A Day in the Life with Fitness Blogger Remi Ishizuka

A Day in the Life with Fitness Blogger Remi Ishizuka

Remi in our Spiritual Gangster Coachella tank


What does a day in the life of a Spiritual Gangster look like? Our health and fitness ambassador Remi Ishizuka shared with us how she raises her vibration with food, fitness and fashion every day. We hung out with the Los Angeles blogger for a beautiful day of healthy food, healthy workouts, and healthy mindsets. 


For Remi, being a Spiritual Gangster means powering up on nutritious (& delicious) whole foods and using that energy to create positive change in her life. It's finding happiness through balance and turning it outwards to help others. It means raising her vibration through laughing, exercising, creating, and sharing her passion with others.


 Remi in our Stoked Muscle Tank. 


Ready for the day? Follow along with Remi.



Good morning! I set my alarm for 6:00 am every morning. I usually snooze once or twice before getting up. Sometimes I lay there checking my phone, glancing through Instagram, Snapchat and emails, and then I roll out of bed to get ready for the day. After brushing my teeth and getting dressed into my gym clothes, I give Ian 2 kisses (while he's still sleeping) and quietly make my way to the kitchen. 



It's 6:30 am and I am making my morning tonic - with lemon, ginger, turmeric, and honey mixed into water. I'm obsessed with this combo because not only does it taste delicious, but it's immune boosting, detoxifying, and anti-inflammatory. You can use the following recipe if you want to make this healthy concoction yourself. 


1 full lemon juice

1 tsp honey

2 fresh turmeric roots grated

1 inch ginger chopped into small pieces

1.5 cups of hot water



I make my way to the living room to drink my cup of tea. I love looking out the window to watch the sun come up. I am completely present in this moment. By the time I'm done with my tea it's around 6:45 am. If I'm sore, I'll squeeze in a quick foam rolling sesh. I should really do this every morning because it helps me loosen up and relax even more. If you haven't foam rolled, you are seriously missing out. 




On to the gym! I listen to my online health coach and nutrition courses while I'm in the car. It's so efficient and gets my brain going. I am so happy I signed up for IIN (Integrated Institute of Nutrition) because not only am I learning about nutrition, but also about how to manage time, how to "crowd out" junk food, how to balance all aspects of my life including relationships, finances, and spirituality. I'm finding it so helpful for personal growth and well being. 




It's 7:15 am and at this point I've had my plant based pre-energizer and I am excited about working out. On Monday's I do legs, Tuesday - HIIT & butt, Wednesday - Arms, Friday - Abs, Saturday - REST, Sunday - LISS and Full Body. I usually find a spot in the gym with a mirror, go find all the equipment I need, blast my music, and just get my workout done so I can get out and enjoy the day!



Once I'm done at 8 am, my day can go in many different ways. No two days are the same. Usually, I have 2-3 events scheduled during the week. They range from restaurant grand openings, preview events, showroom visits, blogger brunches, etc. For the other part of the day I am either shooting, writing a blog post, planning the next work out meet up, testing recipes for my e-book I'm working on, and answering emails. 



My favorite Lunch Spot at the moment is Paramount Coffee Project. I've been coming here ever since Chinae posted it on her IG while she was visiting LA and now I'm hooked. Oh and if I haven't had coffee by this point, I will enjoy an iced coffee with almond milk. So delicious! 



If I've been working all day and need a refresher, I will step outside for some green juice.  I love exploring and trying different juice spots. This one was LA Juice. The packaging of the juice was what got me to come in and the Vero greens I chose was really refreshing. I'll of course, take moment to snap a photo of what I'm eating or drinking through out the day. If I'm out and about I'm using my iPhone but if i'm at home shooting food I'll use my Canon Mark iii 5D Camera.




If I don't have an event, I start cooking dinner around 6 pm. Lately I've been making an array of Japanese foods...from Veggie soups, miso soups, and udon with a bunch of vegetable sides, umeboshi plum, fermented soybeans and sea veggies. It's the most comforting food for me and it's also well balanced.



Between 8-11 pm I watch Netflix with Ian, catch up on health coach classes, and plan for the next day. I take 5-10 minutes reflecting before bed in my Daily Journal from IIN that helps me keep track of my food choices for the day.

Did I drink at least 8 cups of water, have enough whole grains, veggies, fruits, healthy fats, protein, etc? I'll also check off anything in the "Self Care" section that I did, for example mindful eating, used a tongue scraper, home cooked food, morning intentions, exercise, meditation, time to myself, etc. There's also a section that you can answer at the end of every night too!


  1. Today I appreciate myself for:
  2. Choices that did not serve me or support me:
  3. Today I added in or crowded out: 
  4. Loving thought before bed


It's time to set aside my gym clothes for the morning and get ready for bed. By 11:30 pm I'm tucked in bed browsing Instagram and Snapchat and I eventually snooze off.


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