Jessie De Lowe

Yogi. Manifestation Advisor. Wellness expert. Content creator. And above all, mama. With a master's degree in Art Therapy from NYU and several certifications in yoga and meditation, what doesn't Jessie do?

When she's not guiding individuals, couples, groups, and corporations across the globe to live their most authentic + aligned lives, Jessie spends her time in Montecito, California, with her husband, Brian, and two sweet daughters, Amelie and Lucia. Scroll below to see what she's shopping for this Mother's Day for all the mamas in her life, and learn why she inspires us endlessly.

What keeps you grounded as a mom?

The realization of how fast time flies and how precious this season of life is with my girls really grounds me in the present moment. This heightened awareness makes even the most terrible tantrum manageable, knowing I’ll miss all these moments one day. Also, sharing the beautiful highs and lows of parenthood with my husband and best friend Brian is incredibly grounding—I feel so grateful to be able to navigate, savor, and reflect on this sweet time together. 


Mother's Day Gift Guide

Tell us about your work as a manifestation coach and the power of manifestation.

Manifestation is the ability to attract and create what you want in your physical reality by skillfully using your thoughts, beliefs, energy, and actions to align with your desired vision. I’m obsessed with the science behind manifestation because there’s concrete evidence that we can rewrite old programming to create new neural pathways, which in turn leads to a new experience of our reality. If we raise our self-awareness enough to make positive changes on the inside, there will undoubtedly be an upgrade in what we perceive externally as a reflection of those internal upgrades. When you become a skilled manifestor and live authentically and in alignment, you become a really good player in the video game called Life, which becomes a lot more fun. You are tuned into the magic and can dance with the universe, co-creating a life beyond your wildest dreams. 

Who inspires you the most and why?

NATURE. She’s never in a rush, yet accomplishes everything :)

Do you have a mantra you live by?

Here are three I love right now:  “Thank you,” “Show me how good it can get,” and “I love life and life loves me”