Aries. Mars, your financial planet, makes a major move on the 24th – from your 4th house to your 5th house. Thus you become more speculative. You spend on the children or children figures in your life. You have a good feeling for investments related to entertainment, music, toys, gambling and companies that cater to youth. Mercury, your health planet, travels with Uranus on the 24th. This can bring a sudden healing of some longstanding health problem. Job changes or disturbances at the work place can also happen. Children and children figures should be more mindful on the physical plane on the 29th and 30th.


A happy, healthy and prosperous week Taurus. Enjoy. Your sign is chock full of planets now – and mostly benefic ones. So health is good. Self esteem and self confidence are solid. You don’t doubt yourself. The personal appearance shines and the opposite sex takes notice. The only issue in love is the retrograde of your love planet on the 27th . So more caution in love is called for. Finances are excellent. Your financial planet travels with Uranus on the 24th bringing sudden money. There is much career success happening too. Family seems supportive of the career. The 27th and 28th are good love days.


Mars moves out of your sign on the 24th and you become calmer and more relaxed. You’re easier to get along with – less argumentative. You had a sharp tongue the past few weeks and this could have caused problems. With 90% of the planets moving forward this week you can make fast progress without being in a rush. This is a spiritual week – good for spiritual practice, the study of sacred literature and charitable activities. Romance needs more work – there are conflicts with the beloved. The 29th and 30th however are good romantic days. Mars is now in your money house. This favors high tech, online activities and companies involved with new inventions.


Career objectives - the short term ones at least – have been achieved and you can focus on friendships – the social life that success brings. Being involved with groups and organizations is not only fun but helps the bottom line as well. The Sun traveling with Uranus on the 29th and 30th can bring sudden money. Family members should be more mindful on the physical plane on the 24th and 25th. Mars is now in your sign for many more weeks. So you need to watch your temper, avoid rush and haste and avoid being overly belligerent. The positive side of this is that happy career opportunities are coming to you.


Career is still the main headline this week – like last week. A very successful week. People look up to you. You are seen as someone of status. Finances are exciting but a bit unstable. The 24th is an excellent financial day. Earnings can skyrocket, but they can be turbulent. Earnings are subject to extremes – the highs are very high but the lows can be very low. This is the price we pay for excitement. Love is also happening this month for singles. The Sun travels with your love planet Uranus on the 29th and 30th bringing happy romantic meetings for singles. Those already in relationships are close to the beloved – in harmony and on the same wavelength.


A happy week ahead Virgo. Enjoy. Now that Mars has. Moved away from his stressful aspect with your love planet, love should be improved. (Its going to be improved even further in coming months). Romance is on the horizon for singles. Health is excellent – even better than last week, now that Mars has moved away from his stressful aspect to you. Foreign lands still call to you and many of you will be traveling now. Most of you will have more dealings with foreigners and foreign countries as well. Finances will be good. The financial judgement is sound – down to earth. College level students are still successful in their studies.


Libido still soars this week. But there are other things in life beside sex. Students of occultism will do well and make breakthroughs. Your understanding of death will deepen. And, its still a good week for shedding pounds and purifying the body. Though your financial planet is now retrograde (and this will go on for many months) prosperity is strong this week — perhaps it happens a bit slower, but it happens. Your love planet. Mars, makes a major move on the 24th. He moves into Cancer, your 10th house. So focus on the career and love opportunities will happen. You’re allured to successful and powerful people.


Health needs more focus this week. Energy is not up to its usual standard. Many planets (and 3 long term planets) are in stressful alignment with you. So rest when tired. Listen to the messages your body gives you. Don’t push it beyond the comfort zone. Your health planet makes a major move on the 24th. It is now in the sign of Cancer. So watch what you eat (a visit to a diet professional might be a good idea). Do your best to maintain emotional harmony. Meditation will be a big help here. Prayer therapy is powerful. Maintain good relations with family members. However, love, though unstable, is active and happy.


Your love planet is traveling with Uranus on the 24th and 25th (this was so last week on the 23rd as well). So love is temporarily unstable. Breakups are likely temporary. Career changes are also likely. Hang in there, balance will be restored soon. Mars leaves your 7th house on the 24th as well. This should, as time goes on, improve the love situation. There is less likelihood of power struggles in love. Health is still good – perhaps not as good as the past few weeks, but still good. Finances are excellent this week. Earnings happen easily – smoothly. Earning power is strong. This is still a great period for doing detail oriented, boring jobs that you dislike. They will go better.


Mars makes a major move into your 7th house of love on the 24th. He will be there for many more weeks. There are many messages here. There is more socializing with the family and from home. The family seems very involved in your love life. Perhaps they play Cupid. Perhaps there are love opportunities with family connections. Sometimes an old flame resurfaces – someone from your past. Emotional healing now will not only help your family and domestic situation, but your love life as well. Finances are more challenging right now. You just have to work harder for them.


Home, family and emotional healing have been important for some years now. This week it is even more important. Your career planet, Pluto, goes retrograde on the 27th. Career issues will need time to resolve so you may as well focus on the home and family. This is a period for making psychological type breakthroughs. This will happen whether or not you’re involved in professional therapy.. Nature will arrange it. A happy romantic meeting happens on the 29th or 30th. Love is close home this week. A romantic evening at home is preferable to night out on the town. Finances are good but will get even better in coming months. Health needs watching.


No need to search far and wide for love and happiness. It is nigh onto you. In the neighborhood. Close to home. There are many stories of lovers who lived quite close to each other for years, but never met. Only when the time was right did it happen. Like last week pursue your intellectual interests and love opportunities will happen. Health is good – even better than last week. Mars’ moves into your 5th house on the 24th (and he will be there for many more weeks). This brings happy money – money that is earned In happy ways and spent on happy things. It is about enjoying the wealth that you have.