Two important planets are “out of bounds” this month – Mercury and Venus. Venus has been “out of bounds” since April 3 and will be this way all month. Mercury goes “out of bounds” from the 17th onwards. So, you, your partner, spouse or current love are outside your normal spheres in various areas of life – in your financial and love life, in your job and health regime. There are no answers for you in your usual circles and you must go outside. Even though retrograde activity increases this month – something that is irksome for you more than others – many nice things are happening. First off, health is better than it has been in years. You have more energy and can do more. Secondly, the month ahead is prosperous as you are still in the midst of a yearly financial peak. The spouse, partner or current love is also prospering (and this has been the case for the past few months). Inheritance is seen here, but no one actually has to die (sometimes it happens) – you can be named in someone’s will or appointed to some administrative position in an estate or otherwise profit from estates. You should end the month richer than when it began. Venus is not only “out of bounds” but she makes one of her rare retrogrades from the 13th onwards. (She only does this every two years or so.) So wrap up important financial decisions before the 13th. Her retrograde will not stop earnings, but only slow things down a bit. Love too becomes more complicated from the 13th onwards. Time to review your current love situation and see where improvements can be made.



Health is good this month but will get even better after the 13th. You’re in a yearly (one of them) personal pleasure peaks. You are enjoying all the pleasures of the 5 senses – physical delights. Like last month it is excellent for getting the body and image in shape. Green is always a good color for you, but this month a touch of gold and yellow will be good. Happy career opportunities are coming, but they are not free rides – there is much work involved. Love is happy but perhaps moving slower than usual. The two planets involved in your love life – Venus and Pluto – are both retrograde. The main problem seems you – you’re indecisive. The opportunities are there but you’re not sure whether to take them. Finance is important and a great focus all month, but they seem especially good after the 20th, when the Sun enters your money house. Family and family connections are supportive. You could be spending more on the home and family as well. Sales, marketing, PR, trading are good paths to profits. Your financial planet, Mercury moves speedily this month which shows confidence and rapid progress. Financial decisions are made quickly. Don’t be afraid to go into the unknown in finances – especially after the 17th. The solution to your problems are outside your normal sphere.



Until the 13th there is only one long term planet in stressful alignment with you – Neptune. After the 13th as Mars moves into Pisces, there are two. But all the rest of the planets are either making harmonious aspects or leaving you alone. So health will be good. You have plenty of energy to achieve whatever you set your mind to. Mars joins Neptune in your 10th house of career on the 13th. So there is much activity going on here. You’re busy. You’re fending off competitors and being more aggressive. You have help from friends. Being involved with groups and organizations (and your online activities) boost the career. On the 20th the Sun enters your 1st house and spends the rest of the month there. Thus you are in one of your yearly personal pleasure periods. You look great and dress well. Venus in your sign give personal grace and a sense of style. Yellow is always a good color to accessorize with, but this month green and gold can be added to the mix. You are in a period of maximum personal independence from the 20th onwards, so by all means have your way in life. Your way is the best way. You are responsible for your own happiness. This month Mercury, the Lord of your Horoscope goes “out of bounds” from the 17th onwards. And so it is with you. You are moving outside your normal sphere. People might say that you are “off the reservation” this period. But sometimes this is necessary. Finance only become important on the 29th when Mercury enters the money house. You are taking a personal interest here. The “super full moon” off the 6th should be a nice financial day too.



Compared to what you’ve been through the past two years, health is excellent now. Only two long term planets are in stressful alignment with you. All the rest are either making nice aspects or leaving your alone. Enhance the health with detox regimes and spine, back and knee massage. Pre-existing conditions should be a lot easier this month. The month ahead is prosperous even though your money house is empty. Your financial planet, the Sun, is receiving beautiful aspects all month. Until the 20th the high tech and online world seems profitable. Friends seem supportive and provide financial opportunity. After the 20th you need to trust your financial intuition. It is also a good time for going deeper into the spiritual laws of supply. A period to experience “miracle money” – money that comes “out of the blue”. It seems that way, but really it is the Divine Law working out. Love seems happy though perhaps slower than usual. Your love planet and all the planets occupying your 7th house are retrograde. So there is some lack of direction. Children and children figures have love but again they seem indecisive about it. Marriages or divorces are not called for right now. Venus goes retrograde on the 13th so important home projects should be delayed. However if it is an emergency, study things more carefully – get quotes from different suppliers or contractors.



