The Balance Being Podcast with Gunny Sodhi

The Balance Being Podcast with Gunny Sodhi

This is the moment to find your true calling...

The Balanced Being Podcast and YouVeda founder Gunny Sohdi sat down with Spiritual Gangster co-founder Ian Lopatin and chatted about the evolution of sacred creativity that comes from taking a pause from our normal routines.


On this podcast episode, Gunny and Ian dive into what it means to be a conscious creator during this time of crisis and unknown, and how to use this moment of pause to open yourself up to your true purpose and calling. 


Ian shares how Spiritual Gangster has always been about creativity and positivity; it is a movement disguised as a clothing brand. Creating a conscious business is all about creating a foundation for change, for expansion, and for community. 


In this episode, Ian shares how the ancient Chinese symbol for crisis is also the symbol for opportunity. This current moment of crisis is indeed an opportunity for great change. This is a time to look at how you structure your time, how you evolve and how you create your reality. When you take time to figure out what you love, then you are limitless. Ian reminds his listeners that you don’t have to be an expert, you simply need to show up and learn, expand and pivot. As a business owner, he asks himself and the Spiritual Gangster team, “How can we take care of people in this moment, to create a foundation for change and evolution?”

May this podcast inspire you to take a pause and really dive deep into what it means to create change in yourself and our world. Listen here. 




Take time each day to sit down, even for 10 minutes, to commit to something that lights you up in a creative way. 


Open up and trust and allow for synchronicities to find you.


Return to the purpose of what it means to make a difference, and use your purpose to stay on track.


Move your body every day. Something gentle like yoga or a walk, to raise your spirits, your immune system, and your frequency. 


Practice daily gratitude. It is the fastest way to attract abundance and miracles. 


Get clear on what you want to create. When you’re manifesting, be specific. When you are clear on what you want, miracles happen.



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