A Gangster Giving Guide

A Gangster Giving Guide

A Gangster Giving Guide

If you were granted the opportunity to positively impact the world, what would you do? You have that power every single day, and Giving Tuesday is here to build upon it in a monumental way. It's a global movement that profoundly enables even our smallest of actions and turns them into catalysts for change. No act of kindness is too small: picking up litter in your neighborhood, saying something kind to a stranger, volunteering at your nearest shelter or finding ways to be kind to yourself emphatically shift the vibration of the world. Your voice, combined with collective human generosity bring together diverse organizations, communities and individuals around the world.


On November 27th, Giving Tuesday will honor the combination of unique nonprofits, civic organizations, corporations, businesses, families and individuals who encourage and amplify small acts of kindness. It’s a movement that unites countries around the world simply by allowing others to share their capacity to care for and empower one another. You genuinely are, the most important part of making this movement a reality. 

After two days of getting Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, Giving Tuesday allows us a day to be present to our ability to give back. As the leading drivers of this movement, everyone has something to give: time, expertise, simple acts of kindness, food or clothing all make a profound impact. No act of kindness is too small.

With the holidays around the corner, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite organizations who not only give back, but devote their every day mission to raising the vibration of the world. Donating to an organization in your friend's honor is a beautiful way to grant them the gift of giving. 

Here is a list of some of our favorite non-traditional holiday gifts that would continue raising the vibration of the world. 

#HashtagLunchbag is a global humanity service movement committed to empowering humanity through organized acts of love, using bagged lunches packed with love notes as the vessel. Started by a group of friends through social media, they just launched their first-ever fundraising campaign, the #HelpHashtag Campaign. The non-profit organization seeks to raise $50,000 by the end of the year in order to continue their efforts to give back. They have helped over 150 communities across the world. Donate here.

Feeding America's mission is to feed the millions of American's who suffer from hunger. Through a nationwide network, they have become the nation's largest domestic hunger-relief organization. Working with individuals, charities, businesses and the government, Feeding America distributes roughly 4.3 billion meals each year in stride to end hunger and build a more food-secure future. In partnership with Feeding America, we donate proceeds to provide a meal to a person in need for every item sold. Thanks to your support, we've been able to donate over 11 million meals and counting. Find out where you can do get involved at your local food bank here.

One in every seven people are struggling for food security in Los Angeles. Since 1973, the LA Regional Food Bank has worked to mobilize resources to Los Angeles communities to combat hunger. With the help of over annual 30,000 volunteers, they've donated over 1 billion pounds of food and serve over 300,000 combating hunger monthly. For every $1 donated, you're providing four meals to hungry children, adults and families in Los Angeles. You can help fulfill their mission by donating here or sign up to volunteer here.  

Cambodian Children's Fund is a non-profit transforming the country's most impoverished children into leaders of the future. This organization dedicates their mission to providing children with education, family support and community development resources in the heart of Cambodia's most impoverished communities. Find out how you can get involved in the various volunteer programs at the CCF here.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation strives to grant the wishes of every child diagnosed with a critical illness. Make-A-Wish is only able to achieve their goal through the time of their dedicated staff, volunteers, donors and supporters. Find out  how you can help them continue grant a wish every 34 minutes here

Phoenix Children’s has provided hope, healing and the best healthcare for children since its creation in 1983. Their volunteers play a crucial role in achieving their mission for their patients and families. Find out how you can help the Phoenix Children's Hospital here.

Other Ways to Give

Here are a few other ideas that can help spark ways to get involved and participate this season and beyond:

-       Pass an inspiring book on to a friend

-       Take small treats to work to share with your co-workers

-       Clean out your closet and donate what you no longer wear

-       Thank people who have done good things for you that you might have taken for granted

-       Get together with friends and organize a clean-up in a local park, beach or forest

-       Forgive someone

-       Cook a meal for a new mom or senior

-       Create care packages for people experiencing homelessness

-       Be kind to yourself

-       Compliment a friend

-       Volunteer at a local shelter or soup kitchen

-       Visit a hospital and talk to patients who don’t have visitors

-       Post a review online for a small business you had a pleasant experience with

-       Donate your old tech

-       Give blood or sign up to be a donor

-       Surprise someone with a handwritten note of encouragement

-       Buy coffee for the next person in line

-       Get together with friends and talk about how you can partner with others to make a larger impact

Head here to learn more about Giving Tuesday and what you can do to make a difference.