Demystifying the Lotus Flower

Demystifying the Lotus Flower

Demystifying the Lotus 

Among several religions, the lotus flower has embodied various meanings. While Buddhism and Hinduism respectively associate the flower with purity, spiritual awakening and beauty, ancient Egyptians affiliated the lotus with rebirth. It's easy to see why — with its roots in the mud, the sacred flower emerges from the water and blooms each morning, closing its petals at night. Aside from varying religious meanings, there are many similarities: life, grace, purity, beauty, spirituality and ascension are among some of the universal embodiments the lotus flower has adopted.

lotus flower meaning to ancient egyptians

The lotus flower is highly prominent among Egyptian culture. There were two main types of lotus highly regarded by the Egyptians: white and blue. The most enchanting flower is the pure white lotus, known as the ‘womb of the world.’ It’s believed to denote purity of the mind, serenity of human nature and spiritual perfection. The lotus also symbolized the sun and rebirth, as it would disappear into the night only to re-emerge each morning.

lotus flower meaning in buddhism

Spiritual awakening, faithfulness and purity. The flower itself rises above muddy water, representing the act of rising above all desires and attachments – the key to spiritual enlightenment. The pink lotus in Buddhism represents the highest enlightenment and is the earthly symbol of Buddha; representing his transcendental path of enlightenment and nirvana. The blue lotus is said to symbolize wisdom, the white lotus symbolizes spiritual perfection and, finally, the red lotus symbolizes the heart.

lotus flower meaning in hinduism

One of the strongest associations to the lotus flower with religion is observed in Hinduism. In Hinduism the flower represents beauty, fertility, prosperity, eternity and spirituality. The most common flower is the white lotus. Several gods and goddesses of Hinduism are affiliated with the white lotus and are often depicted sitting on lotus thrones – primarily Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of prosperity.

May your lotus bring you prosperity, spiritual awakening and beauty.

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