October 2019 Horoscopes


Health is still stressful in the early part of the month, but good things are happening for you as the month progresses. Retrograde activity is down - from the 3rd onward only 20 percent of the planets are retrograde. So events in your life and in the world are moving faster, just the way you like it. Saturn, your career planet, is moving forward and the planetary power is mostly in the upper-day side-of your chart. And by the 8th, health and energy should improve dramatically. As the month begins you are still in a yearly love and social peak. With Mars moving into your 7th house of love on the 4th, you are certainly in the mood for love. Moreover, you are very popular. You’re there for your friends and beloved too. You put their interests first (as you should these days). Singles are riskier taking in love. More so than usual. With your love planet in the 7th house of love until the 8th, love happens in the usual places - parties, gatherings, weddings etc. After the 8th as Venus moves into Scorpio, love is more sensual, less romantic. It’s all about the sexual magnetism. The month ahead - especially after the 23rd - is a sexually active kind of period. Your devotion to others extends to the financial level too. You’re very involved with prospering other people - especially the spouse, partner or current love. Starting from the 8th onward, it is a great period to pay down or make debt - depending on your need. It is wonderful for tax and insurance planning and if you are of appropriate age, for estate planning



Love is still unstable and complicated, but you will see improvement after the 8th. While singles are not likely to marry now, there are many positive things happening. First off, your love planet, Pluto, starts moving forward on the 3rd – after many months of retrograde motion. You have more social confidence and clarity now. Second, you are personally more popular this month. Most of the planets are in the Western social sector of your chart and on the 8th Venus, the Lord of your Horoscope, enters your 7th house of love. So you are there for others. You go out of your way for them. You are in the mood for romance too and this makes all the difference. While serious love is an “iffy” proposition, the short-term prospects are happy. On the 23rd, as the Sun enters your 7th house you begin a yearly love and social peak. Finances also look good this month. Mercury enters your 7th house of love on the 3rd and stays there for the rest of the month. Thus, your social grace and social connections are helping the bottom line. Often times, there are opportunities for partnerships or joint ventures here. Who you know is probably more important than how much you actually have. This is a good month for paying down or making debt – it depends on your need. It is good for tax planning and if you are of appropriate age, for estate planning as well. Health needs more care after the 23rd. This is not a serious issue, it’s just not your best period for health and energy. Make sure to get enough rest.


Mercury’s opposition to Uranus from the 5th to the 7th is a very dynamic aspect for you. Take a more reduced schedule. Drive more carefully and defensively. Avoid arguments and confrontations. Mercury makes beautiful aspects to Neptune from the 14th to the 16th – this brings career success and opportunity to you. With Neptune still retrograde all month, study these offers more carefully. Don’t jump into anything. Mars, the Lord of your 11th house of friends, will have his solstice from the 4th to the 11th. So there is a pause in your friendships, online activities and involvement with organizations and then a change of direction. Be more careful driving on the 27th and 28th – there can be problems with communication equipment as well. Finance is not a big deal this month. Your money house is empty – only the Moon moves through there on the 19th and 20th. This tends to a status quo kind of financial month. Financial energy will be strongest from the 1st to the 13th and from the 28th onwards as the Moon is waxing. The 26th, when the Moon is in perigee (her closest distance to earth), should be an excellent financial day as well. Health is good this month. You seem focused on it as well. Job seekers have plenty of opportunity. Love is happy too. The social life in general is expanding. You have great social confidence. Serious love has either already happened or is going to happen. From the 3rd onward, your 6th house is good to do those boring, detail-oriented jobs that you keep putting off.


Though you still have two powerful long-term planets in stressful alignment with you – this has been the case for two years now – your health is good this month. It gets even better after the 23rd. You can enhance it further with thigh massages and herbal liver cleanses. If you know the reflexes of the liver, you can massage those reflexes as well. This is a happy month. Until the 23rd, the focus is on home and family – your favorite activity. After the 23rd , the focus is on children and the joy of life. It’s party time in your year. Just enjoying yourself will do wonders for your finances. Very often the tension we feel about something is the actual blockage. Release the tension – by letting it go and having fun – and things get back to normal. Until the 23rd, you’re spending more on the home and family but earning from here as well. Family support is good. After the 23rd, you earn in happy ways and spend on happy things. Money comes in easily but is spent easily too. If children are of appropriate age, they can be a source of actual support in tangible ways. If they are young, they inspire you and motivate you to increase earnings. Often, they have profitable ideas. Speculations are more favorable after the 23rd than before. Love will improve after the 23rd as well. There is more harmony between you and the beloved. Now that your love planet is moving forward you have more social confidence and better judgement.


