Aligning With Your Purpose Under The Aries Full Moon with @spiritdaughter

Aligning With Your Purpose Under The Aries Full Moon with @spiritdaughter

aligning with your purpose under the aries full moon

Full Moons are powerful times to align with our true selves. They are full of magic and mystery ready to reveal what we normally keep hidden. Full Moons shine light on our entire spectrum of energy. They show us places within ourselves we need to shift, and places we need to embrace, in order to manifest the life of our dreams.

Every Full Moon differs based on the zodiac sign it is positioned. No matter your personal Sun Sign, we are all affected by the astrological energy of each Full Moon.  The Full Moon on Monday will be in the sign of Aries, the Ram. As a fire sign, Aries motivates. She brings us both drive and confidence. Aries holds the energy of an arrow- on target and moving quickly. She reminds us that we each have a purpose in this life, and inspires us to pursue it will passion, courage and instinct.

When Aries meets the Full Moon, it becomes a time to align with our life’s mission. Under the light of the Full Moon, we have access to both our conscious and subconscious mind, revealing our true desires in this world. We have the opportunity this Full Moon to shed light on our life’s purpose. This is the thing that motivates us to get out of bed in the morning, or inspires us to keep going even through hard times, it excites us, fulfills us and makes us feel useful. Finding one’s purpose is not always easy. It takes time, dedication and experimentation. It can take years, many careers, and even many journeys to foreign lands. The answer, though, is always known by us, we just need to remember it.

During the Aries Full Moon, be open to receiving information from yourself. Set aside some time to journal or meditate so you can communicate with your inner wisdom under the light of the Moon. Full Moons open portals for us to understand ourselves on a deeper level. In doing so, they help provide answers effortlessly. Below are a few questions to journal and think about during this Full Moon.


what do you lose yourself in?

Or what do you want to lose yourself in? Often times a key to finding our purpose lies in the things which instantly absorb our energy and time. You’ve most likely experienced this before. It occurs when you start something only to find yourself lost in the project hours later, forgoing food, text messages, and even Instagram. When we are aligned with our purpose, nothing else matters.

what leaves you energized?

What activities leave you feeling full of life and ready to take on anything? These are usually the activities that make you feel better when we are feeling down, or the things that make you feel happy when you are doing them. They do not drain your energy, they restore it. Sure, you may get tired organically, but they do not wear you out. Our purpose fulfills us, and with that comes energy and motivation.

what problems can you deal with?

Every job, relationship, or journey comes with its inherent problems. Nothing is perfect, and everything in life requires trade offs. Whatever your life’s mission is, it will come with its own set of problems. Part of aligning with your purpose, is recognizing the types of problems you are good at solving. Furthermore, it’s recognizing which problems you have patience for, and which ones drive you crazy. Our purpose will present complications, but they will be the types of issues we can handle with ease and confidence

what do you need to release to make space for your purpose?

Full Moons are also powerful times of release. It is said you can let go of anything on a Full Moon, including an old vision of yourself. Often times we need to release who we think we should be, to become who we actually are in this life. Furthermore, we need to release other people’s expectations on who we should be in order to embrace the person we are becoming. Spend some time thinking about what old stories you can let go on this Full Moon so you can align with your true purpose. Are you should-ing yourself about where you should be in your life, or what you should have accomplished already? Are you trying to fit yourself in a box designed by society or your parents? Often times, aligning with our life’s mission means doing something unexpected, or at least nonconventional. You may have to invent a job, a market, or even a company to fulfill your purpose. Let go of your own expectations and create boundaries guarding you from other’s expectations. In this release, you’ll make space to experiment with new things, call in new energy and create a new version of you- one aligned with their life’s mission.

Allow the energy of this Aries Full Moon to provide you direction. You do not need to find your life’s calling overnight, but be open to the possibility that you may find it more easily than you would expect. Once you do align with your purpose, feel the energy of Aries helping to inspire you to pursue it with the energy of a full speed Ram, blasting through any obstacle towards your most fulfilled life.

Jill Wintersteen is the founder of Spirit Daughter and our resident cosmic contributor. Follow Jill on Instagram @spiritdaughter

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