Full Moon Guide with Alice Bell

Full Moon Guide with Alice Bell

Meet Alice Bell @stalkalice. Alice is a full-time astrologer, as well as the resident astrologer for British Vogue @britishvogue. She first got into astrology because it helped validate certain personality traits she had always had trouble accepting, and it also made her more aware of what areas of life she needed to lean into to feel the most fulfilled. Through her readings, she aims to help others see the positive side to their emotional challenges, as well as showing them what phase they’re currently in and where they may want to direct their energy at any given time. 

Alice is also a co-host of the astrology podcast, Astrology and You, and her work has been featured in Vogue, Refinery29, Goop, and Forbes. 

Your Guide to the Full Moon in Libra with Alice Bell:

April 16 marks a full moon in Libra. The full moon is the busiest time of the month, where you might be seeing people more often or making significant progress on any projects at work. You may also gain awareness of what direction you want to head in next, or you could be releasing anyone or anything that is no longer serving you. With this full moon in the social sign of Libra, relationships will be emphasized. You may be reflecting on who you want in your life, or you could reach a significant turning point in a romantic relationship or feel closer to your good friends. See how the full moon will affect you based on your sign. If you happen to know your rising sign too, read for that because it may resonate more. 


You may be emotional about where you stand in a romantic relationship or close friendship this week, Aries. You could be reflecting on if you want to continue dating someone, or your partner may need more of your support and attention. If you’re single, you may be reflecting on what qualities you’re looking for in a long term partner. On the other hand, you could be closely collaborating with people at work or be officially establishing a business relationship. 



You will be reflecting on the work that you do this week, Taurus. You could be realizing what tasks are truly important to you, and want to make adjustments to how you go about your day. You may realize how you can be more productive, while still having a good work life balance. In addition, you feel urged to make your physical health a priority. You might be taking greater care of your body through healthy eating and regular exercise. 



You will be tapping into your creative side this week, Gemini. You could be making progress on a personal project or a side hobby, or you might be injecting more of your unique personality into your work. You will want to show off your full self to other people. In addition, you may be busy dating or mingling with friends. You may also realize how you can build yourself up and have greater confidence when you’re in social situations.  



You will have a lot of activity going on at home this week, Cancer. You might be moving homes, or you could be decorating or making renovations to your place. On the other hand, you may feel more connected to your family and have plans to see them. Your family relationships could also be changing, or you may be making important realizations about your childhood. You may be hit with a lot of emotions surrounding past events and memories as well.


You will be full of ideas you want to pursue this week, Leo. You could see significant progress made on any writing or video content, or you might be busy podcasting or maing presentations. You will want to share what you know with others in a way that is easy to understand. In addition, you might be traveling somewhere, or you could be busy meeting up with acquaintances or calling up friends just to chat. 



You will be focused on money this week, Virgo. You might be emotional about the state of your finances, or you could want to pay better attention to your spending habits. On the other hand, you could want to ask for a raise at your job, or you may realize that you need to be more appreciated for the effort you put forth at work. You might also make progress on business plans of your own or be launching a big project.



You’re making time for yourself this week, Libra. You might be figuring out how you can prioritize your own needs, while still being there for the relationships in your life. You could also feel more seen by other people, and you may be getting attention for recent work you’ve done, or you could be offered exciting, new opportunities. In addition, you might be tapping into different sides of your personality and realizing unique interests that you never knew you had.



You will need space to rest and recharge this week, Scorpio. You may have a lot of emotions come up that you want to work through, or you could be moving past any self sabotaging patterns you keep engaging in. You may want to let go of someone or something in your life that is holding you back from reaching your full potential. In addition, you could be occupied with spiritual activities like practicing meditation, yoga, or studying astrology.


You will be a social butterfly this week, Sagittarius. You could have a lot of group activities to attend to, and your friends may be reaching out, asking to see you. You may also be reflecting on what type of community you want to be a part of, or what friends you want to keep in your life. Some emotions may come up if you realize that there are certain friendships that no longer make you happy. 



You will be reflecting on your career this week, Capricorn. You may be realizing what direction you want to head in next with work, or there may be an aspect of your role that you want to change. It may even be that you’re leaving behind one job to start another. On the other hand you could be launching a major project that you’ve been working on, or you may be receiving attention and praise at your job. 



You might be inspired to learn and expand your knowledge of the world this week, Aquarius. You may realize what subjects pique your interest, and you could be making progress on coursework or want to take an online workshop. In addition, you may get writing published or be teaching other people. You may also feel more connected to your spiritual beliefs, or opportunities for foreign travel may come up. You will be keeping an open mind when it comes to different cultures and opinions. 



You will be realizing how you can transform certain aspects of yourself for the better this week, Pisces. When it comes to your intimate relationships, you may want to open up and talk about your emotions with someone. You may also be improving upon how you handle conflict within your relationships, or you could want to cut out any negative habits or mindsets. On the other hand, you may see more money come in, especially forms of passive income.