Fire Energy with Neelou

Fire Energy with Neelou

The element of fire is symbolic of feeling alive, transformative, and blessed. With the new year here, fire energy is the only energy we are channeling.  Ground with us and the inspirational and insightful, Neelou Malekpour.  Neelou comes to us with an array of experience in the world of spiritual practices and we are excited to be able to benefit from her expertise. As a double fire sign Leo, Aries rising, Neelou has found great love for the element of fire and writes about it at length in her book,The Art of Sacred Smoke: Energy-Balancing Rituals to Cleanse, Protect and Empower, and has given us a glimpse into her work with a New Year Ritual Release.  If you find yourself wanting to take this work even further, we invite you to join Neelou's Elevation Process, to see real transformation happen in your life. 


Fire represents just one thing to most people, but for me it represents both the element of fire, and the spirit of Fire, which are nuanced and quite different. The element of Fire is actually made up of four elements - heat, oxygen, fuel, and their combined chemical reaction, which is the fourth element. 

The spirit of Fire is the energy, the force and the intelligence contained within this elemental tetrahedron. Connecting to the spirit of Fire is powerful. Fire represents excelsior (meaning our best and highest good) and Universal wisdom, so it can never be polluted. It's a symbol of Truth (with a capital T). So, work with Fire when, like the mythical phoenix rising from its ashes, you're ready for transmutation.

In my book, The Art of Sacred Smoke: Energy-Balancing Rituals to Cleanse, Protect and Empower, I share a New Year Release ritual that you can do any time of year when you are ready to release anything that no longer serves you - old habits, fears, patterns, negative thoughts, and anything else you are ready to release. Here's an abbreviated version for you (you can find the full version on page 116 of my book):


  • Paper

  • Pen

  • Fireproof container (like a cooking pot)

  • Fire

  • Sacred smoke (like Palo Santo or Wild Rue)



1. Choose a quiet area and ground/connect to the earth

2. Open sacred space by calling in your angels, allies, and ancestors of 100% light or in whatever way feels authentic to you

3. Call into mind any gunk you’re feeling, whether it’s issues you’re having with other people, or anxiety over finances, or feelings of lack or fear. Let go of feelings like impatience, procrastination, depression, anything that’s pulling you down. Give yourself three to five minutes to write down everything that is troubling you. Let it flow; don’t edit or reread or check spelling or grammar. Let go of perfection and trust that this will work and that what needs to change, will. 

4. Without reading back over the list, close your eyes and connect to the lower vibrational energies that you want to release. Be vulnerable and allow your feelings to flow. 

5. When you feel ready, rip the paper into smaller shreds that will be easy to burn. 

6. Burn the pieces of paper in your fire-proof container (use fire safety precautions!). The spirit of Fire is transformative, able to transmute negative energies to neutral ones. Burn it all until it’s ash. If a tiny piece doesn’t burn, it’s not a big deal. 

7. Burn your sacred smoke and cleanse your person and your space. 

8. Now that you’ve released this negative energy, make a promise to yourself that you will not engage in low vibrational actions like complaining, gossiping, or rumination. When you start going in that direction stop and quickly shift your focus—turn up some music, call a friend, or move your body. You want to let the transmutation settle in rather than connect again to the memories you have set in motion to release.  

9. You’ve created a neutral space. A blank slate. Say aloud your intentions for calling in things like health, happiness, love, joy. 

10. Express gratitude for the Fire, the herbs you burned, the allies who came to support, and anything else you wish to thank, including yourself!

11. Close the sacred space. 

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