Virgo season is here! Find out what's in store for you in September and see which style best matches with your sign, carefully curated by our editors.


Retrograde activity hits the maximum for the year this month. From the 10th onwards, 60% of the planets are in retrograde. It might be helpful to understand that while you’re feeling frustration at inaction, that behind the scenes many things are happening. You’ll see this action in due course. Although the travel bug is strong these days, it might be better to plan a trip rather than actually do it. Money comes to you the old-fashioned way this month through work and productive service. A good month for job seekers as good job opportunities are out there. The only issue is you need more due diligence about these things as they are not what they seem. Jupiter in your sign since May 11 shows the good life, living on a higher standard. We have two grand trines this month, a rare occurrence. We have a grand trine in earth until the 29th and a grand trine in the air signs from the 23rd onwards. The grand trine in earth is good for prosperity, and a down to earth attitude for life. The grand trine in air is good for writers, students, and intellectual workers. The mental faculties are much stronger than usual. Venus has her solstice from the 30th to October 3. Thus, there can be a pause in your financial and love life this period. This is nothing to be alarmed about as it announces a change of direction in these areas of life.


A grand trine in earth until the 29th is very comfortable for you. Earth is your native element. This is a positive for health. It is also good for finances and for management. Management decisions should be good this month. There is sound judgment. Mars is still in your money house as of this month. Normally this would make you more of a risk taker in finance. But, the grand trine in the earth signs will modify this and make you more cautious. Your spiritual planet Mars in your money house shows a good financial intuition. Also, it would show more generosity and charitableness these days. With Jupiter still in your 12th house, you are in a very strong spiritual cycle. Many of you are getting spiritual teachings about death. Health should be good all month and can be enhanced further with abdominal massage until the 23rd and with hip massage on the 30th. Mars in your money house can make you feel rushed and impatient in money matters. But Mercury in retrograde from the tenth onwards suggests move with caution. Study financial moves more carefully. You’re still in a yearly personal pleasure peak until the 23rd. So do what is possible to do and enjoy your life. It’s good to be involved with the children or children figures in our life. A good month to schedule a holiday or vacation.


Dealing with impatience and frustration was an issue last month and an even greater issue this month. Mars is still in your sign urging action, action, action. Retrograde activity is even more than last month and is causing all kinds of delays. The activity going on in the world and in your life is mostly behind the scenes right now. Health still needs watching until the 23rd. As always, make sure to get enough rest. Enhance your health with back and knee massage. With so many planets in Retrograde, including Mercury — the Lord of your horoscope, this is not a very good time for medical tests or procedures. If these are necessary, try to reschedule them for a later time. Finances are status quo this month. Your money house is basically empty. The 18th, 19th, and 20th should be good financial days as well as the Full Moon of the 10th and the new Moon of the 25th. But basically, this is a status quo financial month. Your love life is also more complicated this month. The two planets involved with love are in retrograde. Jupiter, your love planet, is in retrograde all month, and Mercury the Lord of your horoscope goes retrograde on the 10th. So, both you and the beloved are not sure of what you want. There is hesitancy on both sides. Not a good idea to make important love decisions one way or another. With so many planets in retrograde, you might as well focus on the home, family, and your emotional wellness.


Career is still very good though you might not see the overt results these days. A lot of positive things are happening behind the scenes. You are in preparation for major career success that will happen in 2023. Health is good this month, especially until the 23rd. After that, you should rest and relax more. You can enhance your health with scalp and face massage and vigorous physical exercise. Make sure muscle tone is good. Finances should be good this month. Your financial planet the Sun, never goes into retrograde. The Sun in Virgo until the 23rd shows sound financial judgment, a down to earth attitude to finance. It favors earning through work and productive service and through buying, selling, and trading. Family support seems excellent this month, and this works both ways. Family is supportive of you and you of them. Love is better before the 23rd rather than after. But your love planet is still in retrograde so important love decisions should not be made. It’s time to gain clarity on love and on your current relationship. Actions can happen later on when Saturn starts moving forward. The Sun moves into your 4th house on the 23rd. Though energy could be better, it is a happy period. The focus is on home and family — your 1st love. The cosmos impels you to do what you most enjoy doing.


Real patience is not just a platitude, it is a form of soul knowledge. It means a conscious understanding of what is going on. When you understand the cosmic weather this month, patience will happen naturally. Venus in your sign until the fifth not only enhances the physical appearance but also brings career opportunities. Do what is possible and let the rest go. Finances should be good as you are in the midst of a yearly financial peak until the 23rd. The only drawback here is Mercury is in retrograde from the 10th onwards. So be more cautious in financial matters from the 10th onward. Venus will also be in your Money house from the fifth onward. Thus, there can be pay raises, official or unofficial in the works. But there can be a delayed reaction here. You can’t hurry love these days, your love planet is still in retrograde, and Saturn is still in your seventh house. Time and time alone will resolve love issues. Love seems more harmonious before the 23rd than afterwards. The Sun moves into your 3rd house on the 23rd and enhances the mental and communication faculties — students, teachers and intellectual workers are more successful. Good to catch up on your reading and the letters and e- mails that you owe.


