#SelfcareSunday with Margaux Brooke

#SelfcareSunday with Margaux Brooke

#SelfcareSunday with Margaux Brooke

On those weeks when you feel like there's never enough time (i.e. every week), there's nothing more important than taking some quality 'me time' to recharge. So, we teamed up with Dr. Roebucks and a few of our friends on a month-long series to inspire your Sunday ritual and have you feeling ready to take on the world tomorrow.

This week, Margaux Brooke shares what's currently making her soul shine. 

What are 5 songs that make you feel most relaxed?

Downtown - Majical Cloudz

Got To Give It Up - Marvin Gaye

Cold Love - Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Turn - The Wombats

Anything - alt-J

Anything - Philip Glass

Do you like to indulge alone or with others? Who are your self-care partners in crime? 

I definitely enjoy self-care alone. I love to get massages and body scrubs solo but occasionally love a spa or mani/pedi day with my girlfriends. My go-to pamper partner is Juliana Herz.

What are your favorite Sunday treats? 

I love a chocolate banana smoothie made with yogurt to make it a tinsy bit healthier.

Sometimes it’s (really, really) hard to disconnect and live in the moment. Do you make an extra effort during your “me time” to unplug & if so, how? 

Usually when I go to the spa, phones aren’t allowed so it’s nice to leave my cell in the locker and enjoy the sauna or hot tub service-free.

What's your favorite part of your #SelfcareSunday regimen? 

My favorite part is putting on a face and hair mask, throwing on some sweats or a robe and just laying down to read a book or watch a new show on Netflix with a cup of tea! Just writing about it makes me want to go do it…


Margaux's AM to PM #SelfcareSunday Routine 

8 am: Hit snooze

9:15 am: Shower, use Dr Roebuck’s Byron scrub & sing various Selena Gomez songs that are stuck in my head from the day before

9:30am: Put on Dr Roebuck’s Icebergs Hydrating Mask while I brush my teeth and dry my hair, then rinse off the mask

10am: Coffee run! I usually grab a horchata latte or a matcha latte with hemp milk

11-12pm: Take my puppy for a walk or play sesh in the park

1pm: Answer emails, catch up on news and fashion.

6pm: Grab an early dinner with the boyfriend, somewhere that makes nice cocktails

 7pm: Walk the puppy again, throw the frisbee with him.

 8-9pm: Make late-night green tea and watch The Handmaid’s Tale

 9:30-10pm: Shower, put on a nighttime serum followed by Dr Roebuck's No Worries Hydrating Moisturizer

 10-12pm: Watch a movie or read my book before going to sleep

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