Crystals + Astrology with @SpiritDaughter: Part One

Crystals + Astrology with @SpiritDaughter: Part One


Crystals For Your Astrology Sign

Crystals and Astrology are a natural fit for one another. Both operate with the underlying assumption that everything in the universe is made up of energy, and that energy vibrates at a certain frequency. The level of vibration translates into certain qualities like courage, love, or transformation. Love vibrates at a different energetic frequency compared to courage, just as a Quartz crystal vibrates at a different frequency compared to Garnet.

Each astrological sign has corresponding qualities inherent to its unique energy. Aries, for instance, carries the energy of action, growth and passion. These qualities have a certain frequency that can be paired with crystals which hold the same vibration. Using this theory, we can create a map of crystals that correspond to each zodiac sign.

Through the intentional use of crystals, we can align with the specific energy of the zodiac signs. We can use these magical items to call in any zodiac’s energy into our lives. Also these energies exist in our cosmos and are always available to us, if we need them. Crystals can also restore balance to astrological energies that are favoring one extreme and need to be re-centered in their power. We can also use certain crystals during a corresponding astrological season (a 30 day period when the Sun is a certain zodiac sign) to help us navigate the energies brought to us by each Sun season.


We will begin our astrological crystal journey with Aries, the start of the astrological year and Sun seasons. Aries is the fiery sign of the Ram. Her energy brings us focus, confidence and passion. When the Sun is in Aries, our cosmos is filled with an abundance of energy which needs to be channeled into projects or it may lead to frustration or anger. To call in the the confident Aries energy, use Carnelian, which will also tap you into your willpower. Unbalanced Aries energy within you equals stress, use Howlite for its ability to calm the mind but keep you focused on the task at hand.


From Aries, we move into the grounded season of Taurus. Known for her love of simple Earthy pleasures, Taurus teaches us to fully immerse ourselves in the present moment. In this immersion, we are able to pay attention to the finer details of life, like all the different flavors in a wonderfully cooked meal. These finer details of life bring us back to our heart and back to our creative nature. To align with the energy of Taurus, at any time, use Pink Opal or Jade, both known for their ability to nourish the heart and calm the spirit. When Taurus is unbalanced, the energy makes us feel unstable. If you are feeling insecure or unsure of your place in the world, use some petrified wood to reconnect with Mother Earth.


From Taurus, we enter the season of Gemini, the social, air sign known for her curiosity and love of communication. Gemini’s energy encourages us to pay attention to both spoken and unspoken signals. She reminds us that we live in a world with others, and interacting with that world will bring us fresh ideas and new ways of thinking. To call in the energy of communication, use Chrysocolla, known for its ability to help us express our knowledge and teach others. To balance overstimulated Gemini energy, which can feel like nervous anxiety, use Agate, known to calm an anxious mind so you can communicate and think clearly.


From the airy world of Gemini, we enter the waters of Cancer. Cancer is the house of the mother, the Moon and the nurturer. The energy of Cancer reminds us to take care of our home, ourselves. Cancer teaches us to recognize when we need healing, and when we need space and time to process our emotions. Align with her energy when you need some self love. Use Rose Quartz, the stone of unconditional love, to teach you how to love yourself no matter what life brings you, a very Cancerian notion. Cancer’s energy out of balance can make you feel overly emotional, to the point of indulgence. Use Moonstone to steady your emotions and remind you of the natural cycles of the life.


Out of the waters of Cancer, we jump into the Fire of Leo. Known for her courage and ability to lead with great pride, Leo teaches us to follow our heart and forget what others may think of us. Leo’s energy reminds us of the power of our convictions and how to uphold them while maintaining a playful spirit. To call in the energy of the Lion’s courage, use Tiger’s Eye to help you find the strength to lead yourself into your dreams. To balance an untamed Lion, which is energy stuck in ego and drama, use Morganite to direct the flow of awareness back to the heart.


From Leo, we enter the Earthly realm of Virgo, the fierce goddess who reminds us to pay attention to the details of life. Through this attention, we are able to heal our deepest wounds and step into the empowered person we were born to be. Virgo reminds us that the Earth is supporting us on our journey, and we can always rest in her solace, not needing anyone else. To call in the earthly energy of Virgo, use Smokey Quartz to ground your body and your mind, while releasing any negativity. To balance overly analytical Virgo energy, use Pink Calcite to bring you peace, tranquility and trust in the flow of your life.


Virgo delivers us into the balanced sign of Libra. A true warrior of peace, Libra reminds us that a calm mind and a clear heart can change the world. Libra’s energy is soft but fierce, as delicate as a rose but also yielding the same sharp thorns. She represents true equanimity of all sides of life and encourages us to find balance within. To call in the energy of balance into your vibration, use Watermelon Tourmaline, which represents both masculine, action-oriented energy and feminine, receptive energy in one stone. Unbalanced Libra energy shows up as indecision. To restore balance use Lapis Lazuli to tap into your inner wisdom and knowledge. Enjoy your time with the signs and their crystals. You can use the crystals several ways to call in the energy or balance it. One option is to meditate with the crystal, either in your hand or by your side. You can also sleep with the crystal under your pillow or by your bedside. Lastly, you can carry the crystal in your pocket and let it work its magic as you go about your day. However you choose to use the crystal, make sure you give it permission, through a simple intention, to alter your energy and your life.

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Words by Jill Wintersteen, founder of Spirit Daughter — follow Jill on Instagram  @spiritdaughter