Crystals hold incredible power for healing, cleansing, and manifesting. Each stone holds it’s own energy and universal properties that have the ability to adorn, heal, protect, and transform. Some are wonderful for protecting, others for stimulating transformations, embarking on spiritual journeys, or grounding down to the physical world.

Crystals can absorb, cleanse, or neutralize energy, which means that each stone, dependent on it's own frequency and density, communicated with the vibrations - both negative and positive - from the environment around them. When you are first given a crystal, it carries the energies of all the people who have handled it and all the places it has been before. Because of this, crystals need cleansing, recharging, activating, and deactivating in order to vibrate at their highest capacity.

Here are four natural ways that you can cleanse, recharge, and activate your crystals!



Place your crystals under cool running water to help cleanse and purify them. If you have a basin of fresh rain water to cleanse them in, that's even better! Dipping your crystals in the ocean can also have a very purifying effect. Make sure that the crystals you cleanse this way are not damaged by water or salt, such as very soluble stones.


Moonlight and Sunlight

Moonlight and sunlight have incredible recharging energies that can bring life back into your crystals. Placing your crystals under a full moon allows them to open up and take in all the new high vibrational frequencies and shifts that have taken place during that moon cycle. Notice how your gems shine a little brighter after they’ve been out in the sun or under the moon light. If you are looking to charge your crystals with more masculine energies, like action-oriented follow through, negotiation, or protection, set them under the high noon sun until sundown. If you are feeling called to infuse your crystal with more feminine energies, like nurturing, compassion, creativity, and artistry, place it under moonlight.


Stone Clearing

 There are a few powerful crystals that will clear the negative or unwanted energies from other stones. Try placing your desired crystals next to or on quartz crystal clusters, amethyst clusters, carnelian, kyanite, and selenite from anywhere of 1 to 2 days.


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