OMSTROLOGY: July 5th -11th

OMSTROLOGY: July 5th -11th

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Finances seem stressed from the 6th to the 8th. Perhaps there is some unexpected expense (computer equipment seems vulnerable). Happily this short term. The issue will resolve rather quickly. We see the same kind of stress in love as well. Just bumps on the road. Health still needs watching. Overall energy is not what you’re used to. So make sure to get enough rest and enhance the health with arm and shoulder massage and massage of the lung reflex. If you feel under the weather get out in the fresh air (take your mask off) and breathe deeply.


Your money house is still powerful this week. Your financial planet moves forward and he is strong in his own sign and house. so earnings should be good - especially on the 6th and 7th as the Moon moves through the money house. The love life could be better. Your love planet is still retrograde and receiving stressful aspects. happily these issue will clear up over the next few weeks. Health could also be better. make sure to get enough rest and enhance the health with chest massage and massage of the heart reflex. The New Moon of the 10th enhances intellectual and communication skills.


Another happy and prosperous week. You're still in the midst of a yearly financial peak - and it will be even stronger next week. The 6th and 7th, as the Moon moves through your sign brings financial windfalls. Also it brings increased confidence, self esteem and an improved personal appearance. You look prosperous and you feel prosperous too. The New Moon of the 10th is an especially prosperous day. Also it will clarify financial issues until the next New Moon. all the information you need will come to you very naturally. A problem with a parent, parent figure or boss is short term.


Another happy and prosperous week. The Sun in your sign enhances the personal appearance and increases your star quality and charisma. Also he brings financial windfalls. Earnings opportunities continue to seek you out (like in the past few weeks). The New Moon of the 10th is especially happy. It brings personal pleasure - the good life - and financial increase. Issues involving your personal appearance will clarify as the weeks continue - until the next New Moon. The Moon's move into your money house on the 11th further increases prosperity.


The 5th brings career success and elevation (and this happened last week too). The 6th and 7th bring social activity and financial increase. It is always good to be involved with friends and groups - it is good for its own sake - but this week it enhances the bottom line. Mars is still in your sign, so avoid rush, arguments and confrontations. Health still needs watching, so make sure not to get over tired. Enhance the health with ankle, calf and back massage. With Venus still in your sign career opportunities are still seeking you out. The New Moon of the 10th brings spiritual progress and activates the dream life.


A pause in love should not worry you. Overall the love life is wonderful. A pause can be a healthy thing. Mercury is moving forward and is at the top of your chart. You are successful and elevated these days - not just for your professional achievements for who you are. Personal appearance plays a big role in the career right now. The New Moon of the 10th occurs in your 11th house of friends. It is not only a strong social day but strong spiritually as well. Spiritual insights come to you. You meet spiritual friends or are involved in spiritual groups.


Health and energy could be better but there's nothing serious afoot. Just make sure to get enough rest. You are in a yearly career peak and the New Moon of the 10th increases it further. A very successful day. Moreover, as the weeks go by, the Moon is going to clarify career issues. it will bring you all the information you need in very natural ways. Enhance the health (as always) with spiritual techniques. if you feel under the weather see a spiritual type healer. Finances are temporarily stressed. This is not a longterm problem. Avoid sudden or rash decisions.


Like last week, your love planet, is in your 10th house of career. This is good for love as it shows that it is high on your priorities. You enhance your career through social means - through knowing the right people and from attending or hosting the right parties and gatherings. Love opportunities happen as you pursue your career goals. Health is still reasonable and you can enhance it further with chest massage and massage of the heart reflex. Finances are a bit slow. The New Moon of the 10th is a happy one. It is favorable for legal issues and for religious and theological studies.


With most of the planets in the social West and Jupiter (the Lord of your Horoscope) still retrograde. Your way is probably not the best way this week. Let others have their way so long as it isn’t destructive. Cultivate the social graces now. Self confidence could be a lot better. There is still a love interest for singles this week. This could be someone involved in your career. The 6th and 7th are a monthly career peak. The New Moon of the 10th enhances libido. As the weeks go by it will clarify issues involving taxes, insurance and estates.


Your in the middle of a yearly love and social peak and the New Moon of the 10th will enhance things even further. It occurs in your 7th house of love - so love blooms. Singles have wonderful romantic opportunity. Eroticism is high too. This New Moon will clarify love and social issues as the weeks go by - until the next New Moon. All the information you need for a good decision will come to you very naturally. No need to stress out over it. Health could be better so make sure to get enough rest. Plain old fresh air is a natural health tonic.


It is good that you’re focusing on health these days. The cosmos are preparing you for later on when you really need to watch it. The health information you acquire now will help you later on. The New Moon of the 10th occurs in your 6th house of health - so in coming weeks the Moon will clarify health issues for you - also issues involving the job. This New Moon is also a wonderful romantic day. There would be an allurement to health professionals or people involved in your health. Avoid speculations on the 5th and 6th.


Your love planet, Mercury is moving forward and has spent an unusually long time in your 4th house (since May 4th). So there has been more socializing at home and with the family. It also shows that an old flame from the past (or someone who reminds you of him or her) has made an appearance. This is usually to resolve old issues. Its usually about emotional healing. Finances are bit quieter than last week and come through world and productive service. Health is good and will improve further next week. The New Moon of the 10th is a happy one. It brings a lightheartedness and enhanced creativity.

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