Meet Our Muses: Jo & Jacqs

Meet Our Muses: Jo & Jacqs

Meet our muses Jo & Jacqs aka @sweatandtell and founders of Sweat & Tell, a platform that provides recipes, workouts and tips to live a balance and healthy lifestyle. They share with us their fitness journey, morning routine, favorite recipes + more!

What is your history with fitness and where did your journey begin? 

Our fitness journeys began way back in high school; we both played sports and would stay pretty active on a daily basis. Once we got to college (we both went to Chapman University in OC), we would workout on the elliptical and maybe lift some weights, but it was nowhere near as much of a lifestyle choice as it is for us today. It wasn’t until we were both working at our first job post-graduation that we realized the true impact of working out and the positive effects it had both on our mental and physical health. 


How did you two meet and what made you start your fitness IG account, @sweatandtell? 

We created Sweat & Tell four years ago when we worked at the same corporate job as a way to share authentic reviews, workouts, recipes and tips to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. It has since evolved into this incredible, uplifting community. We utilize our platform to ultimately bring values to others and (hopefully) inspire them to be the best versions of themselves. Together, we make it a priority to exercise, practice self-care and fuel our bodies with nutritious food all while keeping it real; the good, bad and the ugly. Our mission is to show you our authentic way of approaching self-love and body confidence without restricting ourselves from all the fun stuff.

Do you have a mantra you live by? Any new mantras of the moment? 

Jo: Positive energy attracts positive outcomes

Jacqs: A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour.


How does movement influence your daily life? 

Movement is our favorite form of self-love and a way for us to show up for ourselves each and every day. It breeds a motivated and dedicated mindset by staying committed and putting in the work. We are big believers that you don’t have to hit the gym for an hour to get in movement; it can be something as simple as an outdoor walk or working out in your living room for twenty minutes. It has to be something that makes you feel good and is sustainable long-term. It is sometimes the only time we truly feel like we disconnect from the constant madness of our to do lists and instant response culture. It is a time to focus just on YOU and do something good for yourself. 

What is your favorite way to decompress?

Daily walks throughout the day, coffee with a friend or just chilling on the couch with a good snack. Drawing, adult coloring books, and puzzles are other favorites if you want to get a little more creative. You can do them while watching TV, solo, or with your loved ones. 


Do you have a morning routine? If so, share with us what works best for you!

Jo: Yes, I swear by my morning routine! As soon as I wake up I get out of bed (no scrolling on my phone) and open up all the blinds in my house. I make my Athletic Greens and drink that while I make my usual iced almond milk latte. I sip on this while I get ready; do a light skincare routine, brush my teeth and throw on a workout or athleisure outfit. I’ll either go to a morning workout around 7am or go for a walk depending on the day. I love listening to music or a podcast in the morning too; it’s really therapeutic for me and it gets me in the right headspace to start my work day. Then I fill out my daily planner so I have an action plan for the day and start working from home around 8:30 am or so! 

Jacqs: We love a consistent morning routine. My day starts with making my bed and getting some fresh air when I take my dog outside. I have my daily AG1 greens powder, take a few minutes to fill out my daily planner, and hit my workout for the day. I like to keep it simple, so I can feel accomplished first thing in the morning and not overwhelmed. 

How has fitness/health shifted your perspective about living a more balanced life?

As we have gone deeper into our health and fitness journey it has turned into more of a journey of self love. Movement is so connected to your mental health, not just physical. When you recognize that connection, you think about exercise and nutrition through a lens that has nothing to do with vanity. The balance between “living life” and “living a healthy life” no longer becomes complicated. 


What is the greatest lesson that you've learned in the past year?

Jo: To live my truth and pursue a life that makes me feel fulfilled rather than focusing on the outcomes. I’ve learned to avoid seeking external validation which has helped me maintain a clear vision and path towards what I want to accomplish. 

Current favorite workout? 

Jo: Reformer pilates

Jacqs: Running & at home toning workouts


Current favorite recipe?

Jo: I make the Le Bowl from Zinque at home multiple times per week. I also have been loving my vegan caesar salad with Salmon! 

Jacqs: Stuffed sweet potatoes! So many different ways to make these and always satisfying. It is so fun to get a bunch of toppings and let everyone create their own! My favorite version is sautéed spinach, pulled chicken (Make it easy with rotisserie) mixed with primal kitchen buffalo sauce, avocado, and greek yogurt on top.

How do you practice self-love and self-acceptance? 

We focus on daily gratitude. We are truly so grateful to have bodies that are capable of moving and allow us to stay active. We prioritize how we can make our bodies feel good and treat them well, rather than how we look. 


How do you align your mind, body, and spirit?

We both write down one thing that we are grateful for every morning in our daily planners (linked here). 

What is your favorite piece from Spiritual Gangster that helps you move with support and freedom?

Jo: I love the pink Amor Seamless Crop tank and matching leggings!  

Jacqs: Melody Zip Funnel Sweater. It is the SOFTEST fabric! 

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