Not much going on in the world right now as retrograde activity is at the maximum for the year. So, you might as well enjoy yourself and focus on the body and your personal happiness. This is a great month to get your body in the shape that you want. Also, very good for enjoying all the pleasures of the five senses. Health is good this month and you can enhance it further with back, knee, ankle, and calf massage. Your health planet is still retrograde so best to reschedule medical tests or procedures for a later time. Finances should also be good this month especially from the 23rd onwards, as you enter a yearly financial peek. Your focus on money and earnings will lead to greater earnings. This is the spiritual law. You get what you focus on. The new Moon of the 25th will further enhance earnings and will clarify financial issues as the days progress, until the next new Moon. All the information you need to make a good financial decision will come to you naturally and normally. Looks like you’re taking a breather in love right now and this is basically a good thing. You and the beloved are taking stock of things. A good time to review your love goals and see where improvements can be made. Venus will be in your sign from the fifth onwards. This brings glamor and grace to the image. There is greater attractiveness to the opposite sex. But this is not the problem in love, the problem is more about gaining clarity on your current relationship and what do you want in future relationships. Venus will move into your sign on the fifth, this is good news for college level students and those applying to colleges. It is also good for those of you involved in legal issues.


Libras are social creatures. So, while the Sun is in your 12th house until the 23rd and Venus is also there from the 5th to the 30th — don’t feel that there is something wrong with you if you crave more solitude. Your 12th house of spirituality is very strong that period and this is basically wonderful. Spiritual progress tends to happen in solitude. In fact, solitude is a basic requirement for this. It is a time to let go of all distractions and focus on communion with the divinity within. This is a good time for meditation and the reading of sacred literature. On the 23rd, the Sun moves into your sign and you begin a yearly personal pleasure peak. Libra likes to get their way through consensus and cooperation. So, this period of strong personal independence is not a very Libran kind of attitude. Nevertheless, it is good to focus on your personal happiness and take the steps necessary to achieve it. The personal appearance shines and friends seem more devoted to you, going out of their way to please you. Health is good all month, but especially from the 23rd onwards. A grand trine in the air signs adds to the feeling of good health and wellness. Air is your Native element and you are very comfortable under this aspect. Your financial planet is still in retrograde and the financial life is still under review. Gaining clarity on finances is probably the best thing you can do right now. Time invested in this will pay dividends later on. Though a marriage would not be advisable right now as Jupiter is in retrograde in your seventh house, love still seems happy. Your love planet is part of this grand trine in the air signs. Your social grace and charm are excellent. Your love planet in the ninth house suggests romantic opportunities in educational settings, college or university functions, religious functions, or at the place of worship. You have an attraction to mentor types — people you can learn from. There is also an attraction to foreigners. You have been sexually experimental for many years and this is OK so long as it isn’t destructive. Experimentation is the way we learn what works for us.



You’re coming off a very strong career period. Now it’s time to enjoy the fruits of success by mingling with friends and people of higher status and position. This is the time to enjoy the kind of social life that success brings. Also, this kind of social activity will further enhance the career. Health is much improved over the last month but still needs watching. Two long-term planets are in stressful aspect to you. Nevertheless, the short-term planets are kind to you and health should be good. Continue to enhance your health with arm and shoulder massage. Go to massage, and reflex to the lungs as well. Your Financial planet is still retrograde. So, earnings are perhaps slower than usual. Your financial life should be under review. The most important thing you can do now is to attain clarity in finances and resolve doubts. This is a good investment of time. In the meantime, handle all the details of finance properly and perfectly. This will reduce unnecessary delays. Venus, your love planet, spends most of the month in the 11th house. This shows that romantic opportunities happen as you get involved with organizations, friends, and group activities. The online world and social media world are also a valid venue for romance. Venus in Virgo is not the best position for romance. It can tend to make you too perfectionistic in love and some of you could be attracting these kinds of people. Venus in Virgo comes from the head rather than the heart. There is a very strong need to avoid destructive kinds of criticism. Your 12th house of spirituality becomes very powerful from the 23rd onwards. There are a few ways to read this. The Sun is your career planet, his position here would show that you further your career through involvement in charities and altruistic kinds of activities. But it can also be read that your spiritual progress is the actual career, the actual mission this month. The new Moon of the 25th is both a good career and spiritual day. The dream life should be more active than usual, and your ESP faculties much stronger than usual as well.


