In this month's energy update, we welcome in Virgo season and the new month of September!

Virgo season is all about honoring the small details in life and organizing your thoughts to support you in being the most productive and mindful you. This season is a reminder that you can't take care of others if you don't first take care of yourself. So embrace self-care with hues of purple, white, blue, and yellow in our Virgo Season Astrology shop.


Retrograde activity has been increasing for some months now. This month it reaches the maximum for the year — from the 27th onwards 60% of the planets – a huge percentage – will be retrograde. Now, more than ever, you need patience. This is the spiritual lesson for now. Patience doesn’t mean a supine waiting for things to happen. Patience is knowledge. – a knowledge of what is going on– and cooperation with it. You can use these delays and slowdowns to your advantage. Review your goals and see where improvements can be made. Then when the planets start to move forward you can execute your plans and move forward with the planets. Another thing to consider is that when the physical doors seem closed, the spiritual doors are always open. Work on your goals spiritually. Health needs watching this month. There is nothing serious afoot, only short-term stress caused by short-term planets. So if you feel tired (which wouldn’t be a surprise), rest. Enhance the health with arm, shoulder, and hip massage. You’re in a yearly love and social peak this month – especially from the 22nd onwards. Your 7th house of love is chock full of planets. Your social grace is strong and you’re much more popular than usual. Singles have many romantic opportunities – perhaps too many. But it’s a good problem to have. This is a month where you rein in your Aries tendencies and cultivate social skills. Let others have their way so long as it isn’t destructive. Your good comes through others these days.


Health is reasonable this month but still needs watching. You have 3 long-term planets in stressful alignment with you. So it would be natural not to feel your normal energy. Listen to the messages of the body and rest when tired. The good news is that health is a major focus all month but especially after the 22nd. Your 6th house of health and work is very strong – the strongest in the horoscope. The danger for you is overwork. There are so many job opportunities – opportunities for side jobs and over time – that you might overdo things. Though you might not see things openly, the career is going very well. Positive developments are happening behind the scenes and in the coming months, you will see the results. You’re still in the midst of a yearly personal pleasure peak until the 22nd. So make time to have some fun. Work is important but leisure will make you a better worker. Finances are basically good but your financial planet, Mercury, goes retrograde on the 27th. So wrap up important purchases or investments before then. Mercury will be in your 6th house all month, so money is earned the old-fashioned way – through work and productive service. Social connections also seem helpful. Love becomes more complicated this month – especially after the 22nd. Not only is your love planet retrograde but he receives very stressful aspects. So you have to work harder to achieve your social goals. The good news is that Venus, the Lord of your Horoscope, enters your 7th house on the 11th and you seem willing to put in the effort.


A happy and healthy month Gemini. Enjoy. Health will improve dramatically after the 22nd – really dramatically. Perhaps some therapist or pill or herb will get the credit, but really it's just that the planets shifted in your favor. The other things were just side effects. Until the 22nd continue to rest and relax more. Back and knee massage is helpful as is safe sex and sexual moderation. The Air element is very strong this month – 50% and sometimes 60% - of the planets will be in air signs. This is a huge percentage. For you though, it is good. Air is your native element. You are comfortable with this. Your naturally good communication skills are much enhanced. Your ability to absorb information likewise. People, in general, are more talkative these days. Students – either on the college level or below – should do better in their studies. People are reading more and more interested in ideas. Practical things become less important after the 22nd. Sales and Marketing people should also do well. On the 22nd as the Sun enters your 5th house of fun, you begin a yearly personal pleasure peak. Thus it is time to have fun and indulge in leisure pursuits. Take a vacation from cares and worries and do things that bring joy. Though your love planet is still retrograde (we are the maximum of retrograde activity for the year) love seems very happy. Jupiter is receiving beautiful aspects this month. Finances are status quo. Your money house is basically empty and you seem content with things as they are.


Health needs watching from the 15th onwards. It is normal to feel less energetic when the aspects are stressful. It doesn’t mean that anything is really wrong with you. Just astrological weather. So, rest when tired – listen to the messages of the body. Enhance the health with thigh, ankle, and calf massage. Avoid medical tests or procedures this month – especially after the 27th. With your health planet, retrograde results might not be accurate. Though health and energy could be better, the month ahead seems happy. The power this month is in your 4th house of home and family. Even your career planet, Mars,, enters the 4th house on the 15th. So the cosmos impels you to do the things that you most love to do – be involved with the family. This is your mission in the month ahead – especially from the 15th onward. You are entering the midnight of your year – a powerful time. Midnight is when one sleeps and though powerful actions are happening as we sleep these actions are interior and not visible. So you are building up the forces for your next career push which happens later on. Finances are status quo this month. Your money house is basically empty. You have no pressing need to pay extra attention here. After the 22nd you spend more on the home and family and can earn from there as well. Family support seems good. Family and family connections are playing an important role in finance. Love is complicated this month. Your love planet is still retrograde. However, he receives positive aspects. Though marriage is not advisable for singles – not just yet anyway – there is much dating and romantic opportunity.


