Meet Our Muse: Nadia Josse

Meet Our Muse: Nadia Josse

Where awareness goes, energy flows. 

Meet NYC based breathwork healer and mama-to-be, Nadia Josse. Through the healing modality of the breath, Nadia teaches clients (and herself) how to trust in the flow of life, heal generational trauma, and return to the intrinsic goodness of gratitude. Flow, grow, and embrace an attitude of gratitude with Nadia.

Q: What is your history with mindful breath? 

Moving to NYC 11 years ago from France was a big transition. I had to learn how to manage stress and anxiety. I started doing yoga and became a Jivamukti yoga fanatic. I learned Kapalabhati (Breath of Fire) and different pranayamas there. 

But it was not until I discovered the work of my teachers David Elliot and Erin Telford that I got into breathwork as its own practice.

I knew right away this was something I wanted to teach. Not only did it support my wellbeing, but it opened my mind to so many things. I was finally able to let go of emotional baggage and trauma and I was able to make peace with myself. I finally started to listen to my intuition. I now support clients and groups by creating a safe space for them to be guided and released, let go and heal. 


Q: What mantra do you live by? Any new mantras of the moment? 

Where awareness goes, energy flows. 

It's one of my teacher's David Elliot's mantra and I love it. I say it to clients during practice - use your awareness to heal and everything will follow. 


Q: How do you align your mind, body, and spirit? 

Gratitude everyday. I don't necessarily have a set practice but I try to express my gratitude for the things I have on a daily basis. From the smallest things like a hug from my husband or a delicious piece of bread, to my body or the fact that both my parents are alive today. 

Then it's movement. I NEED movement daily. I love to dance - I've been going to DanceBody in NYC for 2 years now and it's so fun and sweaty - even through pregnancy, I made it a point to move even if I have to modify. I also LOVE Helen Phelan's workouts - she's all about intuitive movement and listening to your body. 

And finally - BREATH - I usually practice breathwork everyday (the same technique I teach to my clients) but now in my third trimester this practice is a bit more challenging so I still try to take pauses throughout the day and take 3 deep breaths. 

Q: How does breathing influence your daily life? 

If you don't breathe correctly, you send your brain signals of stress and anxiety, which creates a fight or flight response in the body. Being aware of your breath will change your health, and your physical and mental wellbeing. 

On a daily basis, breathing helps me regulate my reactions to outside events...from small to bigger challenges. It also helps me pause and be present. 

Q: What is your greatest life lesson? Any lessons learned from the past year?  

That control is an illusion. Once you let go and stay present, life flows. 

Q: How has breath helped your mental health throughout your life, and especially this last year? 

In the past year - It helped me work out the blockages I had around getting pregnant and let go of my fears. After 6 months of breathing daily - I got pregnant. I know that it happened because I was able to go deep and heal my relationship to my body, and being a woman in general. 

Breath-work also heals generational trauma. 

In general, it helped me be myself, trust myself and feel more joy. 

Q: How do you practice self-love and self-acceptance? 

It's a daily practice and commitment - but being pregnant actually helped me so much. You no longer care about yourself only - there's a life inside you. So you just soften, you are less harsh on yourself, you embrace the changes that happen to your body as you are creating a life. I want to continue having this mindset after birth. 

Q: What is your favorite piece from Spiritual Gangster that helps you move with support and freedom?

I love my LOVE Izzy Crop Sweater - it's so soft and I feel comfy and sexy in it - even through pregnancy.