Health still needs watching this month, but is improving day by day. By the 20th you should see major improvement. In the meantime make sure to get enough rest. Enhance the health by massaging the heart reflex and the spine, knees, ankles and calves. Regular visits to the chiropractor or osteopath will be good. When you exercise give more support to the knees and ankles. Venus, your communication planet goes retrograde on the 13th (this only happens every two years or so). So be more careful with communication. Make sure others get your message and that you got theirs. In spite of all this you are successful this month. You’re still in the midst of a yearly career peak. The Sun, the Lord of your Horoscope, is still atop the chart. So, like last month, you are above everyone in your world. You’re in charge. (Perhaps this opens you up to attacks from those who are jealous – it makes you a target.) By the 20th short term career goals are achieved and your focus is more social. Good to be involved with friends, groups and group activities. There are many planets retrograde this month so the pace of life slows down, but finances don’t seem affected. Your financial planet, Mercury moves speedily this month. This shows confidence and rapid progress. You make financial decisions quickly. Don’t be afraid to go “outside the box” in your financial life. Sometimes it is necessary.



Your health is basically good this year, but needs more watching from the 20th onwards. It doesn’t seem serious just temporary stress caused by the short term planets. Energy and vitality is not up to its usual standards. No need to be alarmed. Just make sure to gen enough rest. Enhance the health with ankle, calf and neck massage. The upper half of your chart the day side is about as strong as it will be this year and on the 20th as the Sun moves into your 10th house you begin a yearly career peak. This is where the focus should be. You can’t completely ignore home and family but you can shift some attention to the career. This is the best way to serve them. Energy might not be what it should be, but you are successful. You have confidence. Mercury, the Lord of your Horoscope, moves speedily this month showing someone who covers a lot of territory and makes fast progress. Also Mercury will be in your 10th house from the 12th to the 29th. You are on top. You are honored and appreciated. Others look up to you. You are successful not just for your professional abilities but for who you are. Personal appearance and overall demeanor is a big factor in success this month. Finance is complicated as your financial planet, Venus, makes a rare retrograde on the 13th. This won’t stop earnings but can slow things down. Pay raises (official or unofficial) can happen this month but with delays involved. Also because you are exploring new financial areas these days (Venus has been out of bounds since April 3) this can contribute to the lack of financial clarity.



Health is good this month - especially when we compare it to the past two years. Mars moving into your 6th house of health on the 13th shows that physical exercise will enhance the health. You need to keep good muscle tone. Scalp and face massage will also be good. Pre-existing conditions should be a lot easier these days. Retrograde activity increases this month. After the 14th 40% of the planets are retrograde - including Venus, the Lord of your Horoscope. So you seem indecisive and directionless. This can happen to anyone, not your fault, so work to attain mental clarity on things - especially your personal goals. Finance has been strong for a few months and is still good this month only the two planets involved in your finances are retrograde. So earnings are happening but with glitches and delays. Study important financial decisions more carefully. A parent or parent figure is also prospering. Ever since Uranus entered your 8th house in 2019, you have been sexually experimental. This month, with the Lord of your 11th house also there, this tendency is even stronger. Actually this is a good thing - so long as the experiments are not destructive. It is only through experimentation that we learn. Your 9th house is powerful this month. This is good news for college level students and those entering college. There is good news here. It is also good for foreign travel and many of you will be indulging this month. Since April 3 you have been “off the reservation” outside your normal boundaries. Since this is unfamiliar territory, it is understandable that you feel a bit insecure.



Your are still in the midst of a yearly love and social peak until the 20th. The love life is happy - though unstable. Instability is the price we pay for excitement. You are mixing with high people - power people. There are romantic opportunities with these kinds of people. Also much of your socializing seems career related - and this is good. It is a good way to advance the career. Attend, or host the right parties and gatherings. Serious committed love doesn’t seem in the cards. Scorpio is a natural 8th house kind of person. And this month, from the 20th onwards, your 8th house is very powerful. So you are able to indulge in the things that you’re naturally good at - occult studies, research, sex and personal transformation. A good month for detox and weight loss regimes. Finances have been good the past few months - there have been nice paydays and wealth has increased. The month ahead is also good though a bit slower than before. The planets involved are retrograde. Prosperity will happen but with more delays. Your love planet Venus goes retrograde on the 13th, so love is more complicated. The sexual magnetism seems the primary allure (as well as power and position). Health improves dramatically after the 20th. Your normal high energy is back. You can enhance it further through ankle and calf massage until the 13th and through foot massage afterwards. Spiritual healing techniques are especially good from the 13th onwards.



