SG's Guide to Moon Phases + Rituals

SG's Guide to Moon Phases + Rituals

Join us in our monthly Moon series, where we decode the significance behind this lunar cycle and how to set meaningful intentions around each passing phase.

Pisces Full Moon (9/10) — INTUITION CONNECTION

On Saturday, 9/10 we have an energetically cleansing full moon in dreamy, intuitive Pisces opposing analytical, physical Virgo. A full moon in Pisces calls us back to our spiritual center where our intuition and highest inner knowing rests. This full moon is an opportunity to align with and trust your inner knowingness and pay attention to your synchronicity. The connection between Virgo and Pisces encourages a connection between your mind & your heart, allowing you to use the logical thinking style of Virgo & the spiritual exploration of Pisces to see the world in a clear, all-encompassing manner.

The cosmos are encouraging you to tap into your best version of self, embrace your uniqueness, and own your independence. How can you connect your dreams to your real physical life? How can you go with the flow more? 

Virgo season energy has had us focused on getting things done, getting organized and being of service, leaving little energy to tap into our creative, intuitive nature. This full moon is an opportunity to expand beyond the details and tune into what’s entirely possible for you.

This full moon comes at the start of Mercury Retrograde in Libra which will put a focus on relationships so communication with partners and friends may be particularly challenging. A full moon can tend to heighten shadow aspects of your life. 

More than anything, you might be feeling emotional about the state of your relationships so be aware & welcome the tears for they are healing. 

Full Moon Ceremony

Take time this weekend for yourself. Turn on your favorite music that pulls you into your body and dance. Create art. Release pent up thoughts and emotions in a journal. 

Here are some of my favorite moon ceremony ritual essentials:

Candles: sets the stage + environment by bringing in calming energy

Crystals/Stones: set out any crystals/stones that call you in on this moon transit

Moon Deck: pull for setting intentions or clearing your mind and raising any thoughts + emotions that you need to release

Journal + pen: free-form writing, or journal about questions, thoughts, or intentions that arise during your ritual

Tea or water: sip on a herbal tea with Philosophie honey or a warm cup of water with lemon

Journal Prompts

  1. What is currently present in your life that wishes was more in alignment or flowed more abundantly?
  2. What have you been working on that has not yet manifested in your life?
  3. How can you make a change whether in your mindset or your work to have it show up for you?
  4. What dreams do you wish to manifest into the world? For yourself and for the collective?
  5. How can this Full Moon support your growth and transformation right now?