A New Moon Practice by @SpiritDaughter

A New Moon Practice by @SpiritDaughter

A New Moon Practice by Jill Wintersteen of Spirit Daughter

The New Moon is upon us once again and it’s time to harness her magic to manifest our dreams. Each month we have the opportunity to reset our energy and intentions as the Moon resets her cycle and starts a new one. It’s a great time to let go of beliefs that are no longer server our highest potential and make space for new ideas to flourish into existence.

So how do we celebrate the New Moon and align with her energy? There are many things you can choose to do but here is a general outline of a New Moon Practice for you to follow. Feel free to add or take away things if they don’t resonate with you.

Create a Space

Set yourself up for magic by choosing a place to practice that feels safe and comfortable for you. This can be indoors or out, as long as it feels good to your energy. Create both a physical and energetic boundary with crystals or candles. Place one at the four corners of the space, then fill in around the area as it feels right. You can even create a circle. Have crystal that feels powerful in the center of the space, helping to ground the energy.  Setting up your space is a practice in listening to your intuition, just allow yourself to be guided in placing the objects and trust that you did it correctly.

Once you’ve created a boundary for your space, begin to fill it with objects. Incorporate as many elements as you can. Fire through candles or a bonfire, Air through scents or a room diffuser, Earth through crystals and flowers, and Water through a vase or small bowl. Know that each of these elements are here to enhance your alignment with the cosmic energy and are ultimately raising your vibration and the frequency of the space.


Before beginning your practice it’s good to cleanse or smudge both the space and yourself. Light some sage or palo santo until it is smoking but the fire is extinguished. Have a small bowl to catch the ashes if you are burning sage. First smudge the space by going around the perimeter and wafting the smoke around. Make sure to get corners and high areas, as this is where energy likes to hide. You can even smudge the crystals, as they tend to need cleansing too.

Then leave the space and smudge yourself. Circle your entire body, head to toe, with the sage or palo santo. As you do this, think about all the energies you are letting go of during this lunar cycle. Feel them leaving your field and know they are headed back to the Earth to be made into something new. Once you’ve finished, re-enter your space with a fresh perspective.

Read more on how and why to sage smudge here.

Clearing your Mind

Take a seat in your space, if practicing with others form a circle. Have your palms upright, resting on your legs, in a receptive position. Close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths, exhaling out through the mouth. Then say to yourself “I am open to receiving my intuition and guidance in this New Moon practice.” Spend another moment just observing your breath, allowing a sense of calm take over your mind and body.



Now that you are clear, begin to write. You can begin by answering some general questions like:

What do I wish to create this lunar cycle?

What energies do I wish to shift in my life?

Which energies do I want to call into my life?

What visions do I see for my future?

Write in detail, creating new realities for yourself. Believe with every ounce of your being you are capable of manifesting anything you want. Feel as if you already have the things you desire. Imagine they are real and feel gratitude for them. It’s sometimes hard to be grateful for things we don’t have yet, but know they are yours already and the gratitude will come with ease.

Finally, write intentions in the form of powerful “I am” statements, which reflect you having fully integrated the energies you are calling into your field. Examples are: “I am courageous”, or “I am capable of receiving magic,” or “I am open to receiving abundance.” These intentions are entirely up to you. Write them down somewhere you can see every day and repeat them as much as feels needed. Know your are calling in the energy to manifest your dreams.

After you’ve written your intentions, sit with yourself for some time and allow the energy to integrate into your system. You can even pull a card or two from your favorite deck, asking the universe for guidance. In closing the practice, thank yourself for showing up, thank others in the room and thank the universe for always supporting you.

Enjoy this New Moon practice! Make it about you and the cosmic energy we are all dancing with, it’s a time for you to harness the power of the universe to create any reality you choose.

Jill Wintersteen is the founder of Spirit Daughter and our resident cosmic contributor. Learn more about specific practice suggestions for each New Moon and it’s current zodiac sign in Spirit Daughter’s New Moon Workbook.
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