Welcome in the month of August with the fiery sign of Leo. This is a time to be seen, share your gifts and talents, and use your extra energy to move closer to your goals. Our in-house astrologer shares the energy report for each zodiac sign so you can flow with intention and cosmic guidance all month long. Shop our Leo Astrology Shop and keep the good vibes flowing!


Retrograde activity has been strong the past few months but gets even stronger this month. From the 20th onwards 50% of the planets are retrograde. We are still not at the maximum amount for the year So again, patience, patience, patience. This is the lesson this period. A good way to go through the month is to have fun - do things that you enjoy - let go of all problems and enter the space of joy. You’re still in a yearly personal pleasure peak until the 23rd so this should be easy. You get more serious after the 23rd as your 6th house of health and work becomes very powerful. So you are in the mood for work. This is very good news for job seekers - there are many opportunities out there. Even those already employed will probably be working over time or taking on side jobs. You’re in the mood for work this period. There is also a strong focus on health - perhaps too strong. Since health is basically good, you could fall into the trap of magnifying little things into big things. A slight twinge becomes a major event. Be careful of this. The interest in health should steer you to healthy life styles and practices. Your love planet will be in Virgo until the 16th. This is not her best position. She doesn’t operate at full strength here. So the social graces are not up to par. This will change after the 16th when Venus moves into her own sign and house and becomes powerful again. The same holds true for finance. Earnings will be better after the 16th than before.


With retrograde activity at 50% of the planets from the 20th onwards. Events seem at a standstill. For you however, life is good. Until the 23rd health needs more watching, but after that health and energy rebound tremendously. You are charged with energy. There will be a rare Grand Trine in the earth signs all month and becomes especially strong after the 23rd. This is very comfortable for you as earth is your natural element. Your management decisions will be good. Financial judgement will be good as well. Your ability to create “ease” on the physical plane is greatly enhanced. With so many retrogrades happening you might as well enjoy yourself. Your 5th house of fun is very powerful this month - 50% of he planets are either there or moving through there. You are in a yearly personal pleasure peak from the 23rd onwards (and you’ll probably feel this sooner.) Though your love planet is still retrograde, this is a good month for love. Pluto, your love planet, is receiving very nice aspects. Commitment is not likely but there are many opportunities. Finances also seem unaffected by all the retrogrades. Your financial planet, Mercury, Is moving forward - and quickly. You have confidence. You cover a lot of territory. Until the 12th there is good family support. Family and family connections are helpful in finance. From the 12th to the 30th you seem more speculative than usual and there is luck in speculation. You spend on the children and children figures in your life. You earn money in happy ways and spend on happy things.


Jupiter left your 10th house on July 29th and your career planet, Neptune, is sill retrograde (along with many other planets). Your 4th house of home and family is easily the strongest in your Horoscope. 50% of the planets are either there or moving through there. So the cosmos is supporting home and family interests - also your emotional wellness. Mars entered your 4th house on July 30 and spends the month here. So, this is a good time for doing major renovations - if you’re planning it. With Venus also in the 4th house until the 16th it is also good for redecorating and buying objects of beauty for the home. More important than these things is the fact that you will be making important psychological breakthroughs. This can happen through a therapist or very naturally. Old memories will arise, spontaneously, so that you can review them from your present state of consciousness. This enables you to resolve them. Your love planet, Jupiter, is still retrograde, but he has changed signs again. On July 29 he moved back into your 9th house. So the needs in love have changed again. Now (as in earlier in the year) you are allured to refined, educated and religious type people. You are more experimental in love. Romantic opportunities happen at religious functions, at your place of worship, at university functions or foreign lands. Foreigners in general become more alluring to you and can be playing a role in your love life. Health needs watching all month but especially from the 23rd onwards. Make sure to get enough rest. Enhance the health with back and knee massage and with sexual moderation. With so many planets retrograde avoid tests and procedures if possible.


Health is good this month and you can enhance it further with thigh, ankle and calf massage. Avoid making dramatic changes to the health regime as your health planet is still retrograde. If you must make changes do more study and due diligence. Your health planet is now back in your 8th house so you respond well to detox and cleansing regimes. You’re still in a yearly financial peak until the 23rd, so prosperity is happening. On the 23rd your financial planet changes signs and enters your 3rd house. This shows earning from sales, marketing, good PR, trading, retailing, writing and communication. Whatever you’re doing good PR is important. On the 1st the financial planet travels with Mercury. This brings good intuition and perhaps an important sale. Good financial ideas come to you. The Sun makes dynamic aspects to Uranus on the 6th and 7th. This can bring sudden financial changes - or a sudden expense. But the money to cover it will come in due course. The Sun opposed to Jupiter on the 19th and 20th can bring a health expense. In spite of this there is prosperity. Though your financial peak finishes on the 23rd there is prosperity after that too. Your financial planet will be involved in a Grand Trine in Earth - a fortunate configuration. The financial judgement will be sound and down to earth. Love requires patience these days. The planets involved in love are retrograde. So go slow and avoid projecting too far into the future.