The planetary power is mostly on the night side – the bottom half – of your horoscope this month. Even your career planet, Venus spends most of the month – from the 8th onwards – in your 4th house of home and family. So your mission this month is the home, family and your emotional wellness. Career can take a back seat for now. You are building the inner – psychological – infrastructure for future career success. The higher the building, the deeper the foundation needs to be. The higher your aspiration the deeper your sense of emotional harmony needs to be. It is month for emotional healing and psychological breakthroughs. Often old traumas come up – and memories – so that they can be looked at from your present state of consciousness. Love is more complicated this month. Uranus, your love planet, will be retrograde all month. After the 23rd (and you will probably feel this even before) he receives stressful aspects. Be more patient with the beloved from the 23rd onwards, but especially on the 27th and 28th. Finance doesn’t seem a major issue this month as your money house is empty. Only the Moon will pass through there on the 21st and 22nd. This tends to the status quo. The 5th to the 7th can bring a financial disturbance – you need to make some changes. Usually this is due to some unexpected expense. But this problem is short term. Women of child-bearing age have been extra fertile all year but especially this month. Health needs watching from the 23rd onwards. Overall the health is good. This is a short-term issue caused by the transits. Make sure to get enough rest. Back and knee massage and good dental health will also help matters.


Mars leaves your sign on the 4th and this will help the love life. Love should continuously improve as the month progresses. It gets really nice after the 23rd. The only problem is Neptune’s retrograde all month. Go slow in love and don’t make important decisions one way or another. There are very nice romantic opportunities for singles from the 3rd onwards – and especially from the 14th to the 16th. The month ahead is prosperous. You are still in the midst of a yearly financial peak until the 23rd. The financial intuition is powerful and accurate. On the 8th, Venus, your money planet, moves into your 3rd house. Thus, earnings can come from trading, buying and selling. Whatever you are doing, good sales, marketing and promotion seems important. Writers find their work more marketable. Siblings and neighbors are playing a role in earnings. There are financial opportunities in the neighborhood. Your financial planet is in Scorpio from the 8th onwards. A good period for a financial detox – a financial de-cluttering. Get rid of excess possessions that you don’t need or use. Get rid of duplicate bank or checking or brokerage accounts – simplify the financial life. Mercury’s opposition to Uranus from the 5th to the 7th suggests a need for a more relaxed schedule. Be more careful driving as well. Health is good. Mars in your money house from the 4th onwards shows a tendency to risk taking in finance. You will tend to spend more freely too. A good month to pay down debt - or make it - depending on your need. Also good for tax and estate planning.


This is a happy and prosperous month Libra. Enjoy. The spiritual breakthroughs that you made last month are manifesting now in your body and personal life. Considering the fact that you’ve had two long-term and powerful planets in stressful alignment with you all year, health is wonderful. Pre-existing conditions should ease up. Many planets in your sign, including Mars show much personal energy, self-esteem, and self-confidence. You get things done quickly. You are having life on your terms. Your way is actually the best way these days. You have all the energy you need to make the changes that need to be made for your happiness. Mars, your love planet, in your sign shows that you are having love on your terms as well. Those already in relationships find that their significant other is totally devoted. At your beck and call. Singles will have no problem attracting love as it pursues you. Just go about your daily business and love will find you. You look good and the opposite sex takes notice. Finances will also be excellent this month especially from the 23rd onwards. Pluto, your financial planet, is moving forward all month showing good financial confidence and judgment. On the 23rd, as the Sun enters your money house you begin a yearly financial peak. Money and financial opportunity will come to you in many different ways. It will come through social connections, online activities, and through a good personal appearance and demeanor. It is a good idea to use the extra cash to pay down debt. If you have good ideas, this is a great month to attract outside investors to your projects. The family situation will improve after the 23rd .


Pluto, the Lord of your horoscope, starts moving forward on the 3rd after many months of retrograde motion. Thus, self-esteem and self-confidence will be stronger. Now that the planets are mostly in the independent eastern sector of your chart, and you are in a period of max independence, personal goals are attained easily. The timing here is excellent. You know what you want. There is clarity here. So, go for it. Students below the college level are doing better in school, especially after the 23rd. Health is excellent this month but especially after the 23rd. Your health planet, Mars, will spend most of the month in your 12th house. So, you can enhance your health even further by spiritual means. In the unlikely event that you feel under the weather, see a spiritual type healer. Also, good to massage the hips and the reflexes to the kidneys. Career is still good this month, though in coming months, the interest will wind down. In the meantime, you can advance your career through involvement with charities, nonprofits and altruistic activities. On the 23rd, your career planet moves into your sign. This will bring happy career opportunities to you. Bosses, elders and parents are devoted to you. You look successful and people see you that way. Love will also be happy this month. Though, marriage is not likely, love is still happening. Venus, your love planet, moves into your sign on the eighth. So, love pursues you. The personal appearance shines and the opposite sex takes notice. Prosperity is very strong this month and will get even stronger next month. Take a more relaxed schedule from the 5th to the 7th.


