The Spring Equinox is a celebration of new life, new beginnings, and a return to balance. Perhaps now more than ever, the human race is upgrading and shedding the old. It is our natural inclination to resist change, but it is through change that real growth occurs. 


On the northern hemisphere, days and night become nearly equal in length, calling in more light and shedding the heaviness of winter. The spring equinox is a significant event in the astronomical cycle of the earth, as well as energetic cycles.


Spring is about returning to a state of balance. We can learn from nature’s graceful transition, for nature does not revolt or resist. It slowly moves from the dark to the light, and from the light to the dark again. It’s all about finding the balance in our world.


In contrast, we often fail to find balance and wind up either doing too much or nothing at all. We often only make peace with change and new beginnings after a whole lot of resistance and disturbance on our part.


During this time in history, the Spring Equinox holds an even deeper meaning. As the world is being forced to slow down, we are being asked to be more mindful and intentional with the way we consume, shop, eat, and connect. Here at Spiritual Gangster, we create collections to encourage the high vibration practices of living in gratitude, giving back and choosing kindness.


Our mission is to inspire positivity, generosity, kindness and connectedness with this goal in mind:

May all beings everywhere be happy and free.


Mindful ways to bring in the Spring Equinox:


1.    Connect: We love this opportunity to spend time getting to know our inner selves, but remember to connect with those you love. Facetime or call relatives and friends to cultivate a connection during this time of isolation.

2.    Find your Om: Even during this time of uncertainty, it is important to indulge in ways to destress. Stress has a negative effect on your immune system, so take a deep breath and take care of your mind and body. 

3.    Find your routine: All of us have experienced a disruption to our usual daily routines. Take this as an opportunity to reschedule your day, by prioritizing working out, making healthy meals, working from a safe space, and getting fresh air. 

4.    Practice Mindfulness: We are all in this together. In these difficult times, remember those who are higher risks and take only what you need. This is a beautiful way for your to live with less “things” and more intention.