Meet GrlSwirl: Bringing Femininity To Skate

Meet GrlSwirl: Bringing Femininity To Skate

Meet GrlSwirl: Bringing Femininity To Skate

If you’ve ever been to Venice Beach, you’ve most likely seen these stoke chasers leaving their mark on the infamous streets of the west side. Meet GrlSwirl, a group of strong, independent women taking the skating culture by storm. Lucy Osinski, founder of GrlSwirl, has cultivated an entirely female skate squad dedicated to empowerment, liberation and community. GrlSwirl’s authentic mission has spread worldwide, gaining quick traction, inspiring women all over the globe. Keep your eye out for these girls because they’ll continue coasting and changing what used to be a male dominated industry.

when did you get involved in the skate scene? what sparked the idea to create grlswirl?

I am a fairly new skater who definitely doesn’t fit the typical skateboarder mold. I was a pro ballerina terrified to get on a board. I was taught how to skate correctly and it quickly resulted in my love for skating; I fell in love with how liberating and empowering skating felt. I fell in love so much so that I was skating every day. Very quickly I realized the unwanted attention I had attracted from being a feminine woman skating alone. I started recruiting other women to join me in hopes of finding more comfort in numbers. I wasn’t just sharing the streets with other ladies, but I was sharing the empowerment and freedom I found from skateboarding. Suddenly we were a force not a minority, and we all felt it revolutionary. We’ve been growing in numbers ever since and it’s been incredible to see then support and excitement from around not just our city, but worldwide!!   

What is Grlswirl's mission?

Our mission is to make skateboarding less intimidating to women of all ages and all levels. We want to bring femininity to skate. You don’t need to be a ripper to skateboard. You can have a 9-to-5, be a mom, ballerina, engineer, anything!  We want to start a REVOLUTION!  

Our number one goal is to cultivate a strong community locally.

hanging at the skate park can be intimidating if you're a newbie. any advice for girls looking to join who aren't seasoned skaters?

Take your time, respect the other skaters and don’t be shy - say hello, ask for help, make friends. People may look intimidating but usually are happy to hang and skate!

what's the most unexpected thing you've learned FROM starting grlswirl?

I’ve learned to speak up for what I want. Working with a large group can be difficult; being able to make decisions, be a leader and be tactful has been a large learning curve for me. I have really learned to embody the boss lady mentality, which is not as easy as it sounds.

what's next for grlswirl? where do you see the community a year from now? 

We absolutely plan to spread worldwide - it’s all in the works. There are no limits in terms of next steps, as long as the main initiative is to make skateboarding less intimidating for women!

what does being a spiritual gangster mean to you?

Being true to yourself, listening to your inner voice and being secure and empowered by your truth.