Health still needs watching until the 23rd. There are no major problems, only short-term stress caused by short-term planets. Health and energy will improve from the 23rd onwards. Enhance the health with abdominal and hip massage from the 5th onwards. Love is very complicated this month. The two planets involved with love, Mercury and Jupiter are both in retrograde. Not only that, but Mars will be in your seventh house of love all month. This suggests conflicts based on a misunderstanding or miscommunication. A little more care in communicating with the beloved will save a lot of heartache later on. You’re still in the midst of a yearly career peak until the 23rd. So, the month ahead is successful. Your social and professional status is elevated. There could be career related travel this month and if this is the case, make sure to allow more time for getting to and from your destination and try not to schedule connecting flights too tightly. Ensure your tickets so that you can change them without penalty. Usually career success brings earnings increases, but here it could happen with a delayed reaction. Your financial planet is still in retrograde. You’re still in a period for reviewing your finances. Your 11th house in friends becomes very strong from the 23rd onwards. This is a strong social period but not necessarily a romantic one. This is a time where your knowledge of science, technology, and astrology increases. Often people have their Horoscopes done under these transits.


The slowdown in the pace of life seems rather pleasant to you. Health is excellent especially until the 23rd. A grand trine in earth until the 23rd adds to the feeling of well of being. Earth is your native element and this aspect is very comfortable for you. You’ve always had good management skills but now they’re even better. Health will need more watching from the 23rd onwards but there are no major issues involved here, just short-term stress caused by short-term planets. As always, make sure to get enough rest. Enhance the health with vigorous physical exercise and head, scalp, face, arm, and shoulder massage. Earnings are slower than usual but still happening, especially until the 23rd. Your financial planet is still retrograde but receives good aspects until the 23rd. Love seems status quo this month. Your seven house of love is basically empty except for a brief visit by the Moon on the 18th 19th and 20th. You seem satisfied with love the way it is. Your ninth house is very powerful. This is helpful for college level students and makes them focus on their studies more. It also shows a strong interest in religion, theology, and philosophy. Some of you might want to travel, but it’s not a good idea this month. The two planets involved with travel — Mercury and Jupiter are both in retrograde. If you must travel, allow more time to get to and from your destination and avoid scheduling connecting flights too tightly. On the 23rd, the Sun enters your 10th house and you begin a yearly career peak. The focus should be on your outer objectives and your life work and mission. The new Moon of the 25th occurs in your tenth house of career, making the 25th an even stronger career day than usual. Moreover, it will clarify career issues as the days progress — until the next new Moon next month.


Health is good all month but especially after the 23rd. A grand trine in the air signs is a very happy aspect for you as air is your natural element. Your normally good communication and intellectual skills get even stronger. Moreover, others are more receptive to your ideas as well. People in general seem more interested in ideas and intellectual pursuits. Your financial planet is still retrograde all month and you’re normally good financial intuition needs more verification. There is no rush in money matters. Take your time in making important financial decisions. With spiritual Neptune as your financial planet, you will see that physical doors might be closed off to you, but the spiritual doors of affluence are always open and always available. Love seems very erotic this month, your love planet is in the eighth house until the 23rd. So, the sexual magnetism seems the main attraction for singles. But as many of you know, good sex covers many sins in a relationship but by itself, it is not enough. The other issue to understand about love is a tendency to be radical and overly perfectionistic. Avoid destructive criticism like the plague. You could be attracting people who are also overly perfectionistic and critical. You deserve perfect love, but criticism is not the road to it.


Health needs more watching this month especially until the 23rd. As always, make sure to get enough rest. When energy is low you become vulnerable to all kinds of opportunistic invasions. Enhance the health with abdominal massage until the 23rd and then with hip massage from the 23rd onwards. Good social health is important this month if, God forbid, health problems arise, restore harmony with the beloved and with friends as quickly as possible. The love life is the main headline this month. It seems very active. Singles have happy romantic opportunities, but the problem, like last month, is you. The opportunities are there but you are not sure of what you want. From the 10th onwards your love planet also goes into retrograde, so the romantic partners are also like this. Enjoy romance for what it is without projecting too far into the future. Finances seem stressful this month, but you should see improvement after the 23rd. Money is spent on the home and family but can also be earned from these sources. Family and family connections seem important in finance. After the 23rd, as your health planet, the Sun moves into your eighth house, good sexual health is important. Not too much, not too little. Sexual moderation will boost to health. Also, after the 23rd, you respond very well to detox regimes. Career issues need time to resolve. So, be patient and try not to make matters worse. You are still in a good financial cycle. There are many wonderful developments happening behind the scenes and you will see the overt manifestations next year. Good communication is always important in love for you. But after the 10th it becomes even more important. Love problems can have their origin in miscommunication or misunderstanding. So, take the time to communicate clearly with the beloved.

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