The Magic of Tarot Cards

The Magic of Tarot Cards


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Tarot card reading is a beautiful tool that allows us to embrace our inner worlds. When we tap into this deep well of inner power, we are connected with our innate spiritual gifts. Tarot card reading allows us to really connect to the magic that is making its way into our lives, and explore the signs, encouragements, and directions we are being given.


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Each card is like a tiny little getaway, transporting you into a world of endless possibilities. There are many different kinds of tarot card decks, and it’s important to find one that really speaks to you. Take some time to get to know your deck, and allow your magic and it’s magic to intertwine. In a traditional reading, three cards are pulled; one for present, one past, and one for future.


To begin your reading, sit in a quite place where you can close your eyes and turn your focus inward. Focus your attention on a certain situation that you are looking for healing, clarity, or guidance on. Fan the deck in your hands or shuffle the cards, allowing the cards to speak to you. Once a card pulls you towards it, pull it and put it face down on a table. For the first card, focus on the past of the situation, and pick your first card. Next, focus on the present moment, and repeat the same process. Pick the card that speaks to you and place it facedown on a table. For the future, repeat the process a third time.


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When you have picked your three cards, turn each one over, one by one, starting with the first pulled card, and ending with the last. Reference your tarot card book to tell you what each card means. Allow the information to wash over you without assumptions or judgments. Allow the cards meanings to sink in and speak to your core. You can even pull cards for others, after tapping into their guides and their situations and struggles. This can offer an immense amount of clarity and guidance. Make some magic today. 



 Sending love and light.