The financial intuition has been excellent the past few months but now needs more verification. Often the intuition is accurate but the interpretation of it is amiss. You’re still in a an excellent financial period, but things are moving more slowly (retrograde activity increases this month). The one area not affected by retrogrades is the career. Your career and love planet, Mercury, moves speedily so there is quick progress here. There is confidence too. Personal confidence might be less than usual, but when it comes to career, confidence is high. Job seekers have a good opportunities until the 20th. The job situation has been volatile for over a year. Job changes can happen at the drop of a hat, but other opportunities come to replace them. Your job planet, Venus, has been “out of bounds” since April 3 and will be out of bounds all of May. So you are allured to jobs that are outside your normal boundaries. Sometimes, the job itself takes you outside your normal boundaries. On the 20th as the Sun enters your 7th house of love you begin a yearly love and social peak. Love is both happy and active. Singles have many opportunities. Venus’ retrograde on the 13th could complicate things a bit, but not much. Your love planet, Mercury, is speedy. However, Mercury goes “out of bounds” from the 17th onwards. Thus your search for love - of the love life itself - takes you outside your normal sphere. Sometimes, it would show an attraction for someone who is “outside” your normal social circle.



Retrograde activity increases this month but still not yet the maximum for the year. 40% of the planets are retrograde after the 14th - a high percentage. But you more than most handle it well. Patience is your middle name. Make sure to take care of all the little details of life - retrogrades are cosmic calls to be perfect in all that we do. Finance should be good this month. The Lord of your Horoscope, Saturn, is in your money house showing focus and interest - personal involvement. You’re seen as a “money person” by others and you dress and accessorize this way. An unemployed Capricorn is a rare thing, but if this is the case, there are many happy job opportunities coming to you. And even those already employed (more likely) there will be opportunities for overtime and side jobs. Health is good this month but your focus on health will stand you in good stead for next month when more watching will be needed. Health can be enhanced in various ways this month. Until the 12th neck and throat massage is good. From the 12th to the 29th arm and shoulder massage will be powerful breathing exercises are also good. After the 29th important to eat right. Love doesn’t seem a big issue this month. You 7th house of love is basically empty until the 29th. This shows a status quo kind of month. It shows a kind of contentment with things as they are. Until the 20th it is good to enjoy life and increase leisure activities. After the 20th it is good to do those boring, detail oriented jobs that you keep putting off. Your more in the mood then.



The spiritual life is still strong this month, but intuition and new revelations need further study and verification. They might not mean what you think. Health will improve dramatically after the 20th. In the meantime make sure to eat right and get enough rest. Saturn, your spiritual planet, is still in your 1st house. This is excellent for weight loss regimes. It is also good for molding the image and body by spiritual means - meditation and visualization. Finance should be good this month. On the 13th Mars joins Neptune in your money house and will be there for the rest of the month. This favors sales, marketing, advertising, PR, good use of the media. Important to get the word out on your product or service. Trading also seems interesting from the 13th onwards. Your 4th house is still powerful until the 20th. So this is a month for making psychological breakthroughs. It is good for re-interpreting past events and past traumas in light of your present consciousness. This brings healing. Things that seemed terrible at one time become more benign and part of a larger picture. This is especially so with love issues. On the 20th as the love planet (the Sun) moves into your 5th house the fun begins. Love is not that serious this period. You want fun. You want to be with people who can show you a good time. In general it’s a party period. A happy time. Saturn in your sign tends to pessimism, but a strong 5th house negates this - softens it.



Health needs more watching from the 20th onwards. Nothing serious afoot, only temporary stress brought on by the transiting short term planets. Overall the health is good, this is just a low period. It will pass next month. In the meantime make sure to get enough rest. With your 4th house very powerful this month it is time to focus on the home, family and most importantly your emotional wellness. Those of you who undergoing therapy should have breakthroughs this month - much progress will be made. And, even if you’re not in formal therapy, the Cosmic Therapist is working on you. The Cosmic Therapist will bring up old memories - without effort on your part - so that you can resolve either from your present state of consciousness. Even old love issues will come up - sometimes by the reappearance of an old flame - sometimes by meeting someone who reminds you of the old flame. This is done to resolve old issues and allow you to move forward in love. Those of you involved in therapy will be exploring many areas outside your normal session. Love too can carry you outside your normal sphere. The spouse, partner or current love is “off the reservation” in the financial life. He or she needs to study things more in finance, especially after the 13th. Your personal finance will be good. A prosperous month ahead. Your financial planet, Mars, moves into your sign on the 13th and spends the rest of the month there. This brings windfalls and financial opportunities to you. You look rich and dress that way. You cultivate the image of wealth. The money people in your life seem devoted to you.