Many of the trends discussed in previous weeks are still in effect now. You’re still very independent and don’t need to indulge in much people pleasing. You have the power to create your own happiness and the world will conform to you. Still a good week to indulge in physical pleasures and get the body in the shape that you want. Its still very much a “me” oriented period. Love is happy and pursues you. The beloved is eager to please. Money and opportunity also pursue you. Finances are good. The 8th and 9th is a spiritual period – especially the 9th. The. New Moon of the 12th occurs in your sign giving extra energy, enhancing the love and financial life and improving the physical appearance.


Continue to operate the spiritual laws of affluence and prosperity will happen. – often in miraculous ways. Natural money (which is really miracle money deeply disguised) is always wonderful, but “miracle money” is much more fun. The New Moon of the 12th occurs in your spiritual 12th house adding to the spirituality of the week. It will clarify many spiritual, financial and personal issues in the coming week (and until the next New Moon). The Moon’s entry in your sign on the 13th and 14th is always a highlight for you (and for any person). It brings extra energy, empathy, enhanced libido and improved personal appearance. In your case, it also enhances the mental faculties.


The New Moon of the 12th occurs in your 11th house and is fortunate. It not only enhances the social life, but your scientific and high tech abilities. Also it will clarify issues involving friends, groups and high tech issues as the month (until the next New Moon) progresses. Everything you need to make a correct decisions will come to you. Career can be tense from the 8th to the 10th. But with the Moon in your 10th house (the 8th and 9th) career should be successful. Parents, parent figures and bosses need to be more mindful on the physical plane. They need to watch the temper as well.


The career is still very strong and successful this week. The New Moon of the 12th enhances this success. The 10th to the 12th is a monthly career peak. But the New Moon will do much more. It will clarify – enlighten – career issues and bring all the information you need to make a right decision. (This will go on until the next New Moon.) The 9th, when the Moon travels with Neptune, is a very spiritual day. Watch the dreams that period – they are revelatory. Be careful of hypersensitivity that day. The 13th and 14th brings a more active social life. Be more mindful on the physical plane those days. Avoid foreign travel from the 8th to the 10th.


The week ahead continues to be happy and healthy. You’re up and optimistic. Earnings are expanding. Health is good. The New Moon of the 12th occurs in your 9th house – making it a fortunate New Moon. There are theological, philosophical and spiritual insights happening. Also, until the next New Moon, many philosophical and spiritual answers will come to you. There will be more laxity on these matters. College level students will also get clarity on their studies. Be more mindful on the physical plane from the 8th to the 10th. The 13th and 14th are monthly career peaks. These are only announcements of future career success coming soon.


Health is good this week and will get even better in coming weeks. The 8th and 9th are monthly love and social peaks. Good both for romance and for being involved with friends. The 9th can bring a happy romantic meeting. The New Moon of the 12th occurs in your 8th house. This brings financial increase for the spouse, partner or current love. It is good for weight loss regimes and detox. This New Moon will also clarify issues involving death, taxes, estates, insurance issues as the weeks progress (this will go on until the next New Moon.) The 13th and 14th can bring emotional instability and the testing of friendships.


Love is still the main headline this week. Your 7th house is still chock full of benefic planets. Love is happy and active. Perfect for the social butterfly that Libra is at heart. The New Moon of the 12th adds to all this. A great love and social day. With so many choices available for singles, it is good that this New Moon will clarify things as time goes on. Finances could be better, but you will see improvement next week. (You might not be giving it enough attention.) Career changes are likely on the 13th and 14th. Bosses, parents and parent figures seem more temperamental. Health still needs watching.


Personal frustrations will pass – they are short term. Frustration, say the sages, is the food of the wise. The 8th and 9th seems basically happy though children and children figures need to be more mindful on the physical plane. Pregnant women can have complications from the 8th to the 10th - but these pass quickly. Job seekers have been fortunate since March 20 and there is even more good fortune this month. The New Moon of the 12th occurs in your 6th house. As the weeks progress – until the next New Moon – job and health issues will clarify. The Moon is going to enlighten these areas. The 13th and 14th is a monthly love and social peak. But love is still unstable.


You’re still in a happy and healthy week. Energy might be less on the 8th and 9th, but this is short term. The 8th and 9th are good for dealing with home and family issues. The 9th brings spiritual and psychological insights. The 10th to the 12th is a fun period – a monthly personal pleasure peak. The New Moon of the 12th occurs in your 5th house making it an especially pleasurable day. Issues involving children and children figures will clarify as the weeks progress. Though you’re still having fun, you become a bit more serious on the 13th and 14th. You’re more in the mood for work. Mars is still in your 7th house of love this week. So avoid power struggles in love.


Health still needs more watching this week, but you will see much improvement in coming weeks. In the meantime, head, face and scalp massage are important. Good muscle tone, likewise. More important than all of this is good emotional health. Emotions should be positive and constructive. Home and family is still the main focus (as it has been since March 20). It is your actual mission right now. Even career is boosted by these activities. You seem in conflict with the money people in your life. Look for the compromise. The New Moon of the 12th will clarify the love life and also happens to be a good love and social day.


The focus this week is still on intellectual and communication interests. The mind is sharper than usual. Learning is fun and comes easily. A good week for students of all ages. Traders can have a financial setback from the 8th to the 10th - but happily, it is short lived. You’re still in a strong financial period - and finances will be stronger in coming weeks. Health is good and you can enhance it further through foot massage and spiritual techniques on the 8th and 9th; through head, face and scalp massage from the 10th to the 12th, and through neck and throat massage on the 13th and 14th.


You’re still very much in a yearly financial peak this week. The focus is on finance - as it should be. The 10th, 11th and 12th are monthly financial peaks. These days should be especially good as they happen in conjunction with a yearly peak. The New Moon of the 12th occurs in your money house. It will not only enhance earnings, but will also clarify financial matters as the weeks progress (until the next New Moon). The information you need for good financial decisions will come to you quite naturally. The 8th and the 9th are basically happy - but be more mindful on the physical plane.

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