The Meaning Behind Our Gold Hamsa

The Meaning Behind Our Gold Hamsa

In order to raise the vibration of the world, creating intentional clothing designed to exude positivity has always been our first course of action. Creating our logo was no exception. We wanted it to share our intention without saying a word, manifesting light, positivity and possibility. To us, nothing embodies this more than a gold Hamsa with a heart in the palm — here's why.

The color gold has given rise to profound interpretations throughout cultures and religions around the world. This transcendent color is the color of giving; gold attracts achievement, abundance, prosperity and generosity. In Hinduism, gold is a reflection of meditation, learning, knowledge and the everchanging journey of personal development. As a wearer of this color, we hope it inspires compassion, love, generosity and growth. 

Similarly, the Hamsa has adopted a wide variety of different meanings. When facing up, the Hamsa hand is a powerful sign of protection against evil, jealousy and insecurities. Additionally, closed fingers are said to bring about abundance and luck. Our gold Hamsa, featured on our active and essentials, is intended to protect the wearer through the gift of love. 

You can learn more about the Hamsa in our Demystifying the Hamsa and the Power of the Hamsa Hand posts.

From us to you, know that you are protected through the gift of love.