Permission to Pause: A Five Days Of Clarity Before Writing Intentions with @spiritdaughter

Permission to Pause: A Five Days Of Clarity Before Writing Intentions with @spiritdaughter

Permission to Pause: five days of clarity before writing your 2019 intentions

The New Year is full of excitement, potential and big dreams. Often we feel pressured to write down our resolutions on the New Year for fear we will miss the energetic boat. This year, though, the cosmic energy is supporting us in waiting until the New Moon on Saturday before writing our goals, intentions and wishes for 2019. So relax and release the pressure of having to know everything you want on New Years Day. In the meantime, now is a great time to get clear, grounded and focused on what seeds you do want to plant on the New Moon in Capricorn. Below is a simple program to follow over the next five days that will make writing your intentions effortless on Saturday.


Daily: Meditate every morning

Meditation is the number one way to become clear in your energy and hear the voice of your intuition. It is from this place of clarity that you will know, from deep within your soul, what you truly want. If you feel lost, or distracted, start with meditation. It may not seem that way in the moment, but five minutes a day can add up to grand vision of exactly how you want your life to play out. Follow this link for a guided breath work and meditation from Spirit Daughter to practice each day leading up to Saturday, and beyond.

Daily: Write your 5/5

This daily exercise is recommended for the five days leading up to the New Moon, as it will help you craft your intentions. You can also continue this practice daily throughout the year as a way to check in with yourself and the dreams you are pursuing. I personally have been creating this list daily for over 15 years and it has changed by life. You can refer to this blog for the full instructions.

Wednesday: Know your No's

Knowing what you don’t want is just as important as knowing what you do want. Before stating your intentions, write down what you are not allowing into your life in 2019. Consider this an exercise in creating boundaries. Through addressing these energies which are not invited, you will make yourself more aware when they do try to enter your world. This awareness will give you the power to stop what you don’t want before it has a chance to distract your focus. Today, write down your no’s. These can be habits, limiting beliefs, actions by others, addictions, and comfort zones. Write on what you are not willing tolerate in your life in 2019.



Thursday: Feel your dreams

You may find your dreams change every day and you don’t know which dream you really want. This uncertainty is natural. It’s also natural to want something one day, then get it, only to find out you want something different. Often times we need to “try on” different dreams before we can know which one is best. We can do this by actually trying them out or we can get a taste of how our body and energy reacts to the vision through daydreaming. Even when our mind can’t decide, our bodies never lie. Today practice feeling into your dreams and listening to your body with a  guided practice you find on this blog.


Friday: Ask the cards for guidance

Pulling cards can help you access your intuition to a greater degree. When we pull cards, we really are using the cards to guide us to our own personal truth. You can use any cards you like. Some of our favorites are; The Moon Deck, The Wild Unknown, Biddy Tarot Cards, Dreamy Moons Affirmation Cards and Inner Compass Cards. To learn how to pull cards please refer to Spirit Daughter’s blog here.


Saturday: Write your intentions!

There are plenty of ways to write your intentions on the New Moon. You can simply make a list of goals you plan on achieving in 2019. You can also write powerful “I am statements” or affirmations which state the energy you are calling into your world this year. You can also write dreamtime sequences which Spirit Daughter creates for each New Moon Workbook. This form of intention setting asks you to visualize the life you want to live in detail, as if you are watching a movie. You write in stories, creating new realities for yourself and believing with every ounce of your being that this vision is your truth. You in essence embody the vision of your new life and new self. For a further detail on how to write this sequence specially for the Capricorn New Moon please refer to Spirit Daughter’s New Moon in Capricorn workbook.

Enjoy this process of getting to know yourself on a deeper level. Do not feel rushed in making your intentions, the New Year energy will be around for awhile. Also, on Sunday we have all planets moving forward, helping to catapult you to the next level of you. Think of the next five days as a planning session for your mind, body and energy. Come Saturday the cosmos will give us an explosion of energy with the New Moon and a partial Solar Eclipse, poised to open a door for forward momentum and evolution.

Happy New Year, may it bring you magic, abundance, love, and your best life.



Jill Wintersteen is the founder of Spirit Daughter and our resident cosmic contributor. Follow Jill on Instagram @spiritdaughter