Meet our Muse: Elizabeth Jamrozy

Meet our Muse: Elizabeth Jamrozy

Meet our Muse: Elizabeth Jamrozy 

For our latest shoot, we packed up and headed to one of our favorite places on earth — Joshua Tree. After a weekend filled with desert hikes, rooftop hangs and so many laughs, we had to know more about our muse, Elizabeth Jamrozy.

where are you originally from? Where do you call home now?

I’m originally from East Lansing, Michigan. My family moved from Michigan in 2007, so now I call Las Vegas, Nevada my home. And no, my family doesn't live on the strip in a casino, contrary to what everyone thinks.

describe your dream day...

Wake up, go to the gym and then come home shower and go shopping. After shopping I would probably lay in bed and watch a movie or go to the movies with my family. 

are you a creature of habit or a spontaneous adventurer?

I’d like to think I do things spontaneously, but I know deep down I’m definitely a creature of habit. Change stresses me out! When I was growing up my mom never gave me a bedtime because I did it myself, I used to get mad if I wasn't home and in bed by 8 p.m. every night.

most worn item in your wardrobe?

At the moment it's a Detroit Red Wings sweatshirt. Honestly, I don’t know why, I just always revert to throwing that on when I’m doing things that don’t require a cute outfit.

favorite ways to stay fit mentally & physically?

My favorite ways to stay fit are going to the gym and eating healthy. I hate the initial thought of the gym, but I know it makes my day 10x better, so I use that as motivation. I also really love healthy food, but I definitely love splurging on unhealthy things; balance is key.

if you could book a flight anywhere, where would you go?

It would probably be to some place with a pretty beach like Bora Bora or the Maldives. I did a report on the Maldives in 6th grade and ever since then I’ve always wanted to go!

a book you think everyone should read?

I really, really love mystery books so I would recommend one of my favorites called Sharp Objects. Maybe it’s not for everyone, but I don't have many books that aren't mysteries to recommend.

dream career when you were in kindergarten? Dream career now?

I think pretty much every little girl in kindergarten, including myself, wanted to be an actress, singer or Veterinarian. Though as I got older, I did really want to become a model. Now that I am, I would say it really is my dream career… or being in the FBI; they’re tied for 1st.

best advice you've ever received...

My parents always told me when I was little to just be myself and be outgoing, sweet, and kind to everyone I meet. They also told me that sometimes a few best friends are all you need. Quality over quantity, and I think that has carried with me my whole life.

what does being a spiritual gangster mean to you?

Being a Spiritual Gangster to me means to be yourself, enjoy life, and love everything about yourself. Working with the Spiritual Gangster team was such a fun experience, it didn't even feel like work, they really wanted me to be me and I loved that