Adventures in Sri Lanka with @noshoes_noworries

Adventures in Sri Lanka with @noshoes_noworries

Adventures in Sri Lanka with Andy Kovszun  

Ever get that feeling? Like your soul is speaking to you and your heart is restless with desire? You can’t pin point exactly what it’s saying, you can’t quite grasp it; yet there’s this energy bubbling within your chest or belly, telling you what you need.

Often times, our bodies speak to us in ways we struggle to fully understand. Matters of the heart versus matters of the brain. We rationalize and attempt to find an explanation or a reason behind those feelings. 

What if I told you to stop.

Stop over-thinking.

Stop trying to decipher, analyze and intellectualize. Start acting on it, trusting your intuition, leading with the heart rather than the head. That little voice inside. Sometimes you just have to shut it up. You have to follow whatever is tugging at your heart; close down the books and get moving. There’s a whole lot of life to live out there; a life of love, desire, adventure. You know you’re ready. The real question is, will you follow it?

When your everyday sights and sounds start to weigh heavy on your heart, when that familiar feeling of monotony starts settling into your mind, like a tired old song playing on repeat, it’s time to hit pause and change the record. In other words, it’s time for a refresh.

For me, that refresh was following my heart to Sri Lanka. It was calling and had been calling for some time – only now, it could no longer be ignored. Travel is the best way to feed the body and mind, so your eyes can set their gaze on new sights and your ears can hear new sounds. Like a fresh breath in to sigh all the old stuff out.

Sri Lanka, land of palm trees, coconuts, tea plantations, elephants, and a slow, whimsical approach to life. Everything from the train rides to the beaches and the hill tops breathe this subtle energy of life; a gratitude towards every living being. I discovered this pearl in the Indian ocean and let my heart guide itself to a journey of healing, discovery and most importantly, fun. It was a short stop but one that was impactful, simply thanks to the feeling of allowing myself the pleasure of exploring, to roam with no agenda. In other words, to wander with love. 


Here were some key stops along the way: 

Kabalana Beach

With its endless surf along a coastline of emerald water and palm trees, Kabalana is where you can stretch in the sand before your morning surf, grab a wholesome breakfast and explore the roads (or train tracks) from Galle Fort all the way down to Mirissa. The beach is lush and vibrant, with a string of cafes, yoga studios (Sri Yoga Shala, is a utopian oasis you won’t want to miss) and surf spots up and down the coast. Grab a tuk-tuk and zoom off to explore hidden beaches and delicious cafes.


For a wholesome breakfast
Shady Lane 

Feed your soul, feed your stomach, am I right? If you’re looking to nourish yourself with a wonderful breakfast, Shady Lane is definitely a delicious place for smoothies, avocado on toast and cold coconut lattes. Tropical mornings are lush in this small café, literally off the beaten track in Mirissa.

For a soulful, heart-fueling retreat
Soul & Surf

Sometimes it’s good to let go of the reigns and let yourself be guided.

Staying at Soul & Surf will feed, heal and renew your soul in so many ways. This peaceful retreat tucked in the jungles behind the Ahangama rails will have you coming for the yoga and staying for the endless good vibes, not to mention, amazing food. The owners, Joe and Jessamin, are your ultimate hosts, offering the very best Sri Lanka has to offer in a relaxed, easy-going vibe that will make you feel 100% on island time. Their kindness is inspiring, along with the staff and services. I would recommend this place if you want a blissful week with nothing to organize and everything at your fingertips.

For some jungle time                       

If you’re looking for the ultimate yoga experience, Talalla Retreat down the southern province has gained a notoriety for its stunning jungle vibes that has not only one or two, but three yoga shalas. Classes and good vibes are abundant, as are the palm trees and orange sky sunsets and sunrises. 


For the ultimate escape
Stroll along Tangalle  

This amazing beach has one of the most pristine, crystal clear waters you will ever lay eyes on. Take a walk along the beach and set yourself up under one of the many palm trees for a day of total relaxation. It’ll will have you feeling a million miles away from all and any responsibilities. Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat.

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