a lot of territory. You’re going outside your usual sphere in the search for love, because you are attracted to someone outside your sphere. 

You’re in the mood for romance and focused here. You’re attracted to mentor type people, for you admire learning and refinement. You have the kind of aspects of the person who falls in love with the minister or professor. Love opportunities happen in religious or educational settings - at college or religious functions.There are love opportunities in foreign lands or with foreigners, for your are being pulled toward the exotic.  You are also mixing with the power people in your life and there are romantic opportunities there. Watch the health after the 21st . Make sure to get enough rest. Head, face and neck massage will be a big help.





Love is still active and happy and much improved over last month. The 3rd, 4th and 5th seem especially good. Happy romantic or social meetings happen. Capricorns are serious people, but every now and then its good to let go, let the hair down and just enjoy life. This is one of those months - especially until the 21st . There are some career dramas on the 14th and 15th. There are dramas in the lives of parents or parent figures too. But these are short term issues. Creativity and innovation will help the career. Family life is unstable, but the family is supporting your career goals - they seem part of it.

If you’re looking for work you’re in a very good period and success is likely - especially after the 21st. Jobs await you outside your usual sphere. Perhaps in unorthodox locations or in an unorthodox kind of company. Health is much improved over last month, but still needs watching. Finances are still unstable but better than last month. Family expense - perhaps some expense in the home - causes some stress. But you have the wherewithal to handle it. Family is both a support and a hindrance these days. On the one hand they help and on the other they obstruct. There is great ambivalence here.





 There’s a lot of excitement and financial change going on. Financial instability is the main challenge now. But in spite of this the career is very harmonious and you’re successful and elevated. If this is good, finances will work out. In the short term avoid speculations or financial risk taking. Avoid rash decisions. Think things through before acting. There is some good financial news too. On the 20th your

Financial Planet starts moving forward after months of retrograde motion. There is more financial clarity now. In spite of a short term disappointment on the 11th the love life overall seems happy. Singles are dating more. They cover more territory. (And they seem to be going into strange and unknown territory.) There is social confidence. Perhaps others see you as fickle this period. Your needs in love change quickly. Until the 7th, good communication is important. From the 7 to the 29TH you want emotional

sharing and nurturing. After the 29th you want fun and games - and you get it. Love is close to home this month. Give more attention to the health after the 21st. Don’t burn the candle at both ends. If you can maintain high energy you’ll go through the period with flying colors. Good emotional health is especially important after the 21st. Try to eat foods that are easy to digest. Keep the moods positive and constructive.





Last month was not so good for risk taking activities and neither is the month ahead. Mars and Pluto make strong aspects to your Ruler. Still a good idea to drive more defensively and have the mechanics of the car checked out. Communication equipment is more sensitive this month too. Parents and parent figures also seem stressed and should avoid stressful risk taking activities. Avoid rush. Be mindful on the physical plane. Health and energy are not at optimum until the 21st so be sure to get enough rest. Eating right is always important to you and this month more so. Health improves greatly after the 21st .

Whatever excitement is going on in your life, the prosperity seems very good. Your Financial Planet receive wonderful aspects until the 21st. After the 21st there can be some financial disagreements with the spouse, partner or current love. A short term problem that will resolve in a few days. With your 4th House very powerful until the 21st give more attention to your emotional health. Those of you involved in psychological therapies should make good progress that period. After the 21st health and happiness improve. Relations with the spouse, partner or current love improve. Love is enhanced by doing fun kinds of things together as a couple. Singles find love at parties, resorts and places of entertainment.



All pictures are from Tumblr and Pinterest. 

Aries picture by Gypsy Lolita 

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