SG Guide to Wanderlust Festival

 Wanderlust Festival brings together people from all walks of life who practice self-love, positive thinking, open-mindedness, and holistic living. This week we are in Vermont for Wanderlust Stratton, a beautiful community nestled among wildflower fields, groves of birch trees, and endless ponds. Our team all flew in from the West Coast, and were in awe of the innocent splendor of the beautiful natural landscape. Although Wanderlust is only a four day festival, it’s magic lives on for us all summer long. Follow along with us all weekend long on our Instagram! 
This is a safe place to explore parts of yourself that you may not be able to in your home. From acro-yoga, tight rope walking, meditation, and dancing under the stars, Wanderlust is a place to find your own magic and your own limitless potential. From sunrise hikes, music-inspired yoga classes with Seane Corn and Michael Franti, to natural plant based cuisines, our hearts are already full of the magic of Wanderlust. 
When packing for a trip, you want to bring along all your essentials; comfy clothing, your favorite Spiritual Gangster tanks, bug spray, organic sunscreen, a hat, and comfy shoes. But when packing for Wanderlust, you want to bring so much more.
Bring an open mind.
Bring a sense of adventure.
Bring a child-like sense of wonder.
Bring self-love.
Bring a positive outlook.
Bring your appetite for new things.