Demystifying Crystal Healings With Azalea Lee

Demystifying Crystal Healings With Azalea Lee

(photo via @alliemichellel)
Whether you've heard about crystal healing from an out-of-body experience your friend relayed over dinner, or, you have no idea what it entails—it sounds intriguing, right? Upon stepping into Place 8 Healing's pristine loft filled with some of the most incredible crystals you've laid eyes on, you know you're in for an experience, whatever it may be. After the two hour session, you'll unlock parts of your subconscious and be left with intense feelings of clarity and inspiration. But as Place 8's owner and healer Azalea Lee will tell you, what happens is largely up to you. 

How would you describe a crystal healing session to the uninitiated?
In the type of crystal healing I practice, a unique pattern of crystals is placed upon a client's body. They then begin to experience inner visions which clients convey to me. I help my clients understand the significance of their visions by being sort of their "travel guide" through the metaphysical worlds while tending the crystal pattern placed on and around their body. Throughout the session, I am adjusting the crystal grid placed on the body to maximize the healing benefits as the client balances their energetic bodies.

It's actually very difficult to describe what happens in a crystal healing session unless you've been through one! What you see in your visions is very visceral and significant. It's like traveling through the metaphysical movie of your life. There can be lots of laughter and cathartic crying, often at the same time!

What are the immediate and long-term benefits?
People tell me how much clarity they gain and experience an immediate and clear understanding of what's keeping them from feeling happy and fulfilled because of their crystal healing sessions. They learn what they need to implement in their lives to continue healing.

One example that comes to mind is an overstressed mom that I saw recently. In her session, she realized how detrimental it was that she was not doing anything just for herself. By only giving to her family and not giving any self-care, she was becoming more cranky to her family. In one of her visions, she found herself in a place similar to her high-school ceramics class. She began working with some clay that was taken out of her anxiety-filled mind. As she continued to work the clay, it began to soften and she was able to add colors to the clay. So in this way through the crystal healing she was actually healing her mind, giving it attention and care. The experience also made her remember how deeply she enjoyed doing ceramics, and after the session said she knew where she could sign up for a class to do ceramics again. So for this mom, the immediate benefit was that she released a lot of tension and anxiety. And in the long-term, I have a feeling that she's going to find a fulfilling side-career in ceramics.

How did you get started as a healer?
I knew since I was a small child that there was something I came into this world to do. But the Universe was keeping mum on it, so in the meanwhile I worked as a stylist. I decided I wanted to make metaphysical jewelry that was of the style and quality I would wear. I wasn't comfortable about using someone else's information about what a stone's properties were, so I went to go study crystal healing for myself, to see if I had any metaphysical affinity for the stones. During my training, I did my first crystal healing and knew immediately how to work with the crystals. It was like someone handed me a guitar for the first time and I started shredding. It was a incredible moment for me after 37 years of waiting to discover my calling, it came to me so unexpectedly and I realized everything I had done up till that point; was all preparation for me at this moment.

What should you expect your first time?
I tell people it is best not to expect anything. Everyone's session is different, I have no idea where we will be going and what's going to happen. The most important thing is to allow your higher self to guide the healing and so your healing may be very different from what someone else experiences. I've had sessions where people asked me afterwards if they were screaming (yes, they were!) and sessions where all that came to the client were swirls of colors and abstract shapes. But in both they found significant understanding and clarity about their lives. I will also say that you'll understand far better what a crystal healing session is about after you have gone through it!

What are the options for people who want to work with you and don’t live in LA? 
Check in with me if you're coming through town! I would say a third of my clients are from out of town who do their crystal healing session as part of their trip. You may also elect to do a Distance Crystal Healing which is exactly the same as a regular crystal healing, except you will be lying down whereever you are in the world while I place crystals on the crystal healing bed as if you were there. Just like in a regular crystal healing session, we will be talking back and forth with each other, but in this case we will be speaking on the phone. You will still get the exact same energetic healing effect as if you were actually physically in the space. People prefer having the crystals physically on them but, energetically, distance crystal healing has the same result as an in-person healing. So if you're really in need of some healing but not physically in the area, it's a great alternative option.

Another service I have available is an Intuitive Crystal Reading, where I recommend the crystal that would be most helpful for you in your life. Because I can intuitively pick up on your energy and intimately understand so many different crystals, I can pair you with the exact crystal that can help you. By the end of the session, I will identify the name of the crystal for you to work with and how to specifically work with it.