Your Guide to Energetic Spring Cleaning by @Spiritdaughter

Your Guide to Energetic Spring Cleaning by @Spiritdaughter

This year our Spring Equinox is paired with the Libra Full Moon, making it a wonderful time for...spring cleaning! And not just any spring cleaning, but energetic cleaning that will help bring about internal harmony and peace. Libra is the sign of balance. She reminds us that balance in our external world, including our relationships, starts with our own vibration. There are many ways to create inner balance such as meditation and yoga, but Libra teaches us that our environment also plays a significant role in our sense of peace.

Colors, shapes and symmetrical patterns affect us on a subconscious level. This effect is most often seen in nature. When we are in a beautiful place, like the ocean or a lush forest, we immediately feel calmer. In nature, the vibration of the actual element affects our personal vibration, as does the color, shape and sounds each element brings us. We can take what nature provides organically to carry certain aesthetics into our homes that will create harmony and a smooth flow of energy. Feng Shui is built around this concept of shapes and colors affecting the way energy flows through our space. There are also certain areas of your home which contribute to certain areas of your life, like your relationships, or your health. Tuning into those areas energetically will change the vibrations of the space and translate into your ability to attract vibrations in the corresponding life area.


This Libra Full Moon we can use some of the concepts of Feng Shui to prepare your home, or office, for Spring. The Spring Equinox is also paired with the start of the astrological New Year and is a perfect day to clear away stagnant energy from your surroundings and to make space for new energy. As we bring in new vibrations around us, we open ourselves to attract new energy to manifest our dreams. So, how do we prepare our space energetically for new vibrations to enter and flow to where we need them most? Below are some tips to get you started. Spend this first week of Spring working with these suggestions and craft your space to create harmony first within yourself and then watch it extend to your projects and external relationships.


Cleanse Your Space

The Full Moon is always a great time to cleanse your space through smudging. Paired with the Spring Equinox, this Full Moon becomes and even more potent time for release. Smudging is a sacred ritual which involves the use of herbs to clear and transform the energy of any space. It helps move stagnant energy, clear away negative energy and creates space for new energy to enter. To begin, have with you: a smudge stick of either Sage, Palo Santo, or Cedar. Also have an abalone shell, or some type of fireproof container to catch the ashes and a lighter or matches.

Before beginning, open up your windows and even the door so the energy has somewhere to go. Then find the most Easterly point of your space and stand there for a minute with your eyes closed. Take three deep breathes centering your own energy. You may even call to the four elements to help you in this clearing through a simple chant. Say out loud or to yourself “I call upon the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water to aid me in clearing the energy of this space.” After you feel centered, light the smudge stick and blow on it softly so it smokes but is not “on fire”. Have the shell or container in your other hand to catch any ashes. Begin gently waving your stick around starting at that Easterly point. Stay close to your walls, waving the smoke up and down. Make sure to get the corners too, as energy likes to hide there. Move towards the South point, in a clock wise direction. Keep going to the Westerly point, then to the North. Finish back where you started. If you have an altar, cleanse that as well, circling over each item. Once you’ve finished, give yourself a cleanse. Step outside if you can, and circle the smudge stick around your body from your feet to your head and back down again. Afterwards, gently press your bundle against the shell to put it out, or if available put it in a bowl of sand.


Energetically Rearrange

Know that your space is cleansed, it’s time to rearrange some things to help the energy flow smoothy throughout your home. In Feng Shui, there are nine major areas of your home, each has its own element, color and shape. These areas correspond to some aspect of your life. While Feng Shui is a lengthy topic, there are some simple ways we can use its guidelines to help place crystals, plants and other objects in our home. In general, you always want your space free of clutter, including your closet and even under you bed. Clutter is the number one blocker of energy and will cause stagnant energy to accumulate in any area of your space. Remember, the goal here is to always have free flowing energy, so negative energy can quickly move away and new energy can move in. Along these principles, you always want good air flow in your space, meaning windows on many sides and cross breezes throughout rooms. Plants are also welcomed in Feng Shui, as they help break up energy. They are particular good in corners, as that’s were energy likes to sit. There are certain types of plants that are better in one area over another.

Apart from these general guidelines, there are specific things we can do to enhance the energy in certain areas. While you may not get every area of your space perfect, which may take a Feng Shui expert, you can work on some key areas. The most common areas to work on are your relationship corner and your wealth corner. We’ll go over suggestions for these areas is more detail than the others.

Your relationship or love corner is the furthest right corner of your space from the point of entry into your home. Ideally this is where you want your bedroom, although that’s not always possible. Place objects here that remind you of love. This can be two hearts, a vision board of your symbols which represent your dream relationship, or anything that makes you feel love in your heart. Do avoid placing pictures of family here though, as it’s needs to be a private place. Also place a piece of rose quartz here, the crystal of unconditional love. Preferably place a rose quartz sphere in the corner, as it will help disperse energy. Crystals also represent the Earth element which is associated with this corner in Feng Shui. You can also place some quotes about love, for others and yourself, on the wall. Cleanse this area regularly and keep in decluttered. You can even light candles with scents that remind you of love, like jasmine or rose.

The Wealth corner is another key area to work on in your home. It is the farthest left corner from entry. This is the perfect place for a bamboo plant, which is said to help bring in abundance of all forms. Another ideal plant for this area is Jade. Both the plant jade and the crystal jade are associated with wealth. Along with some jade crystals, also place citrine here. Citrine is the stone of abundance and will help attract abundance of all forms, including wealth. Also incorporate the wood element here, through a wood vase, or coaster. Wood is the element associated with your wealth corner in Feng Shui. Additionally, if you find any money in the street, or else where, place it in this corner. It will help keep money flowing in from places you least expect it.


A word about bathrooms. Your home has to have a bathroom and that bathroom is going to fall into one of your areas, it may be your wealth corner or your knowledge corner, but it’s going to land somewhere. There are some simple things you can do to ensure that your money or your love doesn’t go down the drain. First of all, keep your bathroom clean. This will help keep negative energy from sticking around. Also, keep your toilet lid down to prevent energy you want to stick around from getting flushed. Lastly, place 3-5 small crystals around your shower drain. Use tumbled stones which will still let water pass through them, but won’t go down the drain. You can even keep the crystals in there when you bathe, charging your bathtub. Use crystals which help the energy of whatever area falls in your bathroom. They are:

Career: Malachite or Fluorite

Knowledge and Spirituality: Chrysocolla and Amethyst

Family and New Beginnings: Garnet and Pink Calcite

Wealth and Abundance: Jade and Citrine

Fame and Reputation: Carnelian and Tiger’s Eye

Relationships: Rose Quartz and Kunzite

Children and Creativity: Lepidolite and Green Onyx

Travel: Red Japer and Turquoise

Health: Quartz and Bloodstone

You, of course, can use these crystals in their given area wherever it falls in your home. Remember when placing objects, the most important aspect is that they make you feel good. Use your intuition and if something doesn’t feel right move it around until it does. With a little practice, you’ll be able to feel when energy is flowing freely through your home. Adjust as necessary until your outer world creates harmony in your inner world.

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Jill Wintersteen is the founder of Spirit Daughter and our resident cosmic contributor. Follow Jill on Instagram @spiritdaughter