Last month Jupiter moved back into a stressful alignment with you. Now there are 3 long term planets in stressful alignment with you. However, the short term planets are kind to you, so health should be good. You can enhance it further with back, knee, calf and ankle massage. The month ahead is prosperous. Your money house is easily the strongest in the Horoscope. 50% of the planets are either there or moving through there. Your financial planet, Mercury, moves speedily forward. The cosmic geniuses are conspiring to prosper you these days. Money can come in many ways and through many people. On the 23rd as the Sun moves into the money house you begin a yearly financial peak - you will feel this even sooner. Mercury in your 1st house brings windfalls and financial opportunity. On the 1st the Sun travels with Mercury also bringing financial increase and opportunity. Mercury’s move into Virgo, your money sign and house, on the 12th brings good financial judgement and the help of friends. The love life is excellent this month. Jupiter is now back into your 7th house of love bringing expansion and good fortune here. Your love planet is receiving beautiful aspects all month. So your social grace is strong. The Sun makes stressful aspects with your love planet on the 6th and 7th - this can create a short term drama in love, but it will pass quickly. The good aspects are stronger than the stress.


A happy and prosperous month ahead Virgo. Enjoy. Your 1st house of self is easily the strongest in the Horoscope as 50% of the planets are either there or moving through there. You are at the peak of personal independence this month (next month too). You can and should have things your way. No need for compromises and people pleasing. Follow your bliss. Make the changes that need to be made for your happiness. Later on, when the planets shift, it will be more difficult. Mars is in your sign all month. So, you have more energy, you excel in exercise and sports (your personal best). Since Mars rules your 8th house it is good for detox and weight loss regimes. Be careful of being too much in a rush - Mars tends to make one hasty - 50% of the planets are retrograde and so events are moving slowly this month. Personal appearance shines. You have charisma and star quality. Venus in your sign until the 16th gives beauty and grace. A good period - especially after the 23rd - to get the body and image in the shape that you want. Finances are good as your financial planet, Venus, is in your sign until the 16th. Although she is not at full strength - she’s not comfortable in Virgo - she is powerfully positioned. So financial windfalls and opportunities come. Love is problematic this month. Your love planet Neptune is retrograde and receives stressful aspects. Your personal independence and need to have things your way could stress the relations with the spouse, partner or current love.


Health and energy should be good this month as there is only one long term planet – Pluto – in stressful alignment with you. All the other planets are either in harmony or leaving you alone. Jupiter’s move back into Aquarius on July 30 was another positive for health. Pre-existing conditions should be a lot easier this month. Continue to enhance your health with foot massage and spiritual healing techniques. The spiritual life – your 12th house - is where the power is this month. For those on the path there is much progress and many breakthroughs. But even those of you not on the path will have supernatural type experiences – things that can’t be explained by 3D logic. The invisible world is letting you know that its around and active. The focus on spirituality is not only gratifying for its own sake but also helps the love and romantic life. Spiritual compatibility is important in love. You can have many compatibilities with someone, but if the spiritual connection is not there, it won’t work out. Romantic opportunities happen in spiritual type settings – at the yoga studio, the meditation seminar, the prayer meeting or the charity event. Finances are also excellent this month. Yes, Pluto, your financial planet, is still retrograde and major financial decisions still need more thought, but he is receiving very beautiful aspects and prosperity is happening – albeit with some delays and glitches. Venus moves into your sign on the 16th. This brings enhanced self esteem and confidence and enhances the physical appearance. There is more sex appeal to the image.


The planetary power shifts to the Eastern sector of your chart this month. From here on in – for the next 6 or so months – you enter a period of personal independence. You’re not at the maximum yet, but it will happen in two to three months. So the need to “people please” is getting weaker. Your happiness is in your hands. Personal initiative matters. Start to make the changes that enhance your happiness and the world will conform to you. The only problems with this right now is the retrograde of Pluto, the Lord of your Horoscope. Its great to have the power to attain your desires, but you’re not sure what they are. Clarity will come in a few months. Your financial planet Jupiter changed signs on July 29. Once again, as in the beginning of the year, he is in your 4th house of home and family. So once again you spend on the home and family and earn from there as well. Family and family connections are playing a big role in your financial life. With your financial planet still retrograde, more study. Is needed for big purchases or important financial decisions. You’re still in a period for attaining financial clarity. Health needs watching, especially until the 23rd. rest when tired and listen to the messages that your body gives you. Enhance the health with abdominal massage and massage of the small intestine reflex (there is also an acupuncture meridian that relates to this organ). Scalp and face massage is always good for you but especially now. The month ahead is more about friendship than romance. Your 11th house of friends is very powerful and active. A strong social, but not necessarily romantic, month.


