A Solar Eclipse on the 10th is the main headline of the week. It is relatively mild on you as eclipses go, but it won’t hurt to take it easy that period anyway. It occurs in your 3rd house so students below the college level are impacted. They make changes in educational plans. There can be disruptions at their school. There can be disturbances at the work place and changes in your spiritual life. Job changes can happen. In coming months there will be changes in your health regime. A good idea to drive more carefully - more defensively - this week.


Prosperity is strong this week but a Solar Eclipse on the 10th will shake things up. The message of the eclipse is that your financial thinking, planning and strategizing hasn’t been realistic and needs to be changed or adjusted. The family, children or children figures are also impacted here. They should take a more relaxed schedule as well. Repairs might be needed in the home and with Mars entering your 4th house on the 12th, this is a good time for those things. There are dramas in the lives of friends and friendships can be tested. A parent or parent figure also needs a course correction in finance.


The Solar Eclipse of the 10th is very strong on you more so than for other signs. It occurs in your own sign. So, there is a need to re-define yourself - change the way you think of yourself and the way you want others to see you. Often this happens because of slanders thrown at you. Thus in coming months you will dress differently, change your hairstyle or hair color and in general present a new image to the world. The two planets involved with short term travel - the Sun and Mercury - are both impacted here. So drive more carefully. Students make changes to educational plans. There are disruptions in the neighborhood.


The Solar Eclipse of the 10th - the main headline of the week - is relatively benign to you. But no need to tempt fate, take a more relaxed schedule anyway. This eclipse occurs in your 12th house of spirituality and brings spiritual changes - changes in attitudes, practice, teachings and perhaps teachers. The dream life this week will be active but should be taken with many grains of salt. The Sun is your financial planet, so there is a need for a course correction in finance. The events of the eclipse will show what is needed. Not a good idea to be traveling this week. This applies to both foreign and domestic travel. Reschedule for another time. Drive more carefully.


Every Solar Eclipse is strong on you and this one on the 10th is no exception. So avoid stressful activities and spend more quiet time at home. This eclipse occurs in your 11th house. So friends are having personal dramas. Friendships can be tested. Computers, software and high tech gadgetry can be erratic. Once again - you go through this twice a year - you need to re-define yourself , your image and presentation to the world. This will happen over the next few months. There will be wardrobe and hairstyle changes. Since Mercury is impacted, there are financial changes happening as well - dramatic ones. The spouse, partner or current love also has financial dramas.


The Solar Eclipse of the 10th is very strong on you, so take it nice and easy this week. You need to be taking it easy anyway - until June 21 - but especially during this eclipse period. This eclipse impacts on many areas of your life - your image and body, your self concept, your career and your love life. Yes, it can seem that your world is crumbling about you, but understand that you are never given more than you can handle. If it is given, by definition, it means you can handle it. Take a deep breath and deal with each thing as it comes. If there’s nothing that can be done physically, work spiritually. Everything will clear up in due course.


The Solar Eclipse of the 10th is relatively mild on you but no need to tempt fate. Take an easy schedule. This eclipse occurs in your 9th house and will test your religious, philosophical and theological beliefs. These are due for a revision. Some will get discarded as they are false. Some will get tweaked and revised. They have some truth to them. This eclipse will bring changes to your “world view” and this will change the way that you lead your life. Your spiritual planet, Mercury, is also impacted here. So along with this there are spiritual changes (and this could be the cause of these revisions). Job changes are also in the works. Your health regime will change in coming months as well.


The Solar Eclipse of the 10th occurs in your 8th house and can bring encounters with death - generally psychological encounters. Sometimes there are near death kinds of experiences. Your insight into death - one of your favorite subjects - gets deepened. Since the Sun is your career planet, career changes are also happening. There can be shakeups in your company or in the lives of bosses. Children and children figures also seem impacted. They can have personal dramas. Best to keep them out of harm’s way this week. A parent or parent figure has personal dramas as well.


The Solar Eclipse of the 10th - the main headline of the week - is unusually strong on you. You need to take it easy - avoid stressful activities - this week. You’ve had better health weeks in your life, and the eclipse is not helping. This eclipse is hitting many areas of your life - your love life, career, home, family and your emotional life. So your world gets rocked this week - sensitive people have been feeling this last week too. The cosmos might push your to the edge, but won’t push you over it. You are up to the challenges. Remember that there is a power that can handle all this no problem. Call on it.


The Solar Eclipse of the 10th which occurs in your 6th house can bring health scares. But your health is good and these are not likely to be more than that - just scares. Not advisable to schedule a surgery or (procedure - the new name they are giving to surgeries) this week. Reschedule for another time. The eclipsed planet, the Sun, rules your 8th house and this can bring psychological encounters with death. So take it nice and easy this period. The good thing about these encounters is that it makes us more serious about life. It focuses us on the importance of doing our mission. Job changes are likely as well. Drive more defensively this week.


The Solar Eclipse of the 10th is basically kind to you though it shakes up the world and many people in your life. It impacts on your love life and friends. A love relationship gets tested. Be more patient with the beloved this week as he or she is going through some personal drama. Children and children figures are impacted and should take a more relaxed schedule. There will be important financial changes as well. Your thinking hasn’t been realistic. The events of the eclipse will show your errors. Since Mercury is affected there can be brushes or psychological encounters with death. The spouse, partner or current love also has to make financial changes.


This eclipse is very strong on you so take it very easy this week. Health has been less than super since May 21 and the eclipse is not helping matters. Do your best to maintain high energy levels. Many important areas of your life get shaken now - the home, family and emotional life, the love life, the body and image, the health and job. If you haven’t been careful in dietary matters, there can be a physical detox. There’s a need to change your self concept and appearance. You haven’t been projecting the right image. The dream life is likely overactive but shouldn’t be taken seriously - its just showing the disturbances of the astral plane.

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