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A Lunar Eclipse on the 26th is the main headline of the week. It is basically benevolent to you but might not be so benevolent to family members. They should take it easy. As I’m writing this you’re already feeling the eclipse. The dream life needn’t be taken too seriously now. It has very little validity. Not such a good time for foreign trips. Reschedule where possible. This eclipse will test your religious, theological and philosophical beliefs now and in months to come. A time to review these things, discard what is false and amend that which is only partly true.


The Lunar Eclipse of the 26th is a message to drive more carefully and defensively this week. Cars and communication equipment can behave erratically and often need repairs or replacement. Siblings and sibling figures should take a reduced schedule. The money people in your life are making important financial changes. Since this eclipse occurs in your 8th house, it can bring encounters with death - generally in a psychological kind of way. The cosmos is teaching you about death - not trying to kill you. In spite of the eclipse you seem very prosperous, though the spouse, partner or current love has some financial upheavals.


The week ahead is basically happy and successful and not even an eclipse on the 26th will do much to change that - it just creates some excitement and challenge. This eclipse occurs in your 7th house of love and will test a current relationship. There can be dramas in the lives of friends and/or the beloved. He or she should take a more reduced schedule. A course correction in your finances is necessary as the events of the eclipse will show. You have plenty of energy to handle whatever the eclipse throws at you. You are very independent now and can have life on your terms - but after the 29th you’re not sure of what you want.


Every Lunar Eclipse is strong on you and needs your attention. This one on the 26th is no different. Time to review your self image and the way you present yourself to others. The events of the eclipse will force this. This Lunar Eclipse occurs in your 6th house and signals job changes - either where you are or with another company. The health regime is affected as well. You’re making important changes here. Spiritual healing is very powerful for you these days. Read up as much as you can about it. Mars is still in your sign so avoid rush, impatience and anger.


The Lunar Eclipse of the 26th is a spiritual eclipse with a spiritual agenda behind it. Time to re-evaluate your practice and teachings. Changes will be happening here. Friends are making important financial changes - perhaps due to disruptions. Children and children figures are affected by this eclipse so let them take a more relaxed schedule and avoid stressful activities. Keep them out of harm’s way. There will be changes in your personal creativity as well. A parent of parent figure has to make important financial changes. Your health is basically good. Finances become more complicated on the 29th as your financial planet goes retrograde.


Health needs more watching since the 21st and especially around the eclipse period of the 26th. This Lunar Eclipse is strong on you. So take it nice and easy this week. Do what needs to be done but reschedule electives. This eclipse impacts on the home and family - so there can be dramas there. Don’t pay too much attention to the dream life as it has no truth to it. There are dramas in the lives of friends and perhaps this is why friendships get tested. Computer and high tech equipment behave erratically and often repairs or replacement are necessary. Enhance the health with neck and throat massage.


Health is good this week and though you might feel like traveling it is better to reschedule these things for another time. The Lunar Eclipse of the 26th occurs in your 3rd house . So students are making changes in their educational plans. Best to drive more carefully and defensively. Better to limit driving to what is absolutely necessary. Cars and communication equipment get tested and sometimes repairs or replacement are necessary. Career changes are happening. There can be personal dramas in the lives of bosses, parents or parent figures. The money people in your life make important financial changes. There are dramas in the lives of siblings and sibling figures - neighbors too.


Health has improved dramatically since the 21st. And, even a Lunar Eclipse on the 26th will not impact on it. This eclipse occurs in your money house and shows a need for financial course corrections. Your thinking has been unrealistic. These changes will be good as you are in a prosperity cycle. College level students make changes to educational plans. There are shakeups - disturbances - at your place of worship. The spouse, partner or current love should drive more carefully and defensively this week - and especially during the eclipse period. In fact he or she should avoid unnecessary driving. The Moon in your sign on the 24th and 25th is a high point for the week.


Health needs watching this week as many planets are in stressful aspect to you. And, to add to all this, there is Lunar Eclipse on the 26th in your sign. So take it nice and easy this week. What needs to be done should be done, but re-schedule electives. Spend more quiet time at home. Schedule massages or other health treatments. Maintain high energy levels. This eclipse can bring close encounters with death - generally on a psychological level. It can bring a detox of the body as well. Love seems happy. The home life as well. Prosperity is strong this week. Social connections seem very supportive.


Health is good this week. Job seekers have ample opportunities. The Lunar Eclipse of the 26th is basically mild on you, but not so mild on the spouse, partner or current love. He or she should H=have a more relaxed schedule this week. Neither is it mild on your worship leaders or professors. There are dramas in their lives. Your spiritual practice gets changed. Some of it is very normal. Your growth brings natural change. There are shakeups in charitable or spiritual organizations you’re involved with. There is strong power in your 6th house this week - so good to achieve work goals.


Health and energy have been steadily improving in the past few weeks. Yet, a Lunar Eclipse on the 26th is showing changes in the health regime and perhaps job changes as well. Sometimes a health scare is merely a scare and nothing more. This is likely now as well. This eclipse occurs in your 11th house and will test friendships. There can be dramas in the lives of friends. There are shakeups in trade or professional organizations you’re involved with - perhaps leadership changes. Computers and high tech equipment can be erratic - sometimes repairs or replacement are necessary. The Moon moves into your sign on the 30th and 31st - a high point of the week and month.


Health is more delicate this week and even more so on the 26th as a Lunar Eclipse makes stressful aspects to you. Do your best to maintain high energy levels. Rest when tired. Avoid pushing the body past its limits. This eclipse occurs in your 10th house of career, so career changes are happening - these look like happy changes, as your career planet is in your sign. But even happy changes can be disruptive. Children and children figures are impacted here. They should also take it easy this week. Enhance he health with massage of the chest, arms and shoulders. Don’t let tension build up in the shoulders.

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