All the planets involved in your love life are retrograde this month. So there is a lack of direction and much indecision. With your 7th house of love very strong this month, there is dating and party going – but not commitment (for singles)). Enjoy love for what it is. Clarity will come in the future. Many internal issues – both in yourself and romantic interests – need to be resolved. Three long-term planets are in stressful alignment with you this month. Nevertheless, health will be good. You have much support from the short-term planets. Still, it won’t hurt to massage the back, knees, calves, and ankles and to rest when tired. The finances are good. A prosperous month.. You’re still in the midst of a yearly financial peak until the 22nd. However, your financial planet, Mercury, will go retrograde on the 27th so wrap up important purchases (the expensive ones)) and investments before then. Your financial planet spends the month in your 3rd house of communication and intellectual interests. (Also the 3rd house is the strongest in the horoscope.) So whatever you are doing, good sales, marketing, PR, and advertising are important. People need to know about your product or service. This is a good period for teachers, students, writers, traders, and retailers. In general, your intellectual faculties are stronger than usual. So good to catch up on your reading and pursue your intellectual interests. Students below the college level are successful in their studies. The spouse, partner, or current love is having financial challenges – but these are short-term.


The Grand Trine in Earth is still in effect until the 22nd. This is wonderful for you as Earth is your natural element. It enhances your normally good organizational skills and your ability to create ease on the material plane. Mars is still in your sign until the 15th. Beware of rush, anger, and impatience. You want and expect things to happen in a hurry, but with so many planets retrograde, this is not likely. Watch the temper. Feelings of frustration about delays would be normal (but not helpful). Love will improve after the 22nd. Your love planet is still retrograde, but the difficult aspects are moving away. The spouse, partner, or current love should be feeling better. The main headline this month is the power in your money house. This will go on all month but especially from the 15th onwards. You are in a yearly financial peak from the 22nd onwards. So the focus is on finance, as it should be. Focus is more important for success than easier aspects. By the spiritual law, we get what we focus on. With Mars in your money house from the 15th onwards, it is a good time to pay down or make debt – depending on your need. It is good for tax and insurance planning and if you are of appropriate age, for estate planning. The Sun in the money house from the 22nd onwards brings financial intuition. Money can come to you in many ways and through many people this month. Investors will favor a well-diversified portfolio.


A happy and healthy month ahead Libra. Enjoy. From the 22nd onwards 50% of the planets will be in Air signs – your native element. This is excellent for your health and well-being. Your mind is sharper and your already good communication skills are also improved. People, in general, are more communicative and interested in ideas. They’ve had their fill of practicality by the 22nd. Now they (and you)) want to explore the world of ideas. The problem with this is too much of a good thing. You especially need to be careful of this. The mind can get overheated and overstimulated. It can go on and on and on in circles, achieving no useful purposes. This wastes energy and is the cause of many neurological problems – also insomnia. Your challenge will be to use the mind when needed and turn it off when not in use. Love will be happy this month. Your love planet, Mars, moves into your sign on the 15th. Love pursues you. You just need to show up. If you’re in a relationship the partner goes out of his or her way to please you. You have love on your terms this month. The Sun’s move into your sign on the 22nd initiates a yearly personal pleasure peak. Time to enjoy all the sensual and physical delights. In spite of the retrograde of your financial planet finances are good until the 22nd. After that, they become more stressed. You have to work harder for them than usual. These are short-term challenges that will pass in the coming months. Venus’ move into Scorpio on the 11th will ease the financial burdens, but still more work is necessary. A good month to get the body and image in the shape that you want.


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Health should be reasonable this month. You have 3 long-term planets in stressful alignment with you – and this is no joke. – however, the short-term planet is not joining in the stress. You can enhance the health with an abdominal massage until the 15th and with a hip massage afterward. Spiritual healing methods are powerful after the 15th as well. The power this month. – especially from the 22nd onwards – is in your spiritual 12th house. So it is a spiritual type of month. A month to spend more time in connection with the divine. Your spiritual practice should be more powerful too. The dream life will be active and revelatory. Many of you will be having supernatural-type experiences. These kinds of things are generally joyous. One looks at life in a whole different way. Your focus on spirituality will also help the love life as Venus will be in your 12th house until the 11th. Romantic opportunities happen in spiritual-type settings – the prayer meeting, the meditation seminar, the yoga studio, the charity event, or as you involve yourself in altruistic kinds of activities. On the 11th Venus moves into your sign – a great transit for love. Love pursues you and will find you. If you’re already in a relationship the beloved is very attentive and eager to please. As has been the case for some years now, this is not likely to end in marriage and will get tested a few times in the month ahead. Finances will be good this month. Though your financial planet is still retrograde, he is receiving very nice aspects. Prosperity will happen but perhaps slower than usual and with a few glitches.


