Speak it into Being : Magnetizing Manifestations

Speak it into Being : Magnetizing Manifestations


Your words are your power. Your words hold energy and intention. And your words are the gateway to manifesting your dream life. By understanding the connection between vibrations, energy, and our spoken words, we can begin to harness the power of manifestations. 



We live in a world of energy and vibrations. We, as living and breathing beings, are made up of energy. What we eat, where we live, what we read, and how we process information all play important rolls in the creation of our energetic fields. And although the outside world can play a part in the formation of our wellbeing, it is the inner dialogue that truly creates our reality. Often times we forget that we are the creators of our own reality, through the care and attention we give to our thoughts, words, and energies. This is called divine Manifestation.


Though most people know that imagination and visualization are potent tools for powerful manifestation, the power of spoken word in the creation of our reality is a less known exercise. Your voice is a love letter to the universe, bringing forth all that is for your highest good. When you voice your thoughts, intentions, and desires, especially if you do so passionately and in a loving and open vibration, you add substantial energy to your manifestations and by doing so dramatically increase the timing of their manifestations.



Words are like orders to the universe, especially when they are spoken within the same frequency you will feel when you have what it is you desire. For example, say you want to manifest a loving partnership. Allow the warmth, safety, excitement and contentment of having your perfect partner right at this moment to fill your entire mind and body. By staying in this state of being, or divine frequency, for only 15 seconds, you block out any contradictory thoughts or emotions that bring you farther away from your desires. It is important not to be ambiguous or contradictory with your words, as those act as an opposite charge, pulling divine energy into the opposite direction of your desires. Consistency and clarity are the foundation of manifestations. Be mindful that your words are used in a positive light. For example, instead of “No Bad Vibes”, rephrase to “Good Vibes Only”. 




Divine Synchronicities 


Sometimes seen as good luck or kismet interactions, we have all experienced the seemingly random phenomenon of thinking about or talking about someone or something and seeing them materialize that same day. This is the law of attraction working on a very simple yet powerful level. These divine synchronicities often flow to fruition because they have no opposing energy blocking it from coming into being. It is often when we are consciously manifesting something that we allow our fears, ego, and limited thought patterns to block them into coming to be in reality. This is how we create our own reality. It is when we become more conscious creators of our reality that we begin to create in huge and transformational ways. 



Set the Tone:


Create a state of calm.

Sit down on your bed or chair, with your eyes gently closed. Take three deep breaths in, and three deep breaths out. Allow your body to become relaxed, allowing every muscle to let go of stress. Focus your energy on the space between your eyes, where your seat of intuition lives. Allow all anxiety, fear, anger, or resentment to leave your body, and trust that you are exactly where you need to be. 



Speak these words aloud. “Infinite spirit, bring to me now my infinite good. Allow it to come to me under grace and in perfect ways. I allow (ask for what it is you want) to flow easily and with divine timing into my life. So smote it be.”


Allow the feeling of having what it is you desire to flow over you and fill every inch of your body with it’s light and warm glow. Bask in what it feels like to have exactly what it is you desire, and watch as it comes into being. 


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