Though you’re working much harder for earnings until the 23rd, they are happening. Saturn your financial planet does not fear hard work or challenge. Things will get easier financially after the 23rd as Saturn begins to receive harmonious rather than stressful aspects. Love looks happy this month and will get even better next month. Your love planet will be in your spiritual 12th house from the 3rd onwards. This gives many messages. Love is spiritual and idealistic this month. Spiritual compatibility is just as important as all the other compatibilities. Get right spiritually and love will fall into place. Romantic opportunities for singles happen at spiritual type venues - meditation seminars or lectures, charity events, spiritual lectures and the like. Don’t waste time going to the clubs or bars. Be more patient with the beloved from the 5th to the 7th. He or she should take a more relaxed schedule then. Best to schedule foreign travel before or after the 27th and 28th. Health is excellent this month. You can enhance it even further through hip massages and massage of the kidney reflex.  After the 8th, enhance the health with detox regimes and spiritual healing. In the unlikely event that you feel under the weather see a spiritual type healer. There is instability in the workplace and perhaps job changes. Children in your life are having a good social month - especially after the 4th. They seem pro-active here - and also more popular. The dream life, the ESP abilities and spiritual faculties get much stronger from the 23rd onwards.


Though health and energy are not what they should be, very nice things are still happening for you. You are in the midst of a yearly career peak which began last month. The focus is on the career as it should be. Even the family and family members are supporting the career. Perhaps they see your success as a family project. The family as a whole seems elevated in status and prestige this month, especially from the 4th onwards. Your health planet, Mercury, will be in Scorpio, your 11th house, from the 3rd onwards. Thus, health can be enhanced through detox regimes, and better care of the colon, bladder and sexual organs. Safe sex and sexual moderation are important. An herbal colonic might also be a good idea. Uranus, your financial planet, is retrograde all month. Not only that, but he receives stressful aspects. So you will have to work harder for earnings. Important to do more due diligence on important purchases or investments. Love seems status quo this month as you’re 7th house of love is basically empty. Only the Moon moves through there on the 19th and 20th. The social energy and magnetism will be stronger from the first to the 13th and from the 16th onwards. The Moon’s perigee on the 26th (her closest distance to earth) should be a good social day. Health will improve after the 23rd but still needs watching. Relations with the family could be better, but the problems are short term. A parent is having a strong social month.


A basically happy, successful and prosperous month ahead. Enjoy. Health is fabulous until the 23rd but afterwards will need more watching. The demands of the career seem very strong after the 23rd and this could be the reason why energy is lower than usual. Until the 23rd, the power is in your benefic 9th house. This is wonderful for foreign travel, legal issues - if you have them, and for religious and theological studies. College level students should be successful in their studies. On the 23rd as the Sun crosses your midheaven and enters your 10th house, you begin a yearly career peak. The current spouse, partner or beloved is very involved in your career. He or she is also succeeding. The family is supportive of the career. Children as well. You further the career by social means, by attending or hosting the right parties or gatherings. You mix, on a social level, with people of power and prestige. There are opportunities for the office romance after the 23rd. You are allured to people of power. It is a romantic turn on. However, this will not last too long. Children and children figures should take a more reduced schedule from the 5th to the 7th. Good for them to avoid stressful kinds of activities. Be more patient with the beloved on the 27th and 28th. Finances will improve after the 23rd. But, keep in mind that your financial planet, is still retrograde all month. So, work to attain clarity in your financial goals and life. Earnings are happening - especially after the 23rd - but slower. The New Moon of the 28th is going to clarify many career issues until the next New Moon (November 26th).


Health and energy will improve steadily as the month progresses. Mars moves away from his stressful aspect with you on the 4th. By the 23rd all the planets (with the exception of Jupiter) will be in harmonious aspect with you. You have all the energy you need to achieve whatever you set your mind on. But Neptune, the Lord of your horoscope, is still retrograde – you are not sure of what you really want. However, you have the energy. Your financial planet will spend a month - from the 4th onwards - in your 8th house. So this is a period for prospering others. You must subordinate your personal financial interest to those of others. To the degree that you prosper others, your own prosperity will come to you by the spiritual law. This does not mean victimhood. It only means keeping the financial interest of others paramount in your thinking. This is also a good month to pay down debt or make it, depending on your need. You have good access to outside capital this month - either through credit or through outside investors. Those of you who deal in estates should do well. Very good for tax and insurance planning or estate planning. A good month for simplifying the finances and de-cluttering them. Consolidate multiple bank, brokerage or insurance accounts into one if possible. Get rid of wasteful expenses - not things you really need or enjoy - just the wasteful ones. Love seems happy this month. Mercury, your love planet, spends the month in beautiful aspect to you. The 14th to the 16th seem especially good love and social days. Love and social opportunities happen at religious or university functions and perhaps with members of your place of worship or fellow worshipers. People who pray together often date together. Foreigners are especially alluring right now. Travel is indicated this month and love opportunities could happen in foreign lands.