Living Aloha: Behind the Scenes of Wanderlust Oahu

Living Aloha: Behind the Scenes of Wanderlust Oahu

There is a great magic, a great power, and a great understanding that comes from the island of Oahu. The immense sense of unity that transcends the status of local or visitor brings together people from all walks of life to enjoy this beautiful life-giving island. Wanderlust Oahu is the perfect testament to the incredible community that Hawaii posses, and our ambassador Allie Lerner shares with us all the coral sunrises, heavenly acai bowls, invigorating vinyasas, and innumerable friendships she made during this magical weekend. Mahalo!

Spiritual Gangster: What was your favorite memory from Wanderlust Oahu? 

Allie: There were so many magical moments during the whole weekend, but I loved Ana Forrest's class, and how we all had a big dance party as MC Yogi DJ'ed.  Her class was truly my favorite class I've taken in my whole life. She went around and cleared all of our Aurus with a sage smoke blessing, then we all did a tribal dance to rid ourselves of what doesn't serve us. Such a powerful experience.


Spiritual Gangster: In what ways did you feel inspired by your experiences at Wanderlust?

Allie:  I felt so free being surrounded by so many amazing people. I felt like the highest version of myself and I was filled with joy and empowerment. It was amazing to know that these people are out there.

Spiritual Gangster: As a yoga teacher yourself, what lessons were you able to take away from the amazing teachers at Wanderlust? 

Allie: I learned so much from the teachers...about creativity and using gravity to support you. About how love and happiness come from inside your heart not the external space. 

Spiritual Gangster: Being around so many like minded and like-hearted people is so powerful. Did this give you a new perspective on what being a Spiritual Gangster means?

Allie: Being a Spiritual Gangster means being free. Living in your heart space every moment of every day. It is about being in touch with your spirit and looking deeper within your heart space to find the truth of happiness

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