Health and energy will dramatically improve after the 22nd. It will be good all month, but better after the 22nd. You can enhance the health even further with hip massage and massage of the kidney reflex until the 11th and through detox regimes afterward. Spiritual healing techniques are especially powerful after the 11th as well. The month ahead is successful. You’re still in the midst of a yearly career peak until the 22nd. So career progress is happening. Your 11th house of friends is the most powerful in the horoscope this month. 50% of the planets are either there or moving through there. So this is a social month. It is not only a social month for friendships but also romantically. The only problem with romance is that you’re not sure what you want. You seem hesitant and undecided. Your love planet Mercury goes retrograde at the end of the month – on the 27th. This complicates love even further. – even though the opportunities are there. Romantic opportunities happen as you involve yourself with groups, group activities and professional organizations. Friends seem eager to make introductions. Finance should also be good this month, but complicated. Your financial planet, Saturn, is still retrograde. However, he receives very nice aspects. So prosperity will happen but with more glitches involved and perhaps delays. With your 3rd house also very strong these days your mental and communication skills are better than usual. Sometimes there is too much of a good thing. The mind gets easily overstimulated and can’t be turned off. Meditation will help with this.


Retrograde activity is now at the maximum for the year. By the end of the month, 60% of the planets will be moving backwards – a huge percentage. Events in the world slow down. Many areas of your life are on hold. The interesting thing is that your career moves forward and seems unaffected by all this. Your 10th house of career is easily the strongest in the horoscope. 50% of the planets are either there or moving through there. This is. A lot of power. The cosmos is supporting your career and you are successful. Though the career is active all month, on the 22nd as. The Sun enters your house of career, you begin a yearly career peak. Even the family seems supportive here. The family as a whole is elevated in status. Your career planet, Venus, moves into Scorpio, your 11th house on the 11th. This is another signal of good fortune in the career. It also shows that your friends – and perhaps organizations you’re involved with – are helping the career. Health will need more watching this month so be sure to rest and relax more. It is doubtful that you can avoid the strong demands of the career, but you deal with them more rhythmically. Take rest periods. Drop the extraneous and superficial from your life. Focus on what is really important. You can enhance your health through hip massage and massage of the kidney reflex. Mercury, your health planet will retrograde on the 27th. If you need to take medical tests or do procedures, do it before then. Finances are strong before the 22nd. But afterwards require more work. Your financial planet is also retrograde this month, so be patient in money matters. Love is status quo this month.


A happy and healthy month Aquarius. Enjoy. 60% and sometimes 70% of the planets are in air signs – your native element - this month. This is wonderful for you. All your natural abilities are enhanced and strengthened. People, in general, are talkative and more interested in intellectual matters. Ideas, rather than “practical” things are alluring. Students at every level will do better in their studies. The tendency is to talk too much and think too much. This is a pitfall that should be avoided. Too much talk – and especially of the wrong kind. – will actually damage yourself and others. It creates negative mental karma. Also with so much air in the horoscope, the mind gets easily overstimulated and goes on and on and on – like a tape on a loop. This burns energy that the body needs for cell repair and healing. Also, it is the cause of insomnia and other nervous ailments. Use the mind, but turn it off when not in use. Overall energy is good. Health should be good. You still have Saturn in your sign – and this will go on for another two years – but the short-term planets are kind to you. Finances will improve after the 22nd, but still not what they should be or will be. Your financial planet is still retrograde (along with many other planets). So important purchases or investments need more due diligence. Love seems status quo. Your 7th house of love is empty this month. Only the Moon will visit there on the 4th and 5th. So love doesn’t seem much of a focus. Until the 22nd the love planet, the Sun, is in your 8th house. So the sexual magnetism seems the most important allurement for singles. On the 22nd the love planet moves into your 9th house - a benefic house - and stays there for the rest of the month. This shows an allurement for religious and highly educated people. Foreigners are alluring. And foreigners can be important in love in other ways. Romantic opportunities happen in your place of worship, religious and university functions.


Health and energy will improve dramatically after the 22nd, in the meantime enhance the health with more rest and with chest and abdominal massage. Good social health is important until the 22nd. Problems with friends or the beloved can impact on physical health. So if problems arise, restore harmony as quickly as possible. After the 22nd detox regimes are powerful as well as hip massage and massage of the kidney reflex. You’re still in a yearly love and social peak until the 22nd. So the opportunities are there for singles. The problems seem more on your end than the other. You’re not sure of what you want. Mars is still in your house of love until the 15th so avoid power struggles with the beloved. Be more patient with him or her as well – he or she could be more argumentative and short-tempered. Your 8th house is the strongest in your chart this month. 50% of the planets are either or moving through there. So this is a month for reinventing yourself and giving birth to the person you want to be – your ideal self. This probably won’t happen in one month, but progress can be made towards it. Mars’ move into your 8th house on the 15th shows a need to prosper others – to put the financial interest of others ahead of your own. As you do this your own supply will come by the karmic law. It is a good month for either making or paying down debt – depending on your need. It is good for tax and insurance planning. For those of you of appropriate age, it is. Good for estate planning. In general, it is good for dealing with estates.

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