Meet Our Muses: Steph Currie + Maddison Rotner

Meet Our Muses: Steph Currie + Maddison Rotner

Meet our Muses Fitness Trainers Steph Currie @stephcurrrie and Maddison Rotner @maddisonrotner. They share with us their fitness journey, the mantras they swear by, and their favorite ways to decompress.

And then join them on IG LIVE Monday 12/13 @spiritualgangster at 12pm PST for a 20 minute Full Body Blast! #atOMwithSG

Q: What is your history with fitness and where did your journey begin?   

Steph: I’ve been super into health and fitness my whole life, but my career in fitness started in 2019 when I joined SoulCycle - Maddison and I met in training in NYC!! 

Maddison: I was a competitive dancer growing up and studied Kinesiology at U of Michigan before moving to NYC and entering the boutique fitness scene. I currently teach at SoulCycle.


Q: Do you have a mantra you live by? Any new mantras of the moment? 

Steph: Always down to clown around - I live to have fun, haha! 

Maddison: Accept the things you can’t change and change the things you can’t accept. 


Q: How does movement influence your daily life?  

Both: We GET to do this… we don’t have to. The more we move the better we feel. 


Q: What is your favorite way to decompress?

Steph: I love to have a busy, fully stacked day of running around, followed by many hours being horizontal in front of the TV at night. 

Maddison: I am such an extroverted introvert - a quiet night in.

Q: Do you have a morning routine? If so, share with us what works best for you! 

Steph: The first thing I do in the morning is wake up, make a cup of coffee, and head out the door for a 15 min walk. The combination of caffeine and fresh air is the best way to get after it.

Maddison: My morning routine sets the tone for my day. I wake up and brew a pot of coffee… while that’s happening I make my bed (a MUST) and open my computer for emails. 


Q: Current favorite workout?  

Both: We love team teaching together - working out is so much more fun when you do it with a friend/not alone! 

Q: Current favorite recipe?  

Steph: I really wish I was a better cook. My favorite recipe would have to be anything I can buy from Sweetgreen! LOL 

Maddison: Coconut amino honey chicken.


Q: What is your favorite thing about living in New York?

Steph: THE ENERGY!!!

Maddison: Doesn’t matter where I am in the city - I can call Steph and meet up in 15 minutes. It’s so accessible. 


Q: How do you practice self-love and self-acceptance?   

Steph: I really try to break down what stresses me out… analyzing situations from a soft space helps me feel better when I am uneasy. 

Maddison: Your "100%" looks different everyday, so be gentle with yourself. 


Q: What is your favorite piece from Spiritual Gangster that helps you move with comfort and confidence? 

Both: We are both obsessed with the Amor Seamless Crop Tank - it is versatile AF. We wear them working out but also with jeans.