Best known by her social media moniker @junglexjohanna, Johanna is a Miami-based trainer specializing in pilates and power yoga. Classically trained in ballet, her movement style embodies strength, flexibility, toning + sculpting. 'Jungle Johanna' is all about aesthetics, body positivity, and female empowerment. From teaching weekly sold-out classes to weekly Zoom classes and multiple private classes daily, Johanna is a fitness powerhouse.

Using her social media presence to be more than just a “fit girl,” her daily motivational speeches and advocacy for mental health awareness, not just physical health, are one of the many reasons she inspires us. Energy, a great playlist, and helpful cues are what you can expect from Johanna... welcome to the Jungle!

May 4th is World Pilates Day; talk to us about your practice and why this is so important to you.

Pilates is so important to me because it was the first modality of wellness that I started to practice and teach. Over the last two years, I have become a staple in the mat Pilates world, hosting retreats, facilitating community classes, and becoming the first woman of color to start a mat Pilates certification in the United States.

Tell us about your journey. Do you have any recommendations for SG followers who want to get started? 

I started as a ballerina, just like most Joseph Pilates apprentices. After high school, I began taking classes with my mom when I tried to “slim down” as a model. I had a great instructor who I eventually started taking privates, who really knew the anatomy of my body and the true repertoire of classical Pilates. If you want to start your Pilates journey, try to find an instructor you connect with. I found that because I enjoyed spending time with her, I enjoyed Pilates

What do you have coming up? 

I have a retreat in October in Costa Rica called Pilates in Paradise. This is my second self-hosted retreat. I also have a mat Pilates certification in Miami this September.

What’s the first thing you do in the morning? Be honest! 😊 

Unfortunately, I roll over and look at my phone.

What does your daily routine look like? 

I wake up, make some beverages (matcha, celery juice, or both), and tend to my animals (1 dog + 2 cats). If I’m with my stepdaughter that week, I do her hair; if not, I pack a bag for the day. I try to bring everything I need so I have snacks between classes, chargers, my laptop, if necessary, and a few changes of clothes. I’m in the car part of the day, which is also my office. So I’m catching up on emails and calling my girlfriends because sometimes I don’t see them as often as I’d like to. I try to do some self-practice, whether Yoga, Pilates, or meditation. I will probably have two or three more matcha during the day and then head home in the early evening to reassess with animals and eat some food. I usually clean up because the animals have made a mess, and after I shower and do my nightly routine around 8 PM, I’m on the couch watching Law and Order until my fiancé comes home.

Who are some of your muses? Who inspires you the most? 

My parents are huge inspirational figures in my life. I learned a lot from them and am really grateful for their order and direction they instilled in me in my youth. My students from my certification are my biggest inspiration. I’ve been able to meet women from all walks of life, all genders, all races, and all classes, with all different body types of all ages. Watching them start a certification with no wellness background and no support, to blossoming into Pilates entrepreneurs, really is the highlight of my career.

Mantra You Live By:


How do you practice self-love and self-acceptance? 


Johanna's Favorites:

"I love the seamless leggings. I can wear them without underwear, which I like to do sometimes, and they always make my butt look good!"