The main headline this month is the career. Your 10th house is easily the strongest in the horoscope. 50% of the planets are either there or moving through there this month. Family is important but things at home will need time to resolve – there are no “quickie” solutions there. So, you may as well focus on the career. The month ahead is very successful. You have a lot of help in your career. But you’re earning it. Mars in your 10th house shows the hard work you’re putting in. There is career related travel after the 23rd. Your willingness to travel and teach others boosts your career standing. Though the career is going strong, finances seem a bit stressed – especially until the 23rd. More importantly your financial planet Saturn is still retrograde. So, very important now – and this has been the case for some months – to attain to some clarity on finance – to formulate a plan of action. Later on, when Saturn starts to move forward you can implement your plan. Love seems happy but the problem seems more with you – you’re not sure of what you want. There are romantic opportunities in foreign lands and with foreigners, at religious and university functions, and after the 12th , as you pursue your career goals. People involved with your career can be very alluring. You gravitate to people of status and position. You’re mixing with these kinds of people after the 12th. But you seem to be backing away. Health needs watching this month. Be sure to rest and relax more and focus on the true priorities of life. Enhance the health with abdominal massage until the 16th and with hip massage afterwards.


Health and energy are super this month. The month ahead is happy and prosperous. Jupiter moved back into your money house on July 29. There is a wonderful – and rare – Grant Trine in the Earth signs – your native element. This is another indicator for health. But also it enhances your already strong management and organizational skills. You have special ability to create ease on the material plane and this tends to prosperity. Uranus, your financial planet, is receiving wonderful aspects this month. So earning are increasing and happy financial opportunities are coming. The only issue with finance is the retrograde of Uranus which begins on the 20th. Try to wrap up important purchases or investments before then. This retrograde will not stop the prosperity (the aspects are beautiful) but can slow them down or introduce glitches. The power this month is in your 9th house - a very benefic house. It often brings travel and/or much involvement with foreign countries and foreigners. It is a wonderful period for college or post graduate level students – they are successful in their studies. It brings an interest in things that expand the mind and the horizons – the study or religion, philosophy and theology. There are likely important breakthroughs and insights here and this will change the way that you live your life. With so much power in the 9th house a juicy theological discussion or the visit of a guru is more interesting than the theater or club. Love seems status quo this month. Your 7th house is basically empty. Only the Moon will move through there on the 5th and 6th. Basically this signals contentment with things as they are.


Health will improve after the 23rd but in the meantime make sure to get enough rest and enhance the health with right diet and massage of the stomach reflex. Women should massage the reflexes related to the breasts. Jupiter, now back in your sign since July 29th, makes women of child bearing age more fertile. Once again (as in the early part of the year) you’re fighting the battle of the bulge. On the one hand you indulge yourself – perhaps binge on your favorite foods – then diet to lose the weight. It goes back and forth. You’re still in a yearly love and social peak until the 23rd. Though love is active, it seems complicated. Much compromising needs to be done – especially on the 6th and 7th. Harmony is restored after the 23rd. Your 8th house is the strongest in the horoscope this month. 50% of the planets are either there or moving through there. So this is a month for personal re-invention – for giving birth to the you that you want to be. This happens through purging excess baggage – the thought and feeling patterns that belong to the old you. It is also good for dealing with tax and insurance issues. If you are appropriate age it is good for estate planning and dealing with estate issues as well. Finances seem very stressed out this month. Not only is your financial planet retrograde but he receives very stressful aspects. More work is needed to achieve financial goals. The good news is that the spouse, partner or current love is having a banner financial month and will pick up the slack.


Health needs watching this month – especially from the 23rd onwards. The good news is that you are very focused on health until the 23rd and this will help for afterwards. Enhance the health by getting enough rest – high energy is primary. Massage of the chest and heart reflex is good all month. After the 23rd abdominal massage and massage of the small intestine reflex will be good. Love is the main headline this month. You 7th house of love is very powerful – the strongest in the horoscope. For singles, the problem can be too much of a good thing. Too many opportunities. Too many suitors. It can be confusing. Still it is a nice problem to have. With this many planets in your house of love, you get on with many different kinds of people. Love and romance can happen from many sources and in many ways. Your financial planet, Mars, spends the month in your 7th house. This gives many messages. You are allured to rich people. Wealth is a romantic turn on. It shows the importance of social connections in your financial life. Perhaps a business partnership or joint venture happens – or the opportunity for one. You spend on the social life but earn from it as well. Jupiter, your career planet, moved back into your 12th house on July 29. So it is important to pursue a career that is meaningful to you – something of spiritual value. Those of you in a worldly type of career can enhance it by getting involved in charities and